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From Pender's Music Co. | An interactive slideshow of Elementary/General Music Classroom Sheet Music & Resources | January 2012 Heritage Music Press New and Bestseller Resources for the elementary music classroom. NOTE: Information about the items represented is current/correct, to the best of our knowledge, as of its posting. Not responsible for changes in the products listed, and/or publisher price increases.

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Sneak Peek 2012 | Elementary Classroom Sheet Music & Resources

  1. 1. P ENDER S M USIC C O . & H ERITAGE M USIC P RESS SNEAK PEEK Of Whats NEW for 2012! Discover the best in creative resources for your music classroom! Scroll through the slideshow to view new titles and bestselling products: Click on the Cover images to: - Listen to Sample Audio - View pdfs of Content Listings, Samples & more -Add to Your Penders Shopping Cart - *where available
  2. 2. D OUBLE A GENTS : S ECOND M ISSION More Music Games Disguising Core Curriculum (Grades K-6) · Our spies heard so many great things about Nicole LeGrand’s first book of creative worksheets (#22875900) that we asked her to take on another mission on behalf of you and your general music students. Her efforts were a rousing success, and they resulted in two dozen reproducible worksheets specifically created to integrate core-curriculum standards into the music classroom. Math meets instrument recognition, graphing meets composers, space meets scales, rhyming meets form, and connecting music to core- content standards has never been easier. Nichole LeGrand 22875910 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  3. 3. D OUBLE A GENTS (Grades K-6) Educator/writer LeGrand combines her classroom teacher & music education instructor experience in this unique collection of reproducible worksheets specifically created to integrate core-curriculum standards in the music classroom. Designed for students in kindergarten through the sixth grade, they do double duty -- address math, science, language arts & social studies, along with music concepts such as form, instrument recognition, multi-cultural & historical instruments, expression terms, intervals, & pitch & rhythm identification. An easy way to connect music to core-content standards! Contents: K-2: Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere · Whats That Number? · Out of Place · Lots of Leaves · Vowel or Consonant? · Alphabet Soup · Luau Lookout · Powwow Problems · 2-4: Symmetrical Sounds · Pie Pieces · Outstanding Observations · Scrambled Cycles · Long Ago and Today · Where in the World? · Music Mnemonics · Rhythmic Nicole LeGrand Quotes · Family Fun Scramble · 4-6: Time for a Tie · Half Step · Music Mixtures · Surfin the Sound Waves · Double Agents · A Crisscross · Presidential Playlist · State Songs. 22875900 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  4. 4. M USIC M IND B ENDERS (Grades 5-6) · Divided into sections by difficulty level, Music Mind Benders contains a wide variety of lateral-thinking puzzles, brainteasers, logic puzzles, story problems, and many more music-themed head scratchers. These reproducible puzzles require very little time, zero setup, and can be used with the entire class or as a quick team-building exercise -- whatever best suits your teaching needs. A perfect way to begin class or rehearsal and to motivate students to buckle down and focus on the daily activities of the music classroom! The Puzzles: Easy Mind Benders · Medium Mind Benders · Difficult Mind Benders · Music Note Sudoku Bonnie J. Krueger · Sudoku Scales · A Career in Music · Musical Pen Pals · As the Old Saying Goes · Songs without Words · One Step at a Time · Musical Stairs · Twists and Turns · A Puzzle of Style. 21203600 Reproducible Workbook $12.95
  5. 5. N OTHING B UT N OTESPELLERS 17 Reproducible Games to Reinforce Note Reading Grades 2-6 · These seventeen reproducible games are definitely notespellers, but there’s nothing ordinary about them. Your younger students will enjoy the mazes and color-by-pitch worksheets, and you can challenge your upper elementary students to name ledger-line and bass-clef notes and match pitches displaced across an octave. And with content ranging from profiles of famous composers to aural-skills development, the learning opportunities extend far beyond the staff. Thanks to Brian and his inventive take on the traditional D. Brian Weese notespeller, youll have nothing but super spellers and (should you choose) satisfied subs. 23618700 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  6. 6. M USIC FUN DAMENTALS 44 Games That Teach Melodic and Rhythmic Concepts (Grades 2-6) · You and your students will enjoy working your way through these 44 fabulous, fundamentally sound, leveled, REPRODUCIBLE worksheets that reinforce melodic and rhythmic concepts. This jam- packed resource includes at least three levels of every game, making it perfect for the music teacher or music substitute. The Games: Note Name Words · Note Name Phrases · Reading Solfege · Melodic Direction · Going Up! Going Down! · Melody Fragments · Picture Rhythms · Rhythm Math · Case of the Missing Notes · Rhythm Logic · D. Brian Weese Mystery Rhythms · Transforming Rhythms · Meter Matching · Rhythigram. 21967100 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  7. 7. T HE PAVAROTTI C ODE (Grades 4+) · The units in this collection offer a unique way to introduce the study of popular performers and, through them, music genres into your classroom. Each unit includes a short biography of the performer, along with his or her discography, a list of other performers in the same genre, and a brief statement about that genre; all of which may be reproduced for your students. Theres plenty of great information on the surface, but to help further engage and involve students, secret information has been embedded within the articles. Different codes are used for each article, and the codes vary in difficulty. Keys for the codes and answers to the questions are provided, and permission to reproduce the student pages is granted. Bonnie J. Krueger The performers profiled: Luciano Pavarotti · B.B. King · Julie Andrews · Bill Monroe · Queen Latifah · Yo-Yo Ma · Johnny Cash · Mahalia Jackson · The Beatles · Louis Armstrong · Carlos Santana. 21203700 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  8. 8. M USIC G AMES FOR E VERY M ONTH Music Games for Every Month (Grades 1-6) · Creative, fun, authentic, relevant - this collection of REPRODUCIBLE worksheets includes note spellers, matching activities, word searches, and more, all incorporating music concepts and skills such as, pitch and rhythm recognition, music history, and music vocabulary. You’ll find new worksheets along side others from the popular music magazine, Activate! With this resource, youll be prepared no matter the season! Jeanette Morgan 22876100 Teaching Resource & CD $14.95
  9. 9. M USIC G AME OF THE W EEK (Grades K-6) · Who doesnt love a good holiday celebration? Thats what we thought too! So why not take advantage of the many holidays and seasonal celebrations that occur throughout the year, from the familiar to the far-out (National Sandwich Day, anyone?), to reinforce music concepts? This collection of 52 puzzles, worksheets and activities -- thats right, one for every week of the year -- provides creative ways to review or access instrument and composer facts, terms and symbols, and note-and rhythm-reading. All games are reproducible for single-classroom use, as are the included fact sheets, which help extend usability to those teachers without a music background. Perfect Brenda Knowis anytime you need a quick activity, any week of the year! 19994900 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  10. 10. S HOW U S THE M USIC (Grades 2-6) · If your students enjoy game shows, theyll love these music activities inspired by various popular games. Theres an interactive Tic-Tac-Toe game called Tic Tac True...or Not? · a Partner Game called Thats Your Cue · a Create-Your-Own-Picture-Puzzles game called Music Sketches & Scribbles · and the Quiz-Style game Who Wants to Be a Virtuoso. Directions as well as various adaptations are included, plus a bank of questions organized by topic, type and difficulty. Students are sure to enjoy their turn in the hot seat as they echo rhythms, identify music styles, explore eras, and much, much more! Bonnie J. Krueger Contents: Who Wants to Be a Virtuoso · Thats Your Cue · Tic Tac True or Not? · Music Scribbles and Sketches · Reproducible Term Cards · Multiple Choice Questions · Short Answer Questions · Rhythm Patterns · Reproducible Question Checklist. 19995200 Book $14.95
