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Church Choir Sheet Music | Spring Selections 2012


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From Pender's Music Co. | An interactive movie/slideshow presentation of the choral sheet music presented at the Pender's Music Co. music reading workshops hosted by the locations in Dallas and Oklahoma City; featuring Mary McDonald (Oklahoma City) & Lloyd Larson (Dallas), clinicians. All available at

NOTE: Information about the items represented is current/correct, to the best of our knowledge, as of 01/12. Not responsible for changes in the products listed, and/or publisher price increases.

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Church Choir Sheet Music | Spring Selections 2012

  1. 1.  New church choral sheet music from various publishers, including Lorenz, Hal Leonard, Alfred Music Publishing, Hope, Beckenhorst, etc. Church Choral Music Reading Workshops  by Pender’s Music Co. Oklahoma City & Dallas | January 2012 Mary McDonald (OKC) | Lloyd Larson (Dallas)
  2. 2. Scroll through the slideshowto view the titles that werereviewed at our recentChurch choral sheet musicreading sessions. Theyinclude new titles, soon-to-be perennial best sellers. Click on the Cover images to: - Listen to Sample Audio* - View pdf Samples of the Music* - Add to Your Pender’s Shopping Cart/Wish List *where available
  3. 3.  God abides with us in every passing hour, both in the deep darkness of the night and in the clouds and sunshine of the day. So it is eloquently expressed in this beloved hymn; and so it is elegantly revealed in this gentle and moving musical setting by Victor Johnson. From the collection Hymns We Love to Sing (21105511) arr. Victor Johnson SATB 23543661 $1.85 SAB 23543662 $1.85
  4. 4.  A foundational Scripture for all believers is lovingly presented in this sonorous choral tapestry. Like a delicate tonal watercolor, this portrait of grace is replete with word painting and shimmering harmonies that seem to beckon the listener to introspection. The piano is both vocally supportive and musically contributive to the emotive qualities of this moving testament of grace. arr. John Purifoy SATB 23595461 $1.80
  5. 5.  Patti Drennan combines two beloved traditional nineteenth- century folk hymns with a favorite eighteenth-century text to bring new life to an old favorite in this lovely and flexible setting. The rhythmic and lively accompaniment offers an appealing, sturdy folk feel that permeates the piece and is enhanced by the optional C- instrument obbligato. arr. Patti Drennan SATB 23543761 $1.95 Acc CD 23543793 $26.95
  6. 6.  A joyful, rhythmic setting of the Ecclesiastes 3 text scored for SATB choir, keyboard, and optional flute and cello. Challenge your musicians with this delightful piece of music. Ideal for a service of celebration. Dan Forrest SATB 23633861 $2.10 Choral Instr Music Pak 23633891 $5.00
  7. 7.  Touching lyrics and moving music capture the depth of emotion as Jesus is crucified on the cross. "They came to crucify a man, but sacrificed a Lamb...the One who gives His life to set you free. Behold the Lamb!" Ideal for Holy Week worship services. (From the cantata No Greater Sacrifice (SATB | 21955710 · SAB | 21955711). SATB 23631661 $1.95 SAB 23631662 $1.95 Larry Shackley Choral Instr Music Pak 23631690 $29.95 Choral Instr Music Pak 23631691 $59.95 CD Rom Score/Pts 23631692 $59.95
  8. 8.  This young song has already touched many with its tender message of assurance. In its short life it has topped the request list on many Christian radio stations and for good reason-it speaks to the heart of the Christian walk and reminds us that grace is present even in the valley experiences of life. Expertly adapted by the arranger, the words are presented clearly and reverently. SATB 23560861 $1.95 Laura Mixon Story/ CD ROM 23560891 $30.00 arr. Heather Sorenson Acc CD 23560893 $26.99
  9. 9.  Lush harmonization and a moving melody are featured in this anthem, suitable for worship any time of the liturgical year; it fits well into any style service. The expertly crafted accompaniment and vocal writing are superb. SATB 23309261 $2.05 Thomas Grassi Choral Instr Pak 23309291 $60.00 Acc CD 23309293 $26.99
  10. 10.  This regal Easter anthem from Mark Hayes brings a spectacular Baroque flavor while incorporating the famous Handel chorus from Judas Maccabeus. Opening with a thrilling choral fanfare and followed by a strong homophonic section and an enjoyable fugue, Christ Is Risen! Alleluia! is sure to become an Easter standard! SATB 23541261 $1.95 Choral Instr Music Pak 23541290 $29.95 Mark Hayes Choral Instr Music Pak 23541291 $59.95 CD Rom Score/Pts 23541292 $29.95 Acc CD 23541293 $26.95
  11. 11.  This compassionate communion anthem calls us to experience Gods loving embrace and to remember the sacrifice of His Son. Mary McDonalds melody and rich accompaniment paired with an emotional text make this piece great for communion or Maundy Thursday. The optional C instrument adds a soothing touch. Mary McDonald SATB 23543061 $1.95 Acc CD 23543093 $26.95
