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GLEE | Choral Sheet Music from the Fox TV Series


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Choral sheet music arranged from renditions used in GLEE, the popular TV series; or classic songs in choral sheet music which have been featured in episodes from the popular serial. SATB | SAB | SSA | TTBB | 2-Part | Instrumental Paks | Accompaniment CDs (through Dec. 2011). Click on the cover images to listen to sample audio, view pdf excerpts, and and shop/buy from

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GLEE | Choral Sheet Music from the Fox TV Series

  1. 1. the Fox Television SeriesScroll through the slideshow to view the published titlesthat have been featured in the popular show!Click on the Cover images to:• Listen to Sample Audio*• View pdfs of the Scores*• Add to Your Penders Shopping Cart/Wish List *where available
  2. 2. ANYTHING GOES From Cole Porters landmark 1934 musical, ANYTHING GOES, comes this rousing showstopper, brilliantly arranged by Philip Kern. Features an opening female solo, outstanding choral scoring, and a classic Porter- style piano accompaniment. SATB 17878051 $1.95 SSAB 17878052 $1.95arr. Philip Kern SSAA 17878053 $1.95 Choral Inst Pak 17878091 $35.00 Acc CD 17878093 $25.00
  3. 3. BEST OF GLEE: SEASON ONE HIGHLIGHTS In just one season, GLEE has become an incredibly powerful force in the world of choral music. This 9-minute medley captures the highlights and spirit of that first season in a quick- hitting, fast-paced style of arrangement, and includes songs from the most memorable episodes: Dont Stop Believin · Jump · Shout It Out Loud · Physical · Like a Prayer · To Sir, With Love · Keep Holding On · Lean on Me · Somebody to Love · Any Way You Want It/Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin.arr. Anders & Davis/ SATB 22829151 $2.95ed. Mac Huff SAB 22829152 $2.95 2-Part 22829154 $2.95 Choral Inst Pak 22829191 $40.00 Acc CD 22829193 $49.99
  4. 4. BILLIONAIRE What would you do if you had a billion dollars? The pop hit of 2010 by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars was covered by the boys in GLEE with a breezy, reggae-type style that connects immediately to the listener in a happy, feel-good way.arr. Alan Billingsley TBB 22941556 $1.95 Choral Inst Pak 22941591 $20.00 Acc CD 22941593 $26.99
  5. 5. BORN THIS WAY Lady Gagas title track from her second studio album has topped the charts all over the world. Features a pulsing electronic groove and, in Gagas words, "a very theatrical vocal." SATB 23424551 $1.90arr. Alan Billingsley SSAB 23424552 $1.90 SSA 23424553 $1.90 Acc CD 23424593 $29.99
  6. 6. BORN THIS WAY This chart-topping Lady Gaga song is a powerful and dramatic anthem of inclusiveness and affirmation! Featured in the Season 2 GLEE episode of the same name, it opens with an energetic dance-pop groove, building into the full- voiced chorus, "Im on the right track baby, I was born this way!" SATB 23574651 $1.95arr. Anders & Davis/ 3-Pt Mixed 23574652 $1.95ed. Roger Emerson SSA 23574653 $1.95
  7. 7. CANT FIGHT THIS FEELING Recently featured on the TV hit GLEE, this number one power ballad from REO Speedwagon has a continuing life of its own, appearing in multiple movies, TV shows, and commercials. Features a lyric that speaks to the teenagers of today, as a friendship grows into something more special.arr. Greg Gilpin SATB 21969851 $1.85 SAB 21969852 $1.85 Acc CD 21969893 $26.99
  8. 8. CANT FIGHT THIS FEELING The football hero and all-around good- looking guy Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) from GLEE explores his inner rock star with this 1984 hit by REO Speedwagon. A great solo feature for pop and show choirs! SATB 22135951 $1.90 SAB 22135952 $1.90 2-Part 22135954 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Alan Billingsley 22135991 $20.00 Acc CD 22135993 $26.99