  11. 11. T HE M USI G AMES S ERIES (Beginner Level) ·The MusiGame series, developed for the General Music teacher for use in the classroom as a supplement to the curriculum or by private lesson teachers. These clever workbooks are fun and interesting for elementary students, and are great for pre-holiday classes, or when substitute teachers are left in charge. Loretta Mitchell & Stephanie Buschur 15118600 My First Composition $3.95 15118500 Note Speller $3.95 15118400 Puzzle Play $3.95
  12. 12. M ORE M USIC FACTS F INGER F UN (Grades 3-6) · This follow-up to the best-selling original (19997400) retains the creative use of the familiar origami fortune teller as a music quiz, but focuses each page of finger fun on a single music topic. Covered among the games are dynamics, tempo, key signatures, rhythm reading, instruments, composers, and more. Have each student make one and pass it or make multiples to use as reinforcement for a particular lesson. Jeanette Morgan & Kris Kropff 19997410 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  13. 13. M USIC FACTS F INGER F UN (Grades 3-5) · Music Facts Finger Fun is a great motivational tool for students. A fun way for kids to practice and learn while playing, each game focuses on a different music topic and varies in difficulty level. All games can be played with a group using the spinner (included) or kids can play by themselves for extra practice. The games are reproducible, making this book an economical classroom educational tool. For even more fun, students can color their own Finger Fun games to encourage their creative spirit. Games include: Name That Music Symbol · Whats the Meaning? - Music Terms · Whos Who? - Mystery Brenda Knowis Composers · Instrument Identity. 19997400 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  14. 14. F IVE -FACT -F UN (Grades 3-6) · The Five Facts in the title of this engaging but simple game book are clues that are designed to reveal a musical word or term. A few students might know the word after the first clue (Wynton Marsalis is a famous player of this instrument) or the second (An ancient form of this instrument is a bugle). By the fifth clue (I am the smallest member of the brass family), every hand should be in the air. Read a few puzzles aloud as a review at the end of class, or reproduce and hand out a different puzzle to each student so that they can work on them independently. No matter how you use these facts, students are sure to have fun Jeanette Morgan solving the puzzles. Topics include: instruments and & Kris Kropff families, musical styles, and classical and contemporary composer and performers. 22015800 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  15. 15. D ETECTIVE D ECRESCENDO &THE H UNT FOR FAVORITE M ELODIES (Grades K-3) · Your younger students will love discovering the stories of some of musics most famous melodies as they help Detective Decrescendo with his seek-and-circle investigations. Each "case" is made with a large reproducible picture full of plenty of things to keep wandering eyes engaged. The border features short facts about each melody, which are also the clues for the items students need to find in the picture puzzle. Suitable for pre- and early readers, a list of bonus hidden items is also provided as an option to extend the activity. A reproducible page of badges you can use to promote your students to the rank of Melody Detective is included, too. Contents & Melodies: West Side Story (Bernstein) · Letter from Detective Decrescendo · Carnival of the Animals Barbara Meeks & (Saint-Saens) · Four Seasons (Vivaldi) · La Mer (Debussy) · Bonnie J. Krueger Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky) · The Movie Music of John Williams (including Jaws, Star Wars and Indiana Jones) · Grand Canyon Suite (Grofe) · The Planets (Holst) · Take the A Train (Strayhorn) · Rodeo (Copland) · Answer Keys · Additional Artifacts · Melody Detective Badges · Captain Crescendo. 19994800 Reproducible Workbook $12.95
  16. 16. T HE A MAZING M USIC A CTIVITIES B OOK (Grades K-6) · Youll find many reproducible pencil- to-paper activities in this book that give you the opportunity to share music concepts in a fresh and new way, maybe even with a giggle or two. Youll find everything from real ear training exercises to famous composer biographies and worksheets, to brief reductions of recognizable themes that will allow music to come alive for your students. Janet Vogt 17704100 Reproducible Workbook $34.95
  17. 17. T HE S UPER A MAZING M USIC A CTIVITIES B OOK (Grades K-6) · The reproducible pencil-to-paper activities in this 88-page book provide countless opportunities to present and reinforce music concepts. From rhythm-counting stories to simple melody- and rhythm-notation exercises; from a color-the-instrument-families map of the orchestra to fun facts about composers; music fundamentals will come alive for your students as they work with these activities. A truly "super" successor to The Amazing Music Activities Book (17704100). Janet Vogt 18679000 Reproducible Workbook $34.95
  18. 18. T HE U LTIMATE B OOK OFM USIC M AZES & P UZZLES (Grades K-6) · From notespeller crosswords and composer word scramble/searches to instrument matching activities, quarter-note mazes and everything in between, this book lives up to its "ultimate" title. With more than 40 different puzzles covering a broad range of topics -- many featuring a seasonal "hook" -- these reproducible activities are useful for assessment and inclusion in your students portfolios. Keep the class on task and learning while you give recorder tests, or leave them for a substitute teacher who may not have music experience. Kris Kropff 19995300 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  19. 19. T HE U LTIMATE M USIC G AME B OOK (Grades K-6) · Game On! Get set for a jam-packed book of games for musical fun! Featuring activities for every combination of players - from two players to the entire classroom and everything in-between - students and teachers will love this incredible variety of hands-on games. Designed to enhance musical knowledge, skills and creativity, these games and activities focus on note-reading, rhythmic understanding, composition, mastering musical terms, learning about composers and sharing a few giggles, too. Includes reproducible student pages. Geoff Lorenz, Barbara Meeks & Janet Vogt 16853100 Reproducible Workbook $29.95
  20. 20. M USIC L IBS (Grades 4-6) · Heres a creative way to bring the fun of the classic grammar game Mad Libs into your music classroom. Dianne Campbell has created twenty-one improvisational stories that are sure to get your students laughing out loud while reviewing basic parts of speech and music vocabulary. Grab your (plural noun) and (plural noun) and get ready for some fun! Dianne Campbell 22876000 Reproducible Workbook $12.95
  21. 21. P ERPLEXING P UZZLES (Grades 2-6) · Sssh, can you hear their musical minds turning? Keep your students quietly engaged while reinforcing musical concepts and terms with these 26 reproducible puzzles. Leveled for students in the second through sixth grades with easy-to-follow directions, you can use these puzzles as part of your own instruction or leave them for a substitute with little musical background. Contents: Identifying the Parts of Musical Notation #1 · Identifying the Parts of Musical Notation #2 · Identifying the Parts of Musical Notation #3 · Writing Practice #1 · Writing Practice #2 · Writing Practice #3 · Music-Rhythm Sum #1 · Music-Rhythm Sum #2 · Music-Rhythm Sum #3 · Word Search #1 - Composers · Word Search #2 - Classroom Instruments · Word Search #3 - Music Words · Crisscross #1 - Music Terms · D. Brian Weese Crisscross #2 - Music Symbols · Crosscross #3 - Music Styles · Rhythm Maze #1 · Rhythm Maze #2 · Rhythm Maze #3 · Color by Rhythm #1 · Color by Rhythm #2 · Color by Rhythm #3 · Color by Rhythm #4 · Color by Rhythm #5 · Note-Name Crossword Puzzle #1 · Note-Name Crossword Puzzle #2 · Note-Name Crossword Puzzle #3. 22215300 Reproducible Workbook $12.95
  22. 22. T EACHING M USIC TO C HILDREN A Curriculum Guide for Teachers Without Music Training (Grades 1-6) · This valuable resource is designed to give elementary teachers with no formal music training all of the tools that they need to help their students develop an understanding and appreciation for music. The book includes lessons, reproducible games, worksheets, and music puzzles. Also included is a mixed media CD that features more than sixty minutes of music and a PowerPoint presentation. As students move through the lessons, they will engage in creating, performing, listening, and moving to music. The book follows a well-sequenced curriculum based on the National Standards for Music Education in the United States Blair Bielawski and the Ontario Curriculum for the Arts in Canada, that gives teachers the content necessary to teach their elementary students the seven elements of music (pitch, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, timbre, texture, and form). Students will learn to identify instruments by their sounds, study famous composers, recognize a variety of musical genres, and understand basic music terms. 22015300 Repro Wkbk & CD+ $19.95