  12. 12.  Full of the fiery spirit and rushing wind of Pentecost, Come, O Spirit, Truth Divine opens with great energy and is followed by a contrasting B section that flows gently and beautifully. Lloyd Larson adapts Longfellows historic text wonderfully for this original lively melody. The flexible voicing insures easy preparation by choirs large and small. Lloyd Larson SATB 23542861 $1.95 Acc CD 23542893 $26.95
  13. 13.  Gentle and flowing, this musical sermon encourages us to charity and admonishes us to live our lives as an offering of praise. As God has loved us in Christ so we must be the body of Christ in this world offering comfort and healing where there is sorrow and injustice. The optional violin part adds a special folk-like quality to this thoughtful anthem. Townend & Getty/ SATB 23596461 $2.05 arr. James Koerts
  14. 14.  This beautiful setting of the Augustus Toplady text is appropriate for use during Holy Week, or for any other occasion of contemplation and gratitude for the work of salvation and for our covenant relationship with the Redeemer. Written for SATB choir and keyboard. Text and music alike are rich with reassurance. John Hudson SATB 23633961 $1.80
  15. 15.  Based on the familiar text from Galatians, this anthem from Pepper Choplin opens with a mesmerizing, stark section. The fruits of the spirit are then presented by various voices, first separately and then together, weaving a spiritual sentiment that is both uplifting and inspiring. Pepper Choplin SATB 23543861 $1.95
  16. 16.  From Patti Drennan comes an exceptional hymn meditation that reminds of us of Gods providence in our lives as recorded in Proverbs 3:5- 6, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths." The choral parts are accessible and the plaintive, Appalachian-style accompaniment is enhanced with a violin or C instrument obbligato (included) adding to the lilting beauty of this time-honored hymn. George Young/ SATB 23606861 $1.95 arr. Patti Drennan
  17. 17.  This big anthem for SATB Choir, Keyboard and optional Flute, Harp, Brass Quartet and Percussion, celebrates the mission and purpose of the church. Perfect as a festival or concert piece. A full performance/accompaniment compact disc is available for purchase. Joel Raney SATB 23635561 $2.10 Choral Instr Music Pak 23635591 $30.00 Acc CD 23635593 $24.95
  18. 18.  This devotional anthem of assurance and faith is a tender reminder that the God of wind, rain, and sea is also a God of love......"and with His love, He covers me." The creative choral arrangement and flowing accompaniment make this anthem rich in enthralling sonorities, expressive interpretation, and eternal promise! Craig Courtney SATB 23542461 $1.95
  19. 19.  "Send the rain, let the wind blow. I am covered by the mighty wings of love." This inspired setting of Psalm 91 is an anthem of promise that God will guard and protect us in all of the seasons of life. Heather Sorenson has crafted an elegant choral setting supported by a lovely piano accompaniment with optional flute obbligato. Heather Sorenson SATB 23542361 $1.95 Acc CD 23542393 $26.95
  20. 20.  This sacred song takes us on a journey into the heart of Christs mercy and grace. The music has the sonority of a folk hymn and yet there is fresh quality in the sound. Crafted to perfection, this arrangement uses the richness of the choir to go from the whispered silence to soaring crescendos of praise. Barbour & Skidmore/ SATB 23594861 $1.90 arr. Mary McDonald
  21. 21.  This energetic and powerful psalm setting shines with majesty as the fanfare-like motif is repeated and embellished. After a joyous opening praising God in His holy city, a contrasting legato section meditates on Gods unfailing love before bursting into an antiphonal choral rejoicing and return of the opening. Optional instrumental parts add to its sparkling brilliance. Mark Hayes SATB 23544561 $1.95 Choral Instr Music Pak 23544591 $29.95 Acc CD 23544593 $26.95
  22. 22.  Joy abounds in this original anthem of praise from Cindy Berry. Its driving and energetic feel is punctuated with some syncopation while being an accessible and gratifying experience for choirs both large and small. The optional orchestration from Michael Lawrence adds a wonderful sparkle to this exuberant anthem. SATB 23545561 $1.95 Cindy Berry Choral Instr Music Pak 23545591 $59.95 CD Rom Score/Pts 23545592 $59.95 Acc CD 23545593 $26.95
  23. 23.  This dynamic original from Mary McDonald is filled with praise and a gospel swing that references the classic hymn Love Lifted Me. Following a soft, a cappella choral introduction, a lively, warm gospel chorus showcases the basses in call and response with the other voices. Add the optional instrumental ensemble for a truly authentic feel. SATB 23544061 $1.95 Dan Kreider Choral Instr Music Pak 23544091 $29.95 Acc CD 23544093 $26.95
  24. 24.  Touching throughout, this anthem is a beautiful setting of the classic text on the love of God. Kreiders writing is accessible and features warm harmonies supported by a gently flowing accompaniment. The texture builds throughout until reaching its peak declaring that, through the love of God, "we are whole again!" Lloyd Larson SATB 23541461 $1.95