  9. 9. DANCING QUEEN This trademark ABBA song from the smash hit musical MAMMA MIA is a great choice for both concert and show choirs. Featured on the "Prom Queen" episode of GLEE. Energetic, disco fun! SATB 23424651 $1.90 SSAB 23424652 $1.90 SSA 23424653 $1.90arr. Alan Billingsley Choral Inst Pak 23424691 $30.00 Acc CD 23424693 $29.99
  10. 10. DECK THE ROOFTOP Don we now our GLEE apparel and deck the halls with a "fa la la" and a "ho-ho- ho!" This hip and dance-y mash-up of Deck the Halls and Up on the Roof Top from The GLEE Casts CHRISTMAS ALBUM will be the hit of your holiday show and fun for choirs of all levels! SATB 23398971 $1.95 SAB 23398972 $1.95 SSA 23398973 $1.95arr. Mark Brymer 2-Part 23398974 $1.95 Choral Inst Pak 23398991 $20.00 Acc CD 23398993 $26.99
  11. 11. DONT GO BREAKING MY HEART As part of the "Duets" competition on GLEE, Rachel and Finn rehearsed the classic #1 hit from 1976, Dont Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John and Kiki Dee. Absolutely adorable and a perfect selection for ensembles of all ages! 3 Pt Mixed 23353852 $1.95arr. Mark Brymer 2-Part 23353854 $1.90 Acc CD 23353893 $26.99
  12. 12. DONT RAIN ON MY PARADE This dynamic song from the musical FUNNY GIRL is one of Barbra Streisands signature tunes. Its upbeat lyrics and rhythmic drive make it a concert favorite for film, TV, and stage. Also performed by Rachel on the TV show GLEE. SATB 22168551 $1.85 SAB 22168552 $1.85 SSA 22168553 $1.85arr. Lisa DeSpain Choral Inst Pak 22168591 $35.00 Ac c CD 22168593 $24.99
  13. 13. DONT STOP BELIEVIN Performed by the cast of 20th Century Fox Televisions new hit musical comedy GLEE and debuting at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, your singers will love to recreate the sounds from the show as Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) attempts to transform the Glee Club and inspire a group of ragtag performers to make it to the Show Choir Nationals! SATB 21686651 $2.25 SAB 21686652 $2.25 SSA 21686653 $2.25arr. Anders & Davis/ 2-Part 21686654 $2.25ed. Roger Emerson Choral Inst Pak 21686691 $25.00 Acc CD 21686693 $26.99
  14. 14. DONT STOP BELIEVIN Your students will thank you for this one! This monster power ballad, as heard on the pilot episode of the hit TV show GLEE, is from Journeys 1981 album ESCAPE. Its also featured in the current Broadway musical ROCK OF AGES. This is a song for the ages! SATB 21716951 $2.50 SAB 21716952 $2.50 SSA 21716953 $2.50 TTB 21716956 $2.50arr. Alan Billingsley Choral Inst Pak 21716991 $30.00 Acc CD 21716993 $29.99
  15. 15. DONT STOP BELIEVIN (KID FRIENDLY) Developing 2-part choirs will have a blast performing this shortened and kid- friendly version of Journeys monster hit from the pilot episode of GLEE.arr. Alan Billingsley 2-Part 21717954 $1.85 Acc CD 21717993 $26.99
  16. 16. DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME This timeless song has been recorded by decades of top singers, including Ozzie Nelson, Kate Smith, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Mama Cass Elliott, and Diana Krall. But it has appeared most recently on Michael Bubles 2010 album SPECIAL DELIVERY, and was performed by Artie in GLEES "Dream On" episode. A classic for all ages. SATB 22739351 $1.90 SAB 22739352 $1.90arr. Jay Althouse SSA 22739353 $1.90 Choral Inst Pak 22739391 $10.00 Acc CD 22739393 $26.99
  17. 17. EMPIRE STATE OF MIND The GLEE cast opened Season Two in spectacular style with a chart-topping epic cover of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys pop hit of 2010 as the New Directions Glee Club gets pumped about the upcoming show choir competition in NYC! SATB 22953651 $1.95 3 Pt Mixed 22953652 $1.95 2-Part 22953654 $1.95arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 22953691 $20.00 Acc CD 22953693 $26.99
  18. 18. ENDLESS LOVE One of the top duets of all time, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross had a monster #1 hit in 1981 and now featured on GLEE, the cast scores big with a new generation of fans. Stunning! SATB 8402251 $1.90 SAB 8402252 $1.90arr. Ed Lojeski SSA 8402253 $1.90 Acc CD 8402293 $26.99
  19. 19. ENDLESS LOVE Sung by Will and Rachel in the fantastic "Ballad" episode of GLEE, this song was originally recorded in 1981 as a duet between Diana Ross and singer/composer Lionel Richie. Jays arrangement features a great duet up front for two of your stars! SATB 22168251 $1.85arr. Jay Althouse SAB 22168252 $1.85 Acc CD 22168293 $24.99
  20. 20. EXPRESS YOURSELF: MUSIC OF MADONNA This trio of school-appropriate Madonna hits was resurrected by the cast of GLEE. Encourage your students to express themselves in this 5 1/2 minute medley filled with rockin rhythms, full harmonies, and great staging potential. Includes: Express Yourself · Open Your Heart · Like a Prayer. SATB 22678551 $3.25 SAB 22678552 $3.25arr. Alan Billingsley SSA 22678553 $3.25 Acc CD 22678593 $49.99
  21. 21. FAITHFULLY This popular power ballad makes the scene after appearing in the season finale of GLEE. A hot hit single from Journeys album FRONTIER, featuring two opening solos. "Im forever yours, faithfully." SATB 22739451 $1.90 SAB 22739452 $1.90arr. Alan Billingsley SSA 22739453 $1.90 Acc CD 22739493 $29.99
  22. 22. FIREWORK Katy Perrys #1 single from her album TEENAGE DREAM lifts you up from beginning to end. It speaks of people that are full of life and fire inside -- and make you go "Ah!" Perfect for year-end concerts, too. SATB 23049551 $1.90 SAB 23049552 $1.90 SSA 23049553 $1.90arr. Alan Billingsley 2-Part 23049554 $1.90 Acc CD 23049593 $29.99
  23. 23. FIREWORK Katy Perrys 2010 pop hit exploded up the charts and has shown incredible staying power with its inspirational message of everyones intrinsic worth. A wonderful showcase for pop and show groups of all levels, your audience will thrill with the powerful lyrics: "You gotta ignite the light and let it shine. Just own the night like the Fourth of July." SATB 23085251 $1.90 3-Pt Mixed 23085252 $1.90arr. Mark Brymer SSA 23085253 $1.90 Choral Inst Pak 23085291 $20.00 Acc CD 23085293 $26.99
  24. 24. FORGET YOU Nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year, the PG-rated version of Cee Lo Greens smash hit song was famously covered by Gwyneth Paltrow and the GLEE cast in Season 2. Sassy and fun! SATB 23570451 $1.95 SAB 23570452 $1.95 SSA 23570453 $1.95arr. Anders & Astrom/ Choral Inst Paked. Mac Huff 23570491 $20.00 Acc CD 23570493 $26.99
  25. 25. GIRLS SING-OFF The girls take on the guys as the cast of GLEE engages in a little head-to-head competition. The girls "mash-up" is so incredibly infectious, youll want to sing it again and again! Songs include Beyonces Halo and Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. SSAA 22100753 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Pak 22100791 $25.00ed. Ed Lojeski Acc CD 22100793 $26.99
  26. 26. GLEE-FUL CHRISTMAS Join the cast of GLEE as they spread Christmas cheer with dazzling renditions of these holiday classics in a 10-minute medley that will add sparkle to every December concert! Includes: The Most Wonderful Day of the Year · Merry Christmas, Darling · Jingle Bells · Angels We Have Heard on High. SATB 23398871 $3.50 3-Pt Mixed 23398872 $3.80 SSA 23398873 $3.50arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 23398891 $40.00 Acc CD 23398893 $59.99
  27. 27. GUYS SING-OFF The guys from GLEE rock out in a "mash-up" showdown against the girls with this sizzling pairing of Its My Life by Bon Jovi and Ushers Confessions Part II. Your guys will bring down the house! (Dur: ca. 2:30). TTBB 22004956 $1.90 Choral Inst Pakarr. Anders & Davis/ 22004991 $20.00ed. Mark Brymer Acc CD 22004993 $26.99
  28. 28. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN W/GET HAPPY Counterpoint duet of Judy Garlands Get Happy from the film SUMMER STOCK and Barbra Streisands version of Happy Days Are Here Again. Featured in GLEES Season 2 Episode "Duets." SATB 22987651 $1.90 SAB 22987652 $1.90arr. Philip Kern SSA 22987653 $1.90 Acc CD 22987693 $26.99
  29. 29. HELLO, GOODBYE Season 2 of GLEE makes a powerful statement with this joy-infused arrangement of the Beatles Hello, Goodbye. Fantastic vocal build, solo opportunities and more, its a perfect show-opener for choirs of all levels! SATB 22584251 $2.25 SAB 22584252 $2.25 SSA 22584253 $2.25 Choral Inst Pakarr. Anders & Davis/ 22584291 $20.00ed. Mac Huff Acc CD 22584293 $26.99
  30. 30. HOME FROM THE WIZ Kristin Chenoweth (as the character "April") performed this stunning ballad on the aptly named "Home" episode during GLEES first season. This inspiring song originally appeared in the 1975 breakthrough Broadway production of THE WIZ, a retelling of Frank Baums memorable story. Features soaring melodies and lush harmonies. SATB 22739551 $1.90 SSAB 22739552 $1.90 SSA 22739553 $1.90arr. Andy Beck & 2-Part 22739554 $1.90Michael Spresser Acc CD 22739593 $26.99
  31. 31. HOUSE IS NOT A HOME Burt Bacharach and Hal Davids powerful ballad from PROMISES, PROMISES was made famous by Dionne Warwick and recently showcased on GLEE. Vocally challenging and full of deep emotion, this setting offers rich rewards for concert and pop groups. SATB 23353651 $1.95arr. Mac Huff SSAA 23353653 $1.95 TTBB 23353656 $1.95
  32. 32. I LOOK TO YOU The GLEE cast explores a more spiritual side of life in the episode from Season 1 with this uplifting song originally recorded by Whitney Houston. Powerful gospel harmonies and solo opportunities make this an excellent choice for concert performance or worship! SATB 23242851 $1.90 SAB 23242852 $1.90 SSA 23242853 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 23242891 $20.00 Acc CD 23242893 $26.99
  33. 33. I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER This great tune was most recently featured on the TV hit GLEE as sung by a trio of choreographed cheerleaders. Let your ladies do a little research and listen to how Dionne Warwick originally sang this tune in 1967. Or check out other divas recordings, including Aretha Franklin, or Natalie Cole with Whitney Houston! SSA 21970153 $1.85arr. Jay Althouse Choral Inst Pak 21970191 $35.00 Acc CD 21970193 $26.99
  34. 34. JAR OF HEARTS Christina Perris debut single has been featured on popular TV shows like SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? and GLEE. The impassioned ballad appears on Billboards Hot 100 and provides a powerful, musical, and relatable moment for female singers.arr. Andy Beck SSA 23424953 $1.80 Acc CD 23424993 $26.99
  35. 35. JUMP The cast of GLEE energized the small screen with their totally infectious rendition of Van Halens #1 pop hit from 1984. Super fun for singers and audiences! SATB 22137251 $1.90 SAB 22137252 $1.90 SSA 22137253 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Pak 22137291 $25.00ed. Kirby Shaw Acc CD 22137293 $26.99
  36. 36. JUMP Now your students, too, can perform this 80s Van Halen hit just like the cast of GLEE! An energized choir sings rhythmic back-ups for a featured small group throughout, and the optional "Mercedes" descant will take your group to new heights. "Go ahead and jump!" SATB 22167451 $2.50arr. Andy Beck 3-Pt Mixed 22167452 $2.50 SSA 22167453 $2.50 Acc CD 22167493 $26.99
  37. 37. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE GLEE hits a true sweet spot with this cover of Bruno Mars #1 hit of 2010 with its confident pop melody, great groove and romantic vocals. Perfect for Valentines Day, Prom, Spring Concert or any type of choral program! SATB 22983051 $1.95 SAB 22983052 $1.95 2-Part 22983054 $1.95 Choral Inst Pakarr. Anders & Davis/ 22983091 $20.00ed. Roger Emerson Acc CD 22983093 $26.99
  38. 38. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE Bruno Mars hit several Billboard charts with this catchy and uplifting song from his debut album DOO-WOP & THE HOOLIGANS. Finn gave it the ultimate Glee treatment on the popular "Furt" episode! SATB 23130251 $1.95arr. Alan Billingsley SSAB 23130252 $1.95 Acc CD 23130293 $29.99
  39. 39. KEEP HOLDING ON The whole GLEE cast pulls together in a climactic performance of Avril Lavignes pop hit from 2006. Powerful vocal writing and an inspirational message! SATB 22005651 $1.90 SAB 22005652 $1.90 SSA 22005653 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mac Huff 22005691 $20.00 Acc CD 22005693 $26.99
  40. 40. LAST CHRISTMAS The cast of GLEE featured this wonderful George Michael Wham hit during their holiday show. Spotlights an opening solo over cool back-ups, with a soaring male/female descant later on. SATB 23130471 $1.95arr. Greg Gilpin SAB 23130472 $1.95 SSA 23130473 $1.95 Acc CD 23130493 $26.99
  41. 41. LEAN ON ME The cast of GLEE performed a powerful and emotional rendition of Bill Withers #1 hit of 1972, with all the genuine honesty and gospel-infused spirit you could ever want. An uplifting choice for graduation or any other concert! SATB 22137351 $1.90 SAB 22137352 $1.90 SSA 22137353 $1.90 2-Part 22137391 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Roger Emerson 22137391 $20.00 Acc CD 22137393 $26.99
  42. 42. LIKE A PRAYER The GLEE cast has turned to the music of Madonna for themes that ignite the high school heart. This powerful closer will lift your choir to new musical heights and thrill audiences of all ages. SATB 22583451 $2.25 SAB 22583452 $2.25 SSA 22583453 $2.25arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 22583491 $25.00 Acc CD 22583493 $26.99
  43. 43. LUCKY This Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat duet has a breezy, self-assured attitude that proclaims how lucky to be in love with your best friend. Audiences will love the quirky, hip and swingy style! SATB 23337651 $1.90 SAB 23337652 $1.90 2-Part 23337654 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Lojeski 23337691 $20.00 Acc CD 23337693 $26.99
  44. 44. MARRY YOU From GLEE Season 2, this pop hit by Bruno Mars will make everyone smile with its appealing rhythmic groove, infectious melody and echoes of an earlier pop era. Fantastic staging opportunities abound! SATB 22945951 $2.25 SAB 22945952 $2.25 SSA 22945953 $2.25arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Roger Emerson 22945991 $20.00 Acc CD 22945993 $26.99
  45. 45. NO AIR From GLEE, Finn and Rachels amazing duet of the Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown pop hit from 2008 will create a powerful moment in your concert. A fantastic choice for expressive singing and connecting emotionally with your audience! SATB 22137551 $2.25 SAB 22137552 $2.25arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Pak 22137591 $20.00ed. Alan Billingsley Acc CD 22137593 $26.99
  46. 46. OUT HERE ON MY OWN The exceptional musical score for the movie FAME captures the energy and drive of young artists attending an arts magnet high school. Celebrate the recent return of the movie with this moving and memorable power ballad. SATB 17235251 $2.25 3-Pt Mixed 17235252 $2.25arr. Jeff Funk SSA 17235253 $1.85 2-Part 17235254 $2.25 Acc CD 17235293 $24.99
  47. 47. OVER THE RAINBOW Israel Kamakawiwooles Hawaiian-style Over the Rainbow has become a prevalent part of todays popular music. Performed in GLEES first season finale by Matthew Morrison and Mark Salling, the unique setting has been sung by several AMERICAN IDOL contestants and featured in many TV shows and movies. In this creative arrangement, a divisi choir accompanies the soloist, duet, or small group, performing a cappella or with optional piano, ukulele, SATB 22829451 or guitar. $2.25arr. Andy Beck SSAB 22829452 $2.25 TTBB 22829456 $2.25 Acc CD 22829493 $26.99
  48. 48. PAPA CAN YOU HEAR ME From the Barbra Streisand film YENTL, this Academy Award nominated ballad was most recently performed by the character Rachel on GLEE. Opportunities for musical expression abound for both choir and soloists in this lyrical, well-crafted arrangement by Lisa DeSpain. SATB 23132451 $1.90arr. Lisa DeSpain SAB 23132452 $1.90 SSA 23132453 $1.90
  49. 49. REHAB The Amy Winehouse pop hit was featured in the new Fox TV musical comedy GLEE as Mr. Schuesters fledgling Glee Club discovers their formidable competition at the Show Choir Nationals. The lyrics are slightly risque, but totally hilarious. SATB 21856951 $1.80 SAB 21856952 $1.80 SSA 21856953 $1.80arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 21856991 $25.00 Acc CD 21856993 $26.99
  50. 50. ROAD TO REGIONALS The GLEE cast closed the Season 1 finale in spectacular style with a reprise of their biggest hit along with three more Journey songs to add to the drama and excitement of the competition face-off. Songs in this 6- minute medley include: Dont Stop Believin · Faithfully · Any Way You Want It · Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin. SATB 22802651 $2.95 SAB 22802652 $2.95 2-Part 22802654 $2.95arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 22802691 $40.00 Acc CD 22802693 $39.99
  51. 51. ROLLING IN THE DEEP This chart-topping song by the English singer/songwriter Adele was a dramatic addition to the GLEE "Prom Queen" episode. It can be perfomed a cappella, as in the GLEE version, or with the bluesy, soulful accompaniment. SATB 23531051 $2.25 SAB 23531052 $2.25 SSAA 23531053 $2.25arr. Anders, Davis TTBB 23531056 $2.25 Choral Inst Pak 23531091 $20.00& Brymer Acc CD 23531093 $26.99
  52. 52. RUMOURS: GLEE SINGS MUSIC OF FLEETWOOD MAC In Season Two, the GLEE cast devoted a full episode dedicated Fleetwood Macs 1977 hit-powerhouse, RUMOURS. Opening with the bright pop sounds of I Dont Want to Know, it moves into the sultry Dreams, and building into Dont Stop, this 6-minute choral tribute spans the generations in its appeal! SATB 23570951 $2.95 3-Pt Mixed 23570952 $2.95 2-Part 23570954 $2.95arr. Anders & Astrom/ Choral Inst Pakadptd. Roger Emerson 23570991 $40.00 Acc CD 23570993 NYP
  53. 53. SAFETY DANCE From the hit show GLEE, this Top 10 song from the 1980s New Wave group Men Without Hats is a perfect vehicle for Arties fantasy flash mob sequence. Totally fun and uplifting, it makes an excellent feature for show choirs of all levels! SATB 22802251 $1.90 SAB 22802252 $1.90 2-Part 22802254 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 22802291 $20.00 Acc CD 22802293 $26.99
  54. 54. SING FROM A CHORUS LINE Give your choir the perfect comedic break-out moment with Sing! from A CHORUS LINE. Mike and Tinas contribution to the GLEE "duets" episode was sweet and charming, and will translate beautifully into a delightful choral change of pace! SATB 23339351 $1.95 SAB 23339352 $1.95 SSA 23339353 $1.95arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Pak 23339391 $25.00ed. Mark Brymer Acc CD 23339393 $26.99
  55. 55. SINGLE LADIES WITH A CRUSH Everyone will be dancing -- both on stage and in the aisles -- with this fabulous combination of two Billboard Hot 100 hits: Beyonces Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) and Jennifer Paiges Crush. Both songs were featured on the television hit GLEE.arr. Greg Gilpin SSA 22265953 $1.85 Acc CD 22265993 $26.99
  56. 56. SOMEBODY TO LOVE The whole cast of GLEE takes center stage with this amazing vocal powerhouse arrangement of Queens Somebody to Love. A fantastic and uplifting closer to any concert! SATB 21951351 $2.25 SAB 21951352 $2.25 SSA 21951353 $2.25arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Pak 21951391 $25.00 Acc CD 21951393 $26.99ed. Roger Emerson
  57. 57. START ME UP/LIVIN ON A PRAYER The girls of GLEE do a rock n roll mash-up of two 80s classics, The Rolling Stones Start Me Up and Bon Jovis Livin on a Prayer in a fun, energetic setting that is totally irresistible! SSA 23245453 $1.95arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Pak 23245491 $25.00ed. Ed Lojeski Acc CD 23245493 $26.99
  58. 58. SWEET CAROLINE From the cast of GLEE, Puck (Mark Salling) steps out in a solo turn on the pop hit from 1969 by Neil Diamond. Your guys will totally groove to the irresistible hook! SATB 22140151 $1.90 TTB 22140156 $1.90 Choral Inst Pakarr. Anders & Davis/ 22140191 $25.00ed. Kirby Shaw Acc CD 22140193 $26.99
  59. 59. TEENAGE DREAM The GLEE version of Katy Perrys Teenage Dream set a single-day sales record for its iTunes debut, soaring up the charts with its insistent rhythmic drive and smooth vocals and capturing all the drama and emotion of teen romance. SATB 23338851 $1.95arr. Anders & Davis/ TTBB 23338856 $1.95ed. Mac Huff Acc CD 23338893 $26.99
  60. 60. TELEPHONE From the opening episode of GLEE Season 2, Rachel and Sunshine cover Lady Gaga and Beyonces standout pop single from 2010. The mini-diva duel will make an awesome SSA feature that girls choirs will love to perform! SSA 22954353 $1.95 Choral Inst Pakarr. Anders & Davis/ 22954391 $20.00ed. Mac Huff Acc CD 22945393 $26.99
  61. 61. TIME WARP FROM ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW For their Halloween episode the GLEE cast performed their version of the cult classic production number from THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Over-the-top outrageous, this pop/novelty selection will thrill singers and audiences! SATB 22965351 $1.90 SAB 22965352 $1.90 SSA 22965353 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Pak 22965391 $25.00ed. Mac Huff Acc CD 22965393 $26.99
  62. 62. TIME WARP FROM ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Heres the rockin signature song from stage and screen cult classic THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, as performed by the cast of GLEE. The lyrics of the chorus give great clues for choreography! SATB 23056151 $1.95 3-Pt Mixed 23056152 $1.95 2-Part 23056154 $1.95arr. Andy Beck Choral Inst Pak 23056191 $35.00 Acc CD 23056193 $29.99
  63. 63. TO SIR WITH LOVE The first season of GLEE closed with a well-deserved tribute to Glee Club director Will Schuester -- and indeed to music teachers everywhere -- who often have to fight to fund their programs: this was the #1 pop song from 1967 featured in the Sidney Poitier classic film. SATB 22827851 $1.90 SAB 22827852 $1.90 2-Part 22827854 $1.90arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Roger Emerson 22827891 $20.00 Acc CD 22827893 $26.99
  64. 64. VIVA LA DIVA! GLEE celebrates the flash, the dazzle and the music of some of pop musics most exciting female artists. This 6- minute medley will give your SSA groups a chance to do the same as they sing these top contemporary hits: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) · Express Yourself (Madonna) · Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) · Telephone (Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce) · Toxic (Britney Spears) SSA 22926053 $2.25arr. Anders & Davis/ Choral Inst Paked. Mark Brymer 22926091 $30.00 Acc CD 22926093 $39.99
  65. 65. VOGUE This powerful Madonna hit charted at #1 in over 30 countries worldwide and was certified "double platinum" within the first months of its release in 1990. Still popular today, the iconic song and music video were recently recreated by Sue Sylvester on TVs GLEE. "Strike a pose!" SATB 22629651 $1.95arr. Andy Beck SAB 22629652 $1.95 SSA 22629653 $1.95 Acc CD 22629693 $29.99
  66. 66. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SATURDAY NIGHTFROM ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW The gang from GLEE rocked the choir room the night they featured this hot hit in their ROCKY HORROR GLEE Show! Great for singing---and dancing! SATB 23137951 $1.90arr. Alan Billingsley SAB 23137952 $1.90 Acc CD 23137993 $29.99
  67. 67. YOU CANT ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT This 1969 Rolling Stones hit has found new life as one of the best singles yet from the TV hit GLEE. Featured in the "Sectionals" episode. "You get what you need! SATB 22339451 $1.95arr. Alan Billingsley SAB 22339452 $1.95 Acc CD 22339493 $29.99
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