  23. 23. T HE U LTIMATE S UBSTITUTE T EACHER SM USIC R ESOURCE G UIDE Music Class Activities for the Musically-Challenged Substitute Teacher (Grades K-6) · This complete resource for the general music class substitute teacher is filled with activities that take little (or no) music background to teach! The games, worksheets and exercises are divided by classroom grade level and all of the student pages are reproducible for class room use. Now the class wont have to be doing busy work if the regular teacher is absent! Keep students experiencing music with these fun and educationally sound lessons. Geoff Lorenz, Barbara Meeks, Robin Virzi & Janet Vogt 16142200 Reproducible Workbook $29.95
  24. 24. A W IDE W ORLD OF W EB V ISITS 2012 (Grades 2-6) · Take advantage of all of the resources that the internet has to offer with our newest collection of WebVisits. Based on existing websites, these lessons are designed to enhance and energize your general music classroom experiences. As in the first volume (#22015600), youll find topics ranging from explorations of great operatic performances, performance halls, and the lives of composers and performers to comparisons of instruments from around the world, all complete with detailed steps for you and reproducible student worksheets. Stop spending hours surfing for ways to incorporate technology into your classroom and catch the wave Edited by with A Wide World of WebVisits 2012. Jeanette Morgan 22015610 Reproducible Workbook $16.95
  25. 25. A W IDE W ORLD OF W EB V ISITS Online Excursions for the Music Classroom (Grades 3-6) · Cross the curriculum bridge with these easy-to-use, multi-faceted lessons based around music websites. Written by a team of master educators including Artie Almeida and Patricia Bourne, these lessons will enable your students to explore everything from African music and rare instruments like Benjamin Franklins glass armonica, to world-class orchestras and arts organizations without ever stepping out of the classroom. From ten-minute "excursions" to full-blown units, you will surely find a WebVisit suited to your particular Edited by needs and curricular goals. Jeanette Morgan 22015600 Reproducible Workbook $16.95
  26. 26. A C ELEBRATION OFB LACK H ISTORY THROUGH M USIC From Spirituals to Hip-Hop (Grades 4-6) · A perfect student introduction to the rich history of African American music & to demonstrate how it has influenced & shaped music around the world. Focuses on important musicians from a variety of musical styles & highlights how the roots of African American music can be traced -- from the slave songs of the 1700s, through Hip-Hop music of the 1970s & 80s. The included enhanced CD-ROM has recorded examples of the various music styles. A PowerPoint presentation reinforces the concepts that are presented. Contents: Vocabulary Word Bank · Pre-Spirituals · Spirituals: Fisk University & the Jubilee Singers · The Blues: Robert Johnson, W. C. Handy · Gospel Music: Thomas Dorsey, Mahalila Jackson · Dixieland: Louis Armstrong · Big Blair Bielawski Band Swing: Duke Ellington · Bebop: Charles Parker, Dizzy Gillespie · Jazz-Rock: Miles Davis · Rock & Roll: Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry · Soul: James Brown, Aretha Franklin · Hip-hop: Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa · A Celebration of Black Reproducible Activities · Listening Quizzes · Discography · History through Music PowerPoint Slides · Answer Keys. 22015200 Book/Enhanced CD $14.95
  27. 27. M USIC M AKES THE S CENE : T HE S EQUEL (Grades 5-8) · Critical listening comes alive in your classroom with this unique book/DVD package. The 50- minute DVD (which is region free and works with any standard DVD player or computer equipped with DVD software) includes ten short (30-45 second) original movie clips. Each is shown once without audio, then three more times, each with different music. These film clips, along with the included reproducible worksheets and listening guides, help students learn to describe specific music events, analyze the uses of elements of music in aural examples, develop ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a performance and how it relates to other arts, compare the ways music and film interact to seemingly transform events and scenes, describe distinguishing characteristics of music genres, and compare the role music plays in movies versus Cathy Blair the role it plays in a concert setting. You wont find a more engaging way to fulfill Standards 6, 7, 8, and 9! Contents: Bike Jump · The Market · City Streets · Earth · Egypt · Giraffe · Production Line · Motorcycles · The River · Wasteland · When Music Started to Make the Scene: A Brief History of Film Music · Selected Academy Award Winners. 19995410 Book and DVD $39.95
  28. 28. M USIC M AKES THE S CENE (Grades 5-8) · The 50-minute DVD that is the centerpiece of Music Makes the Scene includes ten short (30-45 second) original movie clips, including: Ancient Egypt · Crystal Effects · Do You Like to Fly? · From the Treetops · Night Vision · Mad Rush · March of the Penguins · Oceans Island· Tales of the Tribesman · and Episode in Space. Each is shown once without audio, then three more times, each with different music. Students watch and listen to all four versions of the clip while completing guided-listening activities that highlight how each of the different soundtracks affects the reactions to the movie clip. Reproducible worksheets and listening guides are included in this unique product that brings critical listening alive in your classroom. (The DVD works with any standard DVD player or computer equipped with DVD software). Cathy Blair Contents: Ancient Egypt · Crystal Effects · Do You Like to Fly? · From the Treetops · Night Vision · Mad Rush · March of the Penguins · Oceans Island · Tales of the Tribesmen · Episode in Space · Their Music Makes the Scene (short biographies) · Whose Music Made the Scene (film-composer quiz) · Answer Keys. 19995400 Book and DVD $39.95
  29. 29. A BOUT 80 Y EARS OF J AZZIN A BOUT 80 M INUTES (Grades 2-4) · Four Short Lessons covering Dixieland, Big Band Swing, Bebop and Jazz-Rock | About 80 Years of Jazz in About 80 Minutes is the perfect introductory unit to jazz for elementary classes. Your students will discover four different styles of jazz, hear the sounds of jazz instruments and meet Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis -- four great musicians who created and shaped this genre. Cathy Blair 16949700 Classroom Kit $29.95
  30. 30. M USIC B ASKETBALL The kit includes an informative teachers guide, a set of flashcards and a CD with "real" instrument music examples. Two games are included to review and reinforce the music, musicians and concepts presented. Style by Numbers and Three In A Row are fast-paced cooperative learning or whole group activities that are easy to teach and will keep your students engaged and intrigued. Cathy Blair 19996010 Classroom Kit $39.95
  31. 31. R HYTHM B ASKETBALL (Grades 3-6) · The fast-paced game of basketball meets rhythm in this creative, cooperative activity that reinforces steady beat and sight reading. Featuring jump balls, free throws, three-pointers, steals, fouls, and an optional shot clock, a game of Rhythm Basketball will have your students reading and performing rhythms, and listening to and transcribing them. Perfect to review or assess your students knowledge of steady beat and rhythm while helping to build a solid music foundation, Rhythm Basketball includes 64 rhythm-pattern flashcards, on brightly colored cardstock, and a mixed-media CD. In addition to audio tracks to help facilitate game play, the CD includes a PowerPoint of a complete game, featuring more than 150 rhythm patterns, thats ready for tip-off anytime! Contents: Flashcards · Game Play and Rules · Rhythm Card Cathy Blair Information · CD Information · Rhythm Pattern Bank · Notated Echo Clapping Patterns. 19996000 Classroom Kit $39.95
  32. 32. P LAY B ALL ! A Triple Play of Songs, Games, & Activities for Your Music Classroom (Grades 2-5) · Everyone loves baseball! Bring the love of the game into your music room and your students will thank you. Taken directly from Mark Burrowss classroom experience, Play Ball! is a collection of musical games and activities inspired by baseball. Use the activities as part of a thematic unit or pick and choose your favorites to use throughout the year. This collection includes songs, compositional activities, Orff arrangements, and active games. Your students, like Marks, will be asking you to throw the first pitch. Contents: Star Spangled Banner · Lets Play Baseball · One, Mark Burrows Two, Three Strikes, Youre Out! · Baseball Beats · Its How you Play the Game · Rhythms of the Great Game · Seventh Inning Stretch: Take Me Out to the Ballgame · Its Baseball Time: A Tone Poem · Do the Sound Wave · Music Baseball. 22015400 Teacher Bk w/Repro $12.95
  33. 33. M USIC B ASEBALL (Grades 3-6) · Instrument Identification · The 22 solo instrument and 18 duet combination recordings provide plenty of reinforcement for indentifying brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments. Hit a home run with this great classroom game based on Americas favorite pastime. You can almost hear the crowd roar as each musical question is posed and "runners" make their way around the bases -- ready to score that winning run! (Grades 3-6) · Name That Style · Introduce students to 22 musical styles -- everything from classical to jazz to Zydeco. Hit a home run with these great classroom games based on Americas favorite pastime. You can almost hear the crowd roar as each musical question is posed and "runners" make their way around the bases -- ready to score that winning run! Each kit includes a teachers instruction manual with reproducible student Cathy Blair pages, flashcards or other similar teaching aids, home plate and bases, and numbers for scorekeeping. Outstanding musical examples are featured on the companion CD (using "real" instruments, not "canned" sequences or synthesizers) and also included are tracks to Take Me Out to the Ballgame and The Star-Spangled Banner to get your class in the mood. Play Ball! 16853400 Instrument Identification $39.95 16853500 Name That Style $39.95
  34. 34. K IDS C AN C OMPOSE (Grades 1-5) · This collection of creative lessons will enable your students to create their own melodies in a hands-on, fun-filled way. The compositional process springs to life through the use of lots of engaging manipulatives and visual aids, and, thanks to the easy-to-use templates and digital files, these materials will be a snap to create. Several of the lessons also include interactive flipcharts designed for use with Promethean boards. Nicole LeGrand 22877200 Book/Repro/CD Rom $19.95
  35. 35. W HAT S THE S CORE ? (Grades 4+) · Students in the general music classroom are exposed to many different types and forms of music, both aurally and through the printed page, but seldom do they have the chance to see and work with a score. Whats the Score? changes all that, thanks to its engaging and accessible look into this rich source of music learning. Begin by reproducing and distributing some or all of the 16 pages of the Hallelujah Chorus score that are included in this distinctive book. Students then go inside the score by playing games including Seek & Circle, Find & Define and Name That Note. A preparatory worksheet introducing the score is also provided, along with reproducible fact sheets about the orchestra and its instruments; Handel and his famous oratorio -- the perfect complement to a Messiah unit. Additional suggestions for using this familiar melody and its score to strengthen rhythm reading and Geoff Lorenz & other music fundamentals are also provided. Kris Kropff Contents: Introduction · Lesson Specifics and Suggestions · Whats the Score? · Whats That Mean? · Go Inside the Score Activities · Go Beyond the Score Activities · Score for Hallelujah Chorus. 19996200 Reproducible Workbook $14.95
  36. 36. A CTIVATE ! V OLUME 6 (Grades K-6) · Activate your students to love music, learn by doing, and be excited about education with the many wonderful activities in these collections designed for educators working with elementary students. Featuring songs, lessons, and reproducible activities by leading music experts, Activate! is an all-you-need resource for the K-6 classroom teacher. Each compilation includes lesson plans and a CD with numerous complementary recordings. Cross- curricular opportunities are frequently provided, the National Standards for Music Education are always referenced, and all student pages are reproducible! 21699527 1: Folksongs...USA $19.95 Edited by 21699528 2: Explore SE & Pacific Asia $19.95 Jeanette Morgan 21699529 3: Simply Classic $19.95 21699530 4: All the Worlds...Literature... $19.95 21699531 5: Swing into Summer $19.95 21699532 Vol. 6 Complete $79.95
  37. 37. TAKE N OTE ! (Grades 3-5) · Simple, versatile, ready-to-go fun -- you cant ask much more from a pack of note cards! This set of 96 cards can be used in countless ways to reinforce rhythmic values, dynamic expressions, and other common music symbols. Creative instructional ideas come with the pack, and no cutting or laminating is necessary -- the cards are cut, and come with a protective coating for durability. Each card is 8 1/2" x 5 1/2." Jeanette Morgan 22877400 Flash Cards $16.95
  38. 38. A LL A BOUT M USIC P OSTER PAPERS (Grades 2-4) · Students will explore the world of music with this interactive resource. Informative activities teach and reinforce elementary music concepts including music notation, instruments, tempo, and dynamics. Students will draw their own treble clefs, match instruments with their families, and solve puzzles using music terms. Provide a fun start to the path of music appreciation with this unique activity! Each two-sided, black and white poster opens to 22" x 17" | 30 posters per package. Barbara Meeks 22877300 Poster Package $14.95
  39. 39. M USIC F LASHCARDS ON THE G O Students can memorize musical concepts by practicing with these cool mini flashcards. Each set focuses on a music subject and includes 40 different 2 1/2" x 3" cards printed on multi-colored stock, hole-punched with a ring to hold them all together. Theyre perfect for clipping on an instrument case or backpack so they can be used anywhere, any time! 18683600 Music Terms $5.95 18683700 Treble Clef Notes $5.95 18683800 Bass Clef Notes $5.95 18683900 Guitar Chords $5.95
  40. 40. M USIC O UT OF A H AT (Grades K-3) · 7 Card Games for the Music Classroom · Abracadabra! Just like magic, seven card games appear out of a colorful hat -- the hat is actually included with the game! -- for music-learning fun. These educational music games are designed for just a few players, the whole classroom, and everything in-between. Contents: Dynamic Duo · Grab Bag Rhythms · I Spy a Tie · Melody Match-Ups · Rhythm Railroad · Rhythm Wrap-Ups · Who Am I? (Grades 4-6) · 7 Card Games for the Music Classroom · Contents: Double-Duty Rhythms · Dynamic Duo · Grab Bag Rhythms · I Spy a Tie · Melody Match-Ups · Rhythm Railroad Geoff Lorenz & · Who Am I? Janet Vogt 16853200 Grades K-3 $39.95 16853300 Grades 4-6 $39.95
  41. 41. G ET TO THE P OINT ! A C OLLECTION OFP OINTING PAGES & P OWERFUL P LANS A Collection of Pointing Pages and Powerful Plans (Grades K-3) · In this collection of powerfully productive lesson plans, Playing meets pedagogy in this collection of powerfully productive lesson plans, precision-crafted by Artie Almeida and up-and- coming educator Katie Grace Miller. Using the manipulatives that are at the core of this resource, your students will point their way to an understanding of numerous music concepts. Each of these fifteen lessons outlines multiple step-by-step ideas for how the students can interact with the pointing pages. You can also feel free to pick and choose a single activity or, for the full experience, present the entire plan to your students. All of the Artie Grace pointing pages are available as full-color digital files Almeida & Katie on the enclosed CD, which you may project or print to create bright, engaging visual aids. Getting to the Grace Miller point of your lesson has never been easier! 23618500 Text w/CD Rom $34.95
  42. 42. PARACHUTES & R IBBONS & S CARVES ,OH M Y! (Grades K-5) · Fun, fun, and more fun! And what could be better than a resource that will have your students begging to listen to more classical music? In Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My! Artie Almeida shares some of her most beloved listening and movement-based lessons. The included CD+ features outstanding orchestral tracks from the NAXOS recording label, as well as reproducible visuals and teaching aids! Best of all, videos of Arties students performing the activities are also provided on the disc, so pull out your favorite movement props and let the learning -- and listening -- begin! Artie Almeida 22879800 Text w/Enhanced CD $34.95
  43. 43. A RTIE S J AZZ PACK (Grades 2-8) · Here is a game and activity pack that will provide you with the necessary materials to teach your students about jazz in an enjoyable and effective manner. Each component may be used by itself, or utilize the entire kit for a complete jazz instructional unit! Classroom-tested for appeal and effectiveness, use this pack to introduce jazz terms with both flashcards and "Jazz Concentration" - - its the game you know, but with a twist: students must match term to definition. The game "Jazz Style Dials" utilizes the included CD to familiarize students with Blues, Ragtime, Boogie Woogie, Dixieland, Swing, Bebop, Cool Jazz, Rock n Roll, Latin, and Jazz Rock. A second listening activity, "The Instruments of Jazz," teaches students to recognize, both aurally and visually, the instruments heard most frequently in the various styles of jazz. There are also numerous reproducible worksheets about the history of jazz, many Artie Almeida jazz greats, and even a "WebVisit." The included teachers guide outlines the process for each activity as well as extension ideas, and features a timeline, a kid-friendly jazz listening list, and suggestions for jazz-related childrens literature. Also includes 30 copies of all the game boards and cards on colorful card stock. 21203800 Game Coll w/CD $39.95
  44. 44. T HE U LTIMATE G AME & A CTIVITY PACKFOR O RCHESTRA The Ultimate Game and Activity Pack for Orchestra (Grades 3-6) · This fantastic collection from master teacher Artie Almeida features four unique ways to enhance you Orchestra unit. There is a Flash Card activity to teach and reinforce a variety of orchestra terms, an Orchestra Concentration game based upon the terms learned with the flashcards, a game called Instrumental Families which incorporates listening to and identifying specific instruments from the orchestra and the instrument families they belong to, and another aural activity called Clip the Instruments. Includes a CD that has all the aural examples youll need. Artie Almeida 16141900 Game Coll w/CD $39.95
  45. 45. M USIC P ROFICIENCY PACKS –M USIC F UNDAMENTALS (Grades K-4) · #1: Rhythm Rockets: Rhythm Recognition Activity Boards - Students will quickly master the basics with these versatile manipulatives designed to be child- friendly, fun and effective in promoting musical competency while reinforcing the National Music Standards. #2: Sneaky Snake : Music Vocabulary Identification Activity. #3: Beat Strips & Rhythm Markers: An Activity Kit for the Study of Audiation, Steady Beat and Note Values. #4: Doggone Dynamics: Dynamic Markings and Terms. #5: Melody Mice: Melody Dictation Activity Boards. Each pack includes 30 Student Cards on brightly colored, sturdy card stock and a Teachers Guide with instructions for each activity, as well as suggestions for expanding these teaching opportunities. Artie Almeida 16853010 #1: Rhythm Rockets $14.95 16853020 #2: Sneaky Snake $14.95 16853030 #3: Beat Strips & Rhythm Markers $14.95 16853040 #4: Doggone Dynamics $14.95 16853050 #5: Melody Mice $14.95
  46. 46. M USIC P ROFICIENCY PACKS –L ISTENING K ITS (Grades 2-8) · #6: Percussion Discussion. A Listening/Activity Kit for the Study of Non-pitched Percussion Timbres. #7: Mood Meters: A Guided Listening Activity. #8: Ensembles for Everyone: A Listening Kit for the Study of Instrumental Ensembles. #9: Style Dials: A Listening Kit for the Study of Musical Styles. #10: Super Singers: A Listening Kit for the Study of Vocal Timbres and Ensembles. The Kits use CDs & boards, along with suggested exploration questions, to help familiarize students with musical sounds; from instrumental & vocal ensembles, to moods & styles. The Teacher’s Guides have specific directions, but the process is the same for all: once students are familiar with the elements on the board, select & play an audio example from the CD. Students then use clothespins, paperclips, or their fingers to mark what they hear on their board. As students progress, incorporate extension activities into the lessons; challenge students with longer multi-example sequences on the CD.Artie Almeida 16853060 #6: Percussion Discussion $17.95 16853070 #7: Mood Meters $17.95 16853080 #8: Ensembles for Everyone $17.95 16853090 #9: Style Dials $17.95 16853110 #10: Super Singers $17.95
  47. 47. M ALLET M ADNESS S TRIKES A GAIN ! (Grades K-6) · A Collection of Engaging Units for Mallet Instruments and Drums · Inspiration has struck master teacher Artie Almeida once again! Catch the fever and join in the fun. Mallet Madness Strikes Again features all new rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre lessons designed for your mallet instruments, as well as the ever-popular Literature and Music Connections with lessons based on childrens literature, plus a whole new Technique Builder section to improve your students mallet skills. Complete lessons and reproducible visuals are sure to provide you with all of the support that you need to deliver engaging and exciting lessons for your young musicians. Artie Almeida 18573801 Book/Repro $29.95
  48. 48. M ALLET M ADNESS (Grades K-6) · Mallet Madness uses songs, poems, music-and-literature connections, and reproducible flashcards to promote learning in the concept areas of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and expression. Thanks to its unique rotation system, your students will play all of the percussion instruments in your classroom. Adaptation suggestions are given for use in classrooms with few or even no mallet instruments. Mallet Madness is an engaging, fast-paced and successful way to teach, reinforce and review a wealth of musical concepts to a wide range of ages. Artie Almeida 18573800 Teachers Manual $29.95
  49. 49. M ALLET M ADNESS I NTERACTIVE CD-R OMS (Grades 2-6) · All of you Mallet Madness devotees have been toiling away to create presentation and visuals that are as strikingly fun and creative as Mallet Madness and Mallet Madness Strikes Again! This great idea results in these interactive whiteboard versions of many of the lessons from the favorite resources. Choose between Promethean or SMART software, and the rest is done for you. The whiteboard applications bring the original lessons to life through the use of colorful visuals and interactive tutorials and quizzes not found in the print edition. Dont have an interactive whiteboard? A PowerPoint version is provided with both editions, so pick the version that you hope to have someday, and until then you can use the slide-show lessons to enhance your Mallet Madness experience. Artie Almeida 18573818 Interactive: Promethean $39.95 18573819 Interactive: SMART Edition $39.95 18573822 Strikes Again: Promethean $39.95 18573823 Strikes Again: SMART Edition $39.95
  50. 50. D OOZIE (Grades 3 & Up) · In this exciting game, students roll 5 musical dice. The sides of the dice include pictures of sixteenth notes, eighth notes, quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, and whole notes. You will be amazed at how they learn note names and note values! Debbie Anderson 22447101 Whiteboard: SMART Edition $14.95
  51. 51. I NTERACTIVE N OW V OLUME 1 (Grades K-5) · Enhance your teaching through fun, motivating and engaging lessons that come alive on your SMARTBoard. 10 lessons are included in each volume. · La Raspa (Gr 3-5): Students will learn about rondo form through a popular Mexican mariachi tune, the instruments in a mariachi band and a traditional Mexican dance. · Leap to the Staff (Gr 3- 5): Froggie introduces the staff, high and low, the treble clef sign and the names of the lines and spaces. · Loose Tooth (Gr K-2): This fun little rhyme reinforces steady beat as students practice reading quarter notes, quarter rests and eighth notes. · Hot Pretzels/Popsicle Stick Game (Gr K- 2): What can be more fun than making musical rhythms out of Popsicle sticks and pretzels? · Apple Tree (Gr K-2): Add a new twist to an old song with this fun activity! Your students will love the challenge of hearing the missing beats in their heads! · What Do You Hear?: Students match the rhythm played to the correct notation by choosing from three similar patterns. · Pizza Rhythms (Gr 3-5): Students create 4-beat pizzas and use then them as an accompanying ostinato with a pizza poem. · Rhythm Debbie Anderson Flash Cards and Melodic Flash Cards · Yankee Doodle (Gr K-3) & Phyllis Thomas 22447199 Whiteboard: SMART Edition $24.95 23678301 Whiteboard: Promethean Edition $24.95
  52. 52. I NTERACTIVE N OW V OLUME 2 · Bow Wow Wow (Gr K-2): Cute puppies help practice reading beat and rhythm in iconic notation and practice writing ta, t-t, and rest (Z). · Rhythm Flash Cards Set 2 · Blast from the Staff (Gr 2-5): Can you determine what word is spelled by notes drawn on the treble staff before the firecracker timer goes off? · Star-Spangled Banner Memory: A Vocabulary Game: Reinforces the meaning of twelve critical vocabulary words in the first stanza of the song. · Beat Box Set 1 - Colors (Gr K-1): Practice creating and reading 4-beat rhythm patterns using circles that indicate sound and no sound, and circles that contain one- and two- syllable color words. · Rhythm Notation Station Set 1 (Gr K-1): Students can manipulate, read, and play 8- to 16-beat rhythms using standard and stick notation. · What Do You Hear? Set 2: Matching written notation to the rhythmic patterns played on the piano is the challenge! · Hands-On Debbie Anderson Treble Clef (Gr 3-5): Students use their own hand to review the note names of the treble clef. They will create songs & Phyllis Thomas which they will then play on a Smartboard xylophone. · What Sol-Mi Melody Do You Hear? · Peter and the Wolf Concentration Game: Match instruments with characters 22447198 Whiteboard: SMART Edition $24.98 23678302 Whiteboard: Promethean Edition $24.95
