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Beginners guide for crm users


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A basic guide for early stage CRM users who are often confused with the general terminologies of CRM software, which ultimately results in user's non compliance.

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Beginners guide for crm users

  1. 1. Winning over CRM software I will tell you how!!………..It’s not a rocket science A beginners guide for early stage CRM Users 1
  2. 2. So the day has come….. Your Management has decided to bring a new CRM software to the organization and you are told to use this instead of your earlier excel sheets
  3. 3. Oops! We Know how do you feel like
  4. 4. Confused with new terminologies Prospects
  5. 5. Let’s crack the codes!! Tutorial Ahead 5
  6. 6. Name nearly any CRM software today..
  7. 7. They Share the same Principle… 2 Acquisition Lead Account Contact 1  opportunity 3 Prospecting Retention - Target to lead conversion -Customer / contact - Campaigns to educate target -Case / issue / tickets
  8. 8. OK .. But thequestion is still thesameWhat is target??when should I consider the details as leadand when it becomes contact??? What is opportunity???Why contact and account are different???Why & why…………
  9. 9. Prospecting First stage of any sales process : Principle module - Campaign You create a list of people based on certain criteria like: age, Sex, Special interests, demography etc. and run a campaign – email / tele- calling / outdoor etc. to reach them… Recipient’s feedbackCampaign Leads So::: Campaign recipients = “Targets” Interested Targets = “Leads”
  10. 10. Acquisition Principal module: “Contact”, “Account”, “Opportunity” 1 2 3 4 -Converting Follow-up – calls, Lead contact meetings -Adding Contact against Account Leads Qualified Leads - Creating Sales conversion OpportunitySo:::“Contacts” are more qualified leads with the defined interest in your services/products.“Accounts” are generally company details and contacts belongs to these accounts.“Opportunity” is the defined contact’s (buyer’s) interest in the specific services with anexpected monetary value.
  11. 11. Retention Principle Module: cases, bugsOnce sales is closed; the most important activity is customerretention.It is about creating, recording and assigning cases/bugsagainst customer complainsHandling and resolving the cases with customer satisfaction.It gives you an opportunity for cross/up selling.
  12. 12. What’s more?? That’s it!! I told you It’s not a rocket science
  13. 13. We will come again – by then “Believe in Relationship Your CRM consulting partner www.penguincrm.comPenguinCRM Pvt. Ltd.Hyderabad, India, no. +91 40 6524 1102Email: