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Pender's Picks the Pops 2012 | Orchestra Sheet Music (pdf)


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Pender’s Picks the Pops 2012 | Orchestra Sheet Music : An interactive pdf of new and bestseller orchestra sheet music arranged for beginning through advanced orchestra, as chosen by our buyers. Click on the descriptions to go to; listen to sample audio and view pdf excerpts and/or scores (where available); add to an online Shopping Cart to immediately purchase from Pender’s Music Co. ( [Note: Prices and availability are accurate, to the best of our knowledge, through February 2012. Not responsible for changes in format or availability of the products offered and/or for publisher price increases].

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Pender's Picks the Pops 2012 | Orchestra Sheet Music (pdf)

  1. 1. Pender’s Pick s PoP s the Hot New Orchestra Titles for Spring! 2012GRADE 1+LION’S PRIDEarr.Victor Lopez Grade 1+With a very catchy melody and repetitive rhythms that Did you know you can find the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List at it easy to rehearse, this is one of those currentpieces which students can relate to that still allows for 1) Click on ”TX UIL & Contest Music List” 4) Click on Genre or Gradeteaching musicality. Based on the World of Warcraft: 2) Click on a “Contest Orchestra/String” 5) Browse, Select, & Add to your onlineTaverns of Azeroth original game soundtrack, it’s sure to 3) Choose UIL String or UIL Orchestra Shopping Cartbe a favorite with the students! 23161900 $45.00 It’s that easy!GRADE 2FIREWORK LEAN ON ME 21 GUNSarr. Robert Longfield Grade 2 arr. Larry Moore Grade 2 arr. Bob Phillips Grade 2This hit recorded by Katy Perry is arranged here in a A pop classic, Bill Withers’ thoughtful message song As performed by one of the top rock groups of thevery effective setting for young strings by Longfield. has lasted decades and is instantly recognizable. This times, here is Green Day’s hit single perfectly playableThe piece builds intensity throughout to the familiar new version for strings is solid writing for young by younger groups, but with plenty of musical contentanthem-like chorus played by the entire ensemble. Sure players with easy syncopation that captures the hook to provide a fun break for more advanced groups. Eachto be an audience pleaser. and groove of this memorable tune. section has a chance to play the melody and they will 23617400 $40.00 22067900 $40.00 feel so cool while they get a feel for playing rock! 22382200 $45.00HALLELUJAH LOSTarr. Robert Longfield Grade 2 arr. Robert Longfield Grade 2Recorded by such artists as Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, and The music of Coldplay continues to resonate with all Judges’ CopiesJustin Timerlake, this selection was also heard in SHREK age groups. This is one of their best in an easy stringand most recently during the 2010 Winter Olympics arrangement that will be quick to learn and fun to Entering your group in a contest oropening ceremony in Vancouver. This setting is just perform. festival? Be sure to orderright for string groups who want to perform popular 23617500 $40.00 judges’ copies of your music selections.songs from artists they love. 22727000 $40.00GRADE 2+CRUSH FIREWORK OVER THE RAINBOW (AS BY KAMAKAWIWO’OLE)Made Popular by David Archuletta Grade 2+ arr.Todd Parrish Grade 2+ arr. Bob Phillips/Andy Beck Grade 2+Grab the attention of your students with an Katy Perry’s inspirational song, arranged with optional Hold the violins and violas like ukuleles and have aarrangement of the debut single of seventh season drumset to rock the house. It modulates to G major, blast with the Hawaiian-style version of this classicAMERICAN IDOL runner-up, David Archuleta. It’s with all sections taking turns at both melody and harmony. tune. Perfectly playable so you can just have fun withhummable melody and driving mid-tempo rhythms First violins have the option to play in third position, the pizzicato, but still work on rhythm and staying inwill be enjoyed by all. while all other sections remain in first position. Very the groove. Every section plays the melody and it 22977800 $50.00 playable; the catchy tune is energetic and motivating, sounds fantastic on bass! using staccato, brush stroke and extensive slurring. 