  53. 53. I NTERACTIVE N OW V OLUME 3 Interactive Now, Volume 3 (Grades K-5) · Using your interactive whiteboard just got a whole lot easier! This collection of ten interactive lessons is designed specifically for use in the K-5 music education classroom. Developed by music educators Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas, these exciting materials are student tested and proven to be effective in teaching music concepts. Games include: · Beat Box Set 2 (Gr 1-2) · Dice Namics (Gr 2-5) · Engine, Engine (Gr K-2) · Melody Flash Cards Set 2 (Gr 2-3) · Pirate Rhythm Treasure (Gr K-5) · Rhythm Flash Cards Set 3 · Debbie Anderson Shoo, Fly (ABA Form) (Gr 1-3) · Tempo Combo (Gr & Phyllis Thomas K-3) · What Do You Hear? Set 3 · What Melody Do You Hear? Set 2 (Sol-Mi-La). 22447197 Whiteboard: SMART Edition $24.95 23678303 Whiteboard: Promethean Edition $24.95
  54. 54. I NTERACTIVE N OW V OLUME 4 Games include: · A Dandy Dozen (sol-mi songs) · A Dandy Dozen (ta, ti-ti songs) · Carnival of the Animals (Introduction) · Conducting Fun! · Its a Bird! Its a Plane! Flying High with Notes and Rests! · Melody Flash Cards (Introductory Set) · Notation Station #1 - Stick Notation · Notation Station #2 - Quarter Notes, Quarter Rests, and Paired Eighth Notes · Rhythm Flash Cards (Set 4) · Time Signs. Debbie Anderson 22447196 Whiteboard: SMART Edition $24.95 & Phyllis Thomas 23678304 Whiteboard: Promethean Edition $24.95
  55. 55. M ERRY M ARIMBA C HRISTMAS (Grades 3-6) · Take one part Christmas spirit, one part barred percussion, a healthy scoop of compositional creativity, and what do you get? This collection of innovative arrangements takes traditional Christmas carols to exciting new heights as they travel through more surprising twists and turns than Santa and his team of reindeer. Use them to add a bit of sparkle to your holiday program or to inspire smiling faces in your general music classes. As always, Doug provides you with teaching tips and performance options to help bring the exciting world of the marimba to your students and audiences. With the purchase of this book, you can also download free audio tracks and video performances. Table of Contents: Angels We Have Heard on High · March of Doug Edwards the Children · La Noche Callada (Silent Night) · O Come, All Ye Faithful · O Holy Night · Get Down, Ye Merry Gentlemen · Over the River and Through the Wood · We Wish You a Merry Christmas · Sing We Now of Christmas · The First Noel · Away in a Manger. 23618300 Book/Repro $16.95
  56. 56. TO B ACH AND B EYOND Classical Works Creatively Arranged for Marimba or Orff Ensemble (Grades 4-8) · Learning the classics just got a whole lot more fun! Teachers and students will have a blast with To Bach and Beyond, written by master music educator Doug Edwards. The musical arrangements are challenging, but playable by upper level elementary-age students. Lesson suggestions guide the instruction while invitations to adapt the material demonstrate Dougs understanding of the classroom and elementary ensemble. Contents: Beethovens Funky Fifth (Beethoven) · William Tell Overture (Rossini) · Minuet (J.S. Bach) · Fur Elise Samba (Beethoven) · Russian Dance (Tchaikovsky) · The Wild Horseman (Schumann) · Hallelujah Chorus (Handel) · The Doug Edwards Can-Can (Offenbach) · Ronda Alla Turca (Mozart) · Surprise Symphony (Haydn). 21967500 Book/Repro $16.95
  57. 57. S KINS S TICKS AND B ARS (Grades) 4-8 · Using a variety of percussion instruments and global influences, Skins, Sticks, and Bars is a collection of original pieces guaranteed to ignite your students’ passion for drum, mallet, and recorder music. Once your students have mastered the riffs, challenge them to improvise solos. Background information, playing techniques, and instructional tips are included, as well as a performance CD for guidance and inspiration. Paul Corbiere 22879900 Book/CD $19.95
  58. 58. B EHIND B ARS Behind Bars (Grades 2-3) · Percussion Ensembles for Young Musicians | Written specifically for second- and third-grade students, Behind Bars will get your intermediate students behind those barred instruments, playing music designed for entry- level ensembles. The sophisticated simplicity of these short pieces will enable your students to master them quickly and successfully, but thats just the beginning. Once your students have gained confidence playing basic patterns and harmonies, Mari Schay opens the door to arranging and helps you guide your students to creating performance- length pieces. A performance CD is included for your reference. Contents: Making Ensembles Work · Teaching Suggestions · Mari Schay We Have Fun · My Friend · Up & Down Round: Basic Version · I Love the Rhythm · Progress · Boom-Boom-a-Whack · Here Comes the Train Down the Track · Wind in the Trees · Prowling at Night · Bongo · Up & Down Round: Advanced Version. 22016000 Bk/Repro/Listening CD $19.95
  59. 59. O NE - A -D AY WARM -U PS FORO RFF I NSTRUMENTS (Grades 2-6) · Give students a chance to warm up their playing skills by investing 5-10 minutes each class period to focusing on posture, technique and style. By using the Sing- Along Guide, you can easily choose from the 30 warm-ups (in specific keys, chord progressions and/or patterns) to develop and utilize as accompaniments to the 25 traditional songs also included. Contents: Are You Sleeping · Button You Must Wander · Dance Josey · Diddle Diddle Dumpling · Down By the Station · Hop Old Squirrel · Hot Cross Buns · Its Raining · Jingle at the Window · Land of the Silver Birch · Lil Liza Jane · Merrily We Roll Along · Mister Rabbit · My Lord What a Morning · Old Joe Clark · Old MacDonald Had a Farm · One a Day Warmups · Rain Rain · Riding in the Buggy · Rocky Mountain · Row Row Row Your Boat · Sarasponda · Linda Forrest Scotlands Burning · Skip to My Lou · The Closet Key · Turn the Glasses Over. 19355600 Coll w/Orff Instr $15.00
  60. 60. O NE . T WO . T HREE …E CHO M E !O RFF C OMPANION (Grades K-5) · By popular demand, teachers can now bring the songs of Loretta Mitchells One Two Three Echo Me (Orff Companion ) into their Orff classroom. This collection can be used by itself or as a supplement to the original book. A detailed process for teaching the instruments is given with each arrangement. Contents: Bake a Cake · Good King Leopold · Make a Sound · Tune In · Some Love Coffee · Very Nice to Know You · Halloween · Tutti Frutti Monsters · Trick or Treat · Turkey and Stuffing · Spin the Dreidel · Christmas Train · Special Valentine · ABC Safari · One Potato Two · Ricos Pizza Restaurant · Who Has the Button · Helicopter Pilot · Im Locked in a Candy Store · I See Someone · Its Magic · Mister Loretta Mitchell & Troll · Tell Me Tell Me Wizard · Tutti Frutti Ice Cream · Who Is the Captain · Whos Next. Donna Dirksing 14982011 Teachers Manual Coll $19.95
  61. 61. O RFF E VERYONE S ERIES Grades K-6 · Orff for Everyone: Happenin Holidays is a collection of seasonal songs and arrangements that embraces the Orff approach and presents it for everyone, from the novice Orff teacher to the most experienced. A suggested grade level, list of objectives, and a suggested process are provided for all 14 arrangements, as is a list of the National Standard(s) for Music Education that they fulfill. Serving a range of grades, many of these songs and arrangements are suitable for performance and may be combined with other music to create a unique Orff concert. Contents: What Did You Do This Summer? · Improvise With the Seasons · Autumn · Trick or Treat! · Home Sweet Home · The First Thanksgiving · Christmas Is Coming · Happy Holidays · Kwanzaa · I Love Winter · Love Somebody · 100th Day of School · Tiny Little Leprechaun · A Canon for Spring. Favorite Folk Songs: Alabama Gal · Canoe Song · Chicka-Hanka · Down in the Meadow · Rain Speech Ostinato · Its Raining/Rain Rain · Mister Rabbit · Old Dan Tucker · Scrapin Up Sand · Simple Gifts · Donna Dirksin Sourwood Mountain · Thanksgiving Canon · and Tiny Tommy Tinker. Mostly Modal: The Bird Song · Carrion Crow · The Cuckoo · Down in That Valley · The Friendly Beasts · Frog Went A-Courtin · Groundhog ·21204000 Happenin Holidays $19.95 O Hanukkah · Old Joe Clarke · Pretty Polly · Scarborough Faire · Shady Grove · Turkey Song.16839000 Favorite Folk Songs $19.9517704000 Mostly Modal $19.95
