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  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" o " Permanent Link to New Canon IXUS 200 IS Best look The Digital Camera" New Canon IXUS 200 IS Best look The Digital Camera<br /> <br />Canon endured all he could Digital Camera but lastly here is the first IXUS with touchscreen. Comes with the typical specification of the range best Gadgets but also among its novelties are a charming way of recording at 720p new camera rather than the more than VGA resolution sight offered by prior models. Curiously New Canon IXUS it also incorporates a series of buttons to the right to navigate the menus New Canon gadgets product so that the touch screen is in the background.<br />WD Western Digital Launches HD television Live<br />Maybe Western Digital is called for its tough drives, but in a time now that has a particular attention in the field of multimedia streamers. The newest commence is the WD HD television Live, which is in addition to HD television WD and WD television Mini standing at the top of the catalog. Contrary to rumors indicating that arrived so far, the well-liked live television shall not replace the HD, which shall remain on the market. This streamer is unlike the rest of the range television using a stronger chipset Sigma and the capability to connect the digital network (local or internet). Though WD has not provided the complete technical specifications, it seems that uses an 8655 processor accompanied by 512 MB of RAM and an equal number of ROM (hackers, to work).<br />New notebooks Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560 and 3660 with Blu-ray<br /> <br />Fujitsu has introduced two new notebook series Amyl new PC gadgets and best of the Amilo Pi 3560 and 3660, both with burner blu-ray option. The Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560 can offer a 15.6-inch or 16 inch best new notebooks and computer gadget while the Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3660 features a large 18.4-inch display; both laptops. You have Brilliant View technology CP gadgets which allow you to.quality is notebook Blu-ray with bright colors and great sharpness.<br />Xbox 360 getting IPTV? Yeah!!!<br />19050-1905<br />Another anticipated wait has come to an end with Microsoft adding IPTV to the Xbox 360 but nothing has been heard about HDMI, DVR, or any video on demand features. Though the <br />details are not highlighted as yet, but Robbie Bach made a slink peep at this new service on Saturday. Â The service will offer live streaming broadcasts, and its USP lies in letting you play a game on Xbox Live while recording a show in the background.In the mid way, Dean Takahashi, Mercury News leaked some Xbox 360 announcements that Microsoft planned to make in the following week Microsoft IPTV services will have insant channel change, multiple picture-in-picture, broadcast shows, video on demand, and DVR functionality (use those 120GB for more than just trailers.<br />The programming for IPTV on Xbox 360 will be from providers who are already offering services based on Microsoft TV IPTV Edition. Bach also hinted there will be some social aspects to the service that will “make it easy for people to access and discover their favorite content and share their personal experiences with the communities they are part of.” The cost of the service has been kept under the carpet.Along with IPTV, Microsoft has plans to release Windows Home Server to act as file storage for your home. The debate whether this will work together with IPTV on 360 is still on, but we’re pro IPTV.<br />Cube H600HDMI Portable Media Player<br /> <br />Cube H600HDMI Portable Media Player is a very portable thin (only 6.9 millimeters thick) gadgets with some attractive features and although not complete everything that we want.<br />The 5-inch touchscreen display has a declaration of 800 x 480, but the MP3 gadgets booklover is able to play movies in high definition 720p/1080i through the HDMI output.<br />