23162000 $50.00FAREWELL TO DOBBY 23809800 $50.00(FR HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS) SOMEWHERE (FROM WEST SIDE STORY) NEW MOON (THE MEADOW) arr. John Moss Grade 2+arr. Jack Bullock Grade 2+Recurring themes from the HARRY POTTER SAGA of a arr. Robert Longfield Grade 2+ One of Bernstein’s most memorable and belovedfriend’s sacrifice for friends, and the love between friends The haunting main theme from NEW MOON, part of the melodies in a long overdue version for developingis depicted here in a perfect setting for young strings. TWILIGHT SAGA. Sensitively scored, it builds to a strings; carefully crafted as an exquisite showcase for 23162200 $50.00 dramatic full ensemble climax before ending quietly. your orchestra. 22238400 $45.00 16774700 $40.00FINAL COUNTDOWNarr. Paul Lavender/Robert Longfield Grade 2+ NEW SOULThis ‘80s sports theme is a must-play for your students, Made Popular by Naim Yael Grade 2+with its bold theme, power chords, and a driving rock This charismatic tune seems almost familiar, but it’sbeat. Arranged specifically for developing groups with actually brand new. Your violins, violas and cellos takeapproachable ranges and rhythms. Includes a drum set part. turns sharing the upbeat melody with a solid pulse 20339200 $40.00 from the bass section as the foundation. 22977900 $50.00 866.589.0751
  2. 2. GRADE 3BORN TO BE SOMEBODY I’LL STAND BY YOU OH LADY BE GOODarr. Patrick Roszell Grade 3 arr. Bob Cerulli Grade 3 arr. Bert Ligon Grade 3Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber delivers a stunning Recorded many times by top artists, including Carrie One of the top 25 recorded jazz standards of all time,version of this popular tune. From the album NEVER Underwood, this syncopated pop ballad will delight this classic 1924 Gershwin hit will become a newSAY NEVER – THE REMIXES, which hit #1 on the students and audiences. Give your bass players the favorite for the orchestra. This contemporaryBillboard 200, and the movie of the same name, all responsibility to keep a steady tempo. arrangement respects the swinging tradition of thissections get great parts in this perfectly set arrangement. 23162500 $50.00 song as recorded by Eddie South, Stuff Smith, Ella 23162700 $50.00 Fitzgerald, and others. Experienced players will love JUMP improvising over the piece. Beginners will have successDON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ as the chord changes play themselves in the key of G. arr. Bob Cerulli Grade 3arr. Bob Phillips Grade 3 23159000 $55.00 Go ahead and Jump! Fun to play and great for workingFrom the hit TV shows, GLEE and AMERICAN IDOL, and on bowings! The familiar rhythm will energize studentsused in many movies too, Journey’s timeless tune from and audience alike. Includes an optional electric bass SORRY1981 delights. Arranged to convey the authentic sound part, so let those bass players rock out. arr. Patrick Roszell Grade 3of rock and roll, every player gets a shot at the melody 23162800 $50.00 Hot off the charts! Buckcherry’s signature sound isthey know so well and there is really nice third position characterized as classic rock with a fresh twist. Straightplaying for the first violins. Very cool drumset and LET’S GET LOUD off the album, 15, the heartfelt single reached #2 onpiano parts are included. the U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40. Featuring solid arr.Victor Lopez Grade 3 22388100 $50.00 scoring at a relaxed rock tempo, this one is a great Get the audience on their feet with this arrangement of choice that’ll have them coming back for more! one of the top dance tunes of the decade! Written in a 23162300 $50.00HARRY POTTER Latin rock style, the driving pulse, hot melody, and& THE DEATHYLY HALLOWS PART 1 syncopated, explosive rhythms are non-stop. 23163000 $55.00 WHEN I FALL IN LOVEarr. Michael Story Grade 3Perfectly eerie! This arrangement of music from the arr. Carl Strommen Grade 3wonderful soundtrack to the seventh movie in the Treat your orchestra to one of the great AmericanHarry Potter series contains seven contrasting themes. standards, perfectly arranged for middle school andIt is scored for intermediate level full orchestra; however, high school strings! Allow your students to exploreit is also completely playable by string orchestra alone, expressive playing and give aural attention toor with any number of added winds or percussion. harmonies, particularly in the chromatic inner lines.Titles: Features: Hedwig’s Theme • Obliviate • Dobby • 23162400 $50.00Lovegood • Ministry of Magic • Farewell to Dobby • TheElder Wand. 23163100 $60.00GRADE 3+BACK TO THE FUTURE LADY GAGA HIT MIX PRIME TIME TUESDAY (FROM GLEE)arr. Sean O’Loughlin Grade 3+ arr. Larry Moore Grade 3+ arr.Victor Lopez Grade 3+This year marks the 25th anniversary of this classic film Techno-pop queen Lady Gaga’s distinctive style has As heard on a famous Tuesday night comedy show,and the perfect opportunity to perform the memorable made her a pop culture icon. Three of her biggest hits are GLEE! With titles like Any Way You Want It, Dream amusic. O’Loughlin captures the best moments in a uniquely formatted here to be performed either as a medley Little Dream of Me, and Don’t Stop Believin’, how canwell-paced overture for string orchestra your students or separately: Pokerface, Bad Romance and Just Dance. anyone go wrong? This medley is guaranteed to be acan perform with confidence. 22724300 $50.00 winner among your students and audiences and will 23731200 $50.00 work well with any combination of winds. PETER GUNN 23163200 $60.00BORN THIS WAY arr. Stephen Bulla Grade 3+arr. Larry Moore Grade 3+ Instantly recognized as a Mancini icon, Peter Gunn has SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRITThe Lady Gaga phenomenon continues with another all the elements for guaranteed audience enjoyment. arr. Larry Moore Grade 3+mega-hit from pop music’s most notable entertainer. An insistent bass and piano line; bluesy, brassy licks; Considered to be one of the greatest rock songs of allWith an infectious dance groove and memorable hooks, one-chord harmony; and space for soloists to stretch time, Nirvana’s alternative rock anthem features ayou’ve got a current pop hit that your string orchestra out a bit (written ad lib-style solo provided). Now your strong riff, engaging rhythms, and striking dynamicwill love to perform. string orchestra can be a big swing machine! changes. This arrangement also gives a great 23701900 $45.00 23617300 $50.00 opportunity to feature a guitar soloist with your group. 23731000 $45.00CAPTAIN AMERICA MARCH PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:arr. Sean O’Loughlin Grade 3+ ON STRANGER TIDES VIVA LA VIDAVeteran film composer Alan Silvestri (BACK TO THE arr. James Kazik Grade 3+ arr. Larry Moore Grade 3+FUTURE, FORREST GUMP, POLAR EXPRESS) brings a Johnny Depp and Disney have captivated audiences Coldplay’s mega-hit has a prominent string orchestra asbrilliant adventure theme to this year’s blockbuster once again with this fourth installment of high seas part of its unique sound, captured perfectly in thisaction film, CAPTAIN AMERICA. Fanfares, bold and adventure and movie magic. Hans Zimmers famous performance version. Students love to play current hitscontrasting themes, and rhythmic drive make this a themes are combined with exciting new music into this that have an orchestral sound mixed with the cutting-edgedistinctive symphonic march. spectacular showcase for strings. groove of one of their favorite bands. 23731100 $45.00 23701500 $55.00 21613600 $45.00LADY GAGA FUGUE POWERHOUSE WALK THIS WAYarr. Giovanni Dettori/Larry Moore Grade 3+ arr. Robert Longfield Grade 3+ arr. Larry Moore Grade 3+Music styles four centuries apart collide in this creative Filled with surprise and humor, any fan of Bugs Bunny Aerosmith’s signature song has also been covered by“baroque meets techno” treatment of one of Lady will recognize these unforgettable themes! The zany rappers Run DMC and rock violinist David Garrett,Gaga’s biggest hits. Inspired by the YouTube mega-hit, music of the Raymond Scott Quintette, originally and was recently featured on DANCING WITH THE STARS.this fugue-style movement is certain to be the audience recorded in the late 1930s, was a popular resource for You can let your string players rock out and also let apleaser of the year. the early Warner Bros. cartoons scored by Carl Stalling. budding young guitarist “turn it up to eleven.” 23685600 $45.00 23732600 $45.00 23701700 $45.00 866.589.0751
  3. 3. GRADE 4AMERICAN IDIOT – THE MUSICAL THAT GERSHWIN RHYTHM(SELECTIONS) arr. Douglas E.Wagner Grade 4arr. Eric Gorfain Grade 4 The melodic sparkle and rhythmic joy of the uniquely American Gershwin sound is brought to the concertThe music of Green Day and the Broadway musicalstage; an unlikely pairing if there ever was one. But the stage in a unique scoring for vocal solo (or alternate Pender’s Music and infectiousness of Green Day’s songs B-flat trumpet solo) and string orchestra (with optional 314 S. Elm Sttranslate from the arena stage to the Broadway stage piano and drumset). Features: I Got Rhythm, Fascinatingwithout question. This string orchestra arrangement of Rhythm and Strike Up the Band. Denton TX 76201a medley of five songs from AMERICAN IDIOT captures 23163500 $60.00 toll-free order linethe pathos, the pomp, and the punk spirit of GreenDay and includes detailed instructions to help capture 1-800-772-5918the style. Titles: Jesus of Suburbia • Holiday • Boulevard order onlineof Broken Dreams • Wake Me Up When September Ends •American Idiot. 23163400 $60.00 Keep In Touch with Pender’s Music Co! 866.589.0751