  62. 62. B ODY E LECTRIC 2.0 (Grades 2-6) · A bass drum. A scratch record. A cello. A lions roar. A dogs bark. A gamelan. All of these sounds and millions more are right at your fingertips. Literally. Its the human body -- the greatest and most diverse instrument on the planet. Think of the possibilities. You can stomp with the whole foot, or just with the heel. You can tap your toes or slide your foot across the floor. You can pat your tummy or pat your chest. You can clap with flat palms or clap with cupped hands. Now imagine all the possibilities when you use vocal percussion and other mouth sounds. Combine body percussion with vocal percussion and mouth sounds and the possibilities are endless. Body Electric 2.0 explores some of these possibilities in the form of grooves and other rhythm activities that are accessible, educational, and wildly fun. Suggested forms are provided for each, allowing you to Mark Burrows extend them into performance pieces, perfect as a change of pace during any concert. And its amazing how much learning is hidden in all this fun! From grammar to gamelan, poetry slams to palmas, and tone poems to tongue twisters, students will strengthen their listening skills, perform a variety of rhythms, and explore music and cross-curricular concepts. 18669710 Book/Repro $24.95
  63. 63. B ODY E LECTRIC (Grades 2-6) · The Body Electric celebrates the music inside us while exploring ways to express this music using the greatest instruments of all -- our bodies. Part handy reference, part idea-generator, this collection is all fun as it introduces a self- contained instrumentarium that is convenient, inexpensive, physical, adaptable, self-affirming, educational, and most of all, fun. An overview of and targeted examples for a variety of body, vocal and mouth sounds are included within the first two sections; great to teach the basics and to help student internalize rhythmic concepts. The last section includes songs that employ various combinations of all the introduced sounds. Mark Burrows Reproducible student parts are included, as is a CD with helpful performance models of the sounds and pieces. 18669700 Book/CD/Repro $24.95
  64. 64. S TOMP B OOM B LAST 2 (Grades 3-6) · Making More Music with Everyday Stuff You loved the first book, so here is the sequel! Stomp, Boom, Blast 2: Making More Music with Everyday Stuff will get you and your students thinking outside the staff lines and making music with everything from boxes of pasta, to buckets, pails, and monkey wrenches. Teaching and performance suggestions accompany each piece. A CD with performance and accompaniment tracks, "effect" tracks, and REPRODUCIBLE scores accompanies the book. Songs: No Worries · Pass the Pasta · Got Rhythm? · We Gotta Clean Up This Town · Toy Time · Song of the Crane · World Beats · Dark Recesses · All Bottled Up · Theme from Car (Repair) Men. Cathy Blair 16951101 Book/CD/Repro $24.95
  65. 65. S TOMP B OOM B LAST (Grades 3-6) · What fun! Using the concept from the hit show Stomp, these clever pieces feature items like rulers, staplers, wastebasket, pencil sharpeners and other common classroom "stuff" to create unique rhythmic soundscapes. The pieces may be taught by rote or by using the reproducible parts included to help your students build rhythmic independence. Most of the titles may be learned quickly and make a great way to start or end a class. These compositions are also the perfect change of pace for any concert or performance and are guaranteed to be student and audience favorites! A CD with optional accompaniment "effects" is included. Songs: "Pencil"vania Polka · Sonata for Seven Rulers · Bubble Wrap Rap · Clean Sweep · Masking Tape Blues · Cathy Blair Surprise Symphony · The Blue Danube Waltz · Chalkboard Blues · Can Can · A Dark and Stormy Night · Groove Center: Chillout · Groove Center: Techno · Groove Center: House Beat · Groove Center: Street Beat · Groove Center: Its My House. 16951100 Book/CD/Repro $24.95
  66. 66. P OTS AND PANS AND S POONS , O H M Y ! Grades 3-6 · Making music with found sounds. Use pots, pans, wastebaskets, kazoos, drinking glasses, water bottles, whisks, straws, spoons, and a bunch of other stuff for a whimsical change of pace in your classroom or concert pro- gram. They will help build your students rhythmic independence and sense of constant tempo, and improve their counting skills. Most of the music in Pots & Pans & Spoons, Oh My! may be taught by rote, but reproducible parts/lyric sheets have been added for those pieces that may be easier to teach with music in hand. The CD Cathy Blair included has accompaniment and effect tracks. 18571500 Repro Student Bk $24.95
  67. 67. (Grades 2-6) · So often world drumming resources are moreJ UST J AMS about the world and less about the drumming. And while those books definitely belong on your shelves (particularly Planet Jams), sometimes you just want the music. Thats where Just Jams comes in. Taking as his starting point fundamental rhythms from various countries and regions, Mark Burrows has built engaging and accessible jams that can be used to strengthen students rhythm skills, in drum circles, or as a change of pace in a choir concert or other performance. Meaningful speech parts for each jam are included, allowing for a teaching process of speech to body percussion to playing, as are suggestions for developing each jam into a performance piece. Diverse in its rhythms -- the usual suspects from West Africa, Brazil and Cuba are included, as are Gaelic, Hawaiian, and Rock n Roll rhythms -- even spoken word "slams" to Mother Goose rhymes, to name just a few -- Just Jams is also diverse in instrumentation, featuring jams for the Orff instrumentarium, Boomwhackers® and sound effects, in addition to those for drums and other non-pitched Mark Burrows percussion instruments. With all that, its easy to see why the "just" in Just Jams is a lot like the "just" in "just half a million dollars"! 18670010 Book/Repro $19.95
  68. 68. A CCIDENTAL D RUM C IRCLE A General Music Success Story Mark Burrows shares how, with no more than two hand-drum lessons to his credit and through various mistakes and situations, he put together a drum circle program that reached hundreds of elementary students. This humorous quick read addresses everything from how to arrange the instruments and students, to the basics of drumming, to how to start a groove, to how to have a drum circle without drums, and dozens of topics in between. As Mark writes, the purpose of a drum circle is immediate -- connect people though a shared musical experience that builds community while celebrating individuality. This resource will help you do just that, immediately and successfully! Contents: Dazed Confused Overwhelmed · The Dreaded Disclaimer · The Worlds Shortest Glossary · The Accidental Drum Circle · The Power of the Drum Circle Experience · How to Circle · Why Mark Burrows a Circle · Hand Drumming Basics · Putting on the Facilitators Hat · Sometimes They Just Need to Listen · Active Listening · Getting in the Groove · Keeping the Groove from Becoming a Rut · The Art of Leaving Space · Special Concerns · Adding Spice to Your Circle · Drum Circle Without Drums · But What Are They Learning · Expanding the Circle. 18573700 Book $19.95
  69. 69. H APPY J AMMIN (Grades 3-6) · Are you desperately seeking a new approach and fresh repertoire for your intermediate recorder players? Paul Corbiere knows what that feels like and has filled the void with this truly one- of-a-kind resource. Every single one of these original compositions features a full-ensemble and a recorder-only option to accommodate your classroom needs. Along with performance and accompaniment tracks, the included enhanced CD features reproducible scores for your convenience. Every piece includes detailed lesson plans, suggestions, and extensions. Teach the recorder parts, turn the melody into a performance-ready piece with Pauls suggestions, or feel free to choose Paul Corbiere your own musical adventure using these arrangements as a foundation for improvisation. 23618000 Book/CD $24.95
  70. 70. R EADY. S ET. P LAY ! (Grades 3-4) · A Recorder Method Book for Beginning Recorder Students Beginning recorder instruction doesnt get better than this. Ready, Set, Play! includes everything that you will need to successfully teach introductory recorder classes. Reproducible student music, parent letters, order form templates, self-assessment rubrics, worksheets, and quizzes accompany classroom-tested lesson suggestions and creatively arranged music. Your students will love the CD accompaniment recordings, and you will love the value of this incredible resource. Contents: Get Ready: What Youll Need · Get Set: Preparing to Play · B A Jive - Student Page · Begin With B · Billys Song · "A" Second Step · B A Jive - Score · Kuma San · BAhama Breezes · B A Funky One · B A Composer · "G" Weve Learned Timothy Adams A Lot · Alice the Camel · Hot Cross Buns · Backwards Buns · Merrily We Roll Along · Froggy in the Meadow · Au Claire de la Lune · On a Lazy Sunday Afternoon · BAB GAB · Bonus BAG · Jeremiah/Hop Old Squirrel · Kuma San/Pitter Patter · GABAGAns Reel · Jelly in the Bowl · Time to Duet · "C" What We Can Do · Juba · Recorder Jive. 22015000 Bk/Acc CD/Repro $29.95
  71. 71. R ECORDER F IESTA (Grades 3-5) · Introducing a bilingual recorder method (Spanish and English) with reproducible student pages included in the Teachers Manual! Its perfect for ESL classes or for schools on a tight budget. A student book is also available separately (18068910). Susan A. Bauer 18068900 Bk/CD/Repro $39.95
  72. 72. T UBE J AMS Grades 3-6 · In the improvisational spirit of Behind Bars (#22016000), Mari Schay brings you a collection of pieces for Boomwhackers. Each will provide your students with a launching point for creating their own arrangements as they explore the world of improvisational ensemble music with their classmates. Suggested performance ideas are included with each piece, and you can download FREE audio tracks and color-coded teaching aids from the website provided in the book. Mari Schay Ruth 22880000 Teachers Manual $14.95
  73. 73. G OD S B IG FAMILY Celebrated composer Ruth Elaine Schram has crafted a great resource for todays Christian childrens choirs. Its six easy unison anthems are both fun and fun to sing and include optional second voice parts written in easy-to-teach formats such as echo, call and response, and partner song. With texts that serve the entire church year, each piece in this collection features a supportive and playable keyboard accompaniment. There are also optional parts for small percussion and body percussion that reinforce rhythmic acuity, and optional body motions and sign language provide beautiful visual appeal while developing gross motor skills. The corresponding reproducible narrations make theseRuth Elaine Schram anthems perfect for worship, Sunday school and Christian school programs, and special fellowship events. 23123601 Bk/CD/Repro $44.95 23123600 Songbook/Repro $24.95
  74. 74. S CRIPTURE S ONGS Scripture Songs offers twelve delightful traditional childrens tunes with new lyrics adapted from scripture. Easy to teach and fun to sing, each title is arranged by Ruthie Schram for unison voices and keyboard with opportunities for beginning two-part singing. Great for childrens choir, Sunday school, Christian school, vacation Bible school or church camp, this collection also features reproducible lyric/activity pages. Songs: I Was Made for Praise (Polly Wolly Doodle) · In the Beginning (The Ash Grove) · Know the Book (Row, Row, Row Your Boat/Goober Peas) · John 3:16 (Waly, Waly) · Let the Children Come to Me (My Darling Clementine) · My Shepherd Is Jesus (My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean) · Follow Me (Polly Put the Kettle On) · Turn Your Heart Ruth Elaine Schram (Shenandoah) · The First Commandment (Shell Be Comin Round the Mountain) · Loving One Another (Chatter with the Angels) · Train Me (O Susanna) · Obey Your Parents (Little Robin Redbreast). 21560000 Bk/CD/Repro $24.95
  75. 75. S IMPLY S PIRITUALS Simply Spirituals Simply Spirituals features six Unison/Two-part songs that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the traditional spiritual. An outstanding resource for childrens and youth choirs both in churches and schools, this collection also provides an indispensable resource for small adult choirs and senior choirs. Spanning the entire year, Simply Spirituals includes titles for fall, winter, and spring concerts and for church applications such as All Saints Day, Ascension, Christ the King, Christian Discipleship, Christmas/Epiphany, Eastertide, Lent, and Pentecost. The optional vocal parts may be performed by C instrument or synthesizer. As an added bonus, the collection includes reproducible song sheets, featuring both melody and lyrics, and a fully orchestrated Performance/Accompaniment CD (21169621) is also available. Contents: Im Gonna Sing · Didnt My Lord Deliver Daniel · The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy · Children Go Tell It (Children Go Where I SendRuth Elaine Schram Thee/Go Tell it on the Mountain) · Angels Watching Over Me (All Night All Day/Give Me Jesus) · I Aint Gonna Grieve My Lord No More. 21169613 Unison/2-Pt Coll w/Repro $24.95 21169618 Unison/2-Pt Coll w/Perf-Acc CD $44.95 21169621 Acc CD $34.95
  76. 76. S ONGS FOR D ANCING Creative Movement Activities for Children (PreK-2) · Before you Step on the Beat (#22880100), get your little movers and shakers up and out of their seats with Songs for Dancing. Catchy arrangements of childhood favorites combine with Kate Kupers skillfully crafted lyrics to guide young children through each movement activity. Each lesson teaches curriculum targets for dance, music, and physical education, while reinforcing literacy, sequence, and many other early childhood concepts. You’ll find suggestions to adapt the lessons to fit a variety of learners, helpful Kate Says suggestions, and two sets of audio recordings (with lyrics and Kate Kuper instrumental-only). A DVD featuring instructional tips and demonstrations of each movement activity rounds out this must-have resource for anyone working with young children. 23618800 Bk/CD/DVD $39.95
  77. 77. P ENGUINS ON PARADE (Grades 1-3) · Creative movement is the focus of these simple melodies, each of which highlights a particular animal and its unique, sometimes peculiar, way of moving. Students are invited to express the movements of the animals the way they imagine them, sparking creative thinking and helping them establish connections between music and movement. Through this singing and moving, students will also improve their sensory awareness, spatial orientation, improvisation skills, and self-confidence. Useful in lessons on musical styles and for transition times, the included Performance/Accompaniment CD extends and facilitates use. Here come the penguins (and kangaroos and lions and crocodiles and monkeys and more) on parade! Songs: Penguins on Parade · Giddy Up · Zippy the Kangaroo Cathy Blair · King of the Jungle · Why Cant Cats and Dogs Just Get Along? · Doctor Croc · Chicken Scratch · Swingtime (The Monkey Song) · Hurry, Hurry, Hurry (The Song of the Snail) · Even Ducks Have to Sleep · Down the Rabbit Hole · The Hamster Dance. 21204300 Unison Coll w/CD $19.95
  78. 78. O NE . T WO . T HREE …E CHO M E ! (Grades: Pre-K to 4) · There are over 60 songs, games and accompanying activities in this terrific resource that make it easy for early elementary students of all abilities explore musical concepts and learn to sing in tune. These classroom-tested exercise are conveniently organized into two parts. Part One consists of activities that help students experiment with various ways of using their voices. Part Two is divided into four sections -- each one packed with clever songs and simulating activities that encourage initial success for beginners while enhancing skills of more advanced students. The four sections include: Songs for Beginning and Ending the Music Class · Holiday Songs · Songs for Older Elementary Students · Songs for General Use. New in this edition is a CD that features more than 40 delightful accompaniments created especially for use with this text. Contents: Bake a Cake · Good King Leopold · Make a Sound · Tune In · Some Love Coffee · Very Nice to Know You · Halloween · Tutti Frutti Monsters · Trick or Treat · Turkey and Stuffing · Spin the Dreidel · Christmas Train · Loretta Mitchell Special Valentine · ABC Safari · One Potato Two · Ricos Pizza Restaurant · Who Has the Button · Helicopter Pilot · Im Locked in a Candy Store · I See Someone · Its Magic · Mister Troll · Tell Me Tell Me Wizard · and more. 14982000 Game Coll w/CD $34.95 14982021 Acc CD $14.95
  79. 79. S TEP ON THE B EAT Step on the Beat (Grades K-5) · This all-inclusive dance resource comes complete with a guided-lesson book, performance and accompaniment audio tracks, and a DVD in which Kate Kuper and her students share every step of the creative dance journey. You and your students will love these easy-to-follow dances that incorporate music, dance, and physical education concepts. Special features include Step It Up! activities to make the dances more challenging and Tie it Together ideas for connecting dance with other core-curriculum subjects, along with entertaining Kate Says quotes from the instructor to Kate Kuper help you avoid pitfalls. 22880100 Bk/CD/DVD $39.95
  80. 80. M USIC O LYMPICS : T HE W INTER G AMES (Grades K-6) · Movement Activities and Active Games The trumpet fanfare and smell of snow in the air can mean only one thing-its time for The Winter Olympics to get underway. Get your students out of their seats and skiing, skating, and even curling their way towards musical understanding with this unique collection of over 20 movement activities and active games, including Melody Luge, Interval Ski Jump, and Music Symbol Slalom. With activities like these, your students will be having so much fun they wont even realize they are learning music theory; a hallmark of every Mark Burrows resource. REPRODUCIBLE worksheets and visuals can be found on the mixed-media CD, as well as a selection of Mark Burrows music to accompany the games. Let the games begin! 19995001 Bk/Enh CD/Repro $19.95