  25. 25.  This delightful presentation of the classic spiritual recalling the story of Joshua’s battle at Jericho is heard here with an energetic and playful, optional 4-hand piano accompaniment. This Lloyd Larson setting comes from his larger choral work, Singin in the Spirit: A Celebration of the African American Spiritual (21618410). Other performance options include solo piano and optional rhythm parts. The Rhythm packet contains parts for: Guitar, Bass, Drums and Synth. SATB 23606761 $2.05 William Billings/ arr. Pepper Choplin Choral Instr Music Pak 23606791 $12.50 Choral Instr Music Pak 23606792 $12.50 Acc CD 23606793 $26.95
  26. 26.  Pepper Choplin dramatically captures the emotion of Holy Week with this mesmerizing choral round that vividly describes the removal of Christ from the cross and His burial in the tomb. Based on the timeless American hymn By the Waters of Babylon by William Billings, this piece features multiple accompaniment options that lend to a truly moving performance. From the cantata Come Walk With Me: SATB (22808810) · SAB (22808811). SATB 23542261 $1.95 CD Rom Score/Pts 23542290 $59.95 Nicholson & Hatton/ Choral Instr Music Pak 23542291 $59.95 arr. Lloyd Larson Choral Instr Music Pak 23542292 $29.95 Acc CD 23542293 $26.95
  27. 27.  Victor Johnson has taken a historic, powerful text and paired it with a lyrical, inspired new melody in Lord, I Give Myself to You. The supportive keyboard accompaniment delicately brings harmonic shading and nuance to the meaning of this piece. An optional violin part adds additional poignancy to this already stunning piece. Lloyd Larson SATB 23542961 $1.85 Acc CD 23542993 $26.95
  28. 28.  A personal statement of worship is contained in this simple and beautiful song of devotion. Soft syncopations, a fresh piano accompaniment, and optional violin and cello obbligatos create a soothing contemplative moment for general use or a responsorial song. Choirs of all ages will resonate with the pleasing choral textures and intimate approach. Heather Sorenson SATB 23601061 $1.95 Lite Trax #71:2 Acc CD 23593300 $44.99
  29. 29.  This new setting of the familiar hymn is both lyrical and powerful, breathing new life into the familiar statement of faith. The tender, gentle beginning builds to a strong final verse "In mansions of glory ..... Ill sing with the glittering crown on my brow," leaving us to thoughtfully consider the tender final statement "If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, tis now." For SATB Choir in partnership with a stunning piano accompaniment. arr. Dan Forrest SATB 23635461 $1.80
  30. 30.  One of our most cherished sacred texts is treated to a sensitive musical rendering that calls us to consider the cross. Abundant unison singing assists in a quick learning process and the drama of the celebrated third verse is truly memorable in the hands of the writer. A quiescent ending is a perfect conclusion to a very intimate and delicate worship offering. Charles McCartha SATB 23596561 $1.80
  31. 31.  A J. Paul Williams text in a pensive setting appropriate for the average church choir. Scored for SATB and Keyboard, the piece is perfect for Good Friday and is equally useful for times of general worship when the cross and the sacrifice are being considered. Lloyd Larson SATB 23634561 $1.80
  32. 32.  The classical sound of Melodie and Dick Tunneys O Magnify the Lord is combined with and complemented by All Creatures of Our God and King in this majestic setting by Tom Fettke. With its subtle touches from Handels Messiah, stately choral writing, and optional orchestral accompaniment, this piece is an ideal selection for Easter and throughout the church year. SATB 23543461 $2.10 Choral Instr Music Pak 23543491 $59.95 Tunney, Melodie & Dick/arr. Tom Fettke CD Rom Score/Pts 23543492 $59.95 Acc CD 23543493 $29.95
  33. 33.  A beautiful new setting of the timeless Washington Gladden text which comes to life musically with a passion appropriate to the prayer. Melody, harmony and accompaniment blend seamlessly into a dynamic whole. While uniquely suitable for Holy Week, this piece will be effective for any occasion of worship. arr. Mark Hayes SATB 23635061 $1.80
  34. 34.  "On that great, great mornin, Jesus is alive!" Filled with the spirited triumph of Easter morning, this a cappella original from Mary McDonald features close vocal harmonies, regular syncopation, and fun-to-sing passages of call and response. An optional solo offers the opportunity to showcase one of your singers and drives the piece to a rousing and celebratory conclusion. Mary McDonald SATB A Cappella 23541361 $1.85
  35. 35.  The celebrated passage where Jesus teaches His followers to pray is often set to music. This melodic original brings new understanding to the words of this foundational Scripture. Following the natural arch of the text, the music rises and falls effortlessly with caressing tenderness. As the anthem develops, the music grows in intensity to this regal, final affirmation: "For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever!" The final sounds of the anthem are a series of meditative, hushed "Amens" that bring the prayer to a gentle and reverent conclusion. SATB 23594761 $1.80 Robert Sterling CD ROM 23594791 $60.00 Acc CD 23594793 $26.99
  36. 36.  Full of gospel blues, swing rhythms, and passages of call and response, this perfect Lenten or general-use anthem flows seamlessly from Thomas Dorseys much-loved tune into Robert Lowrys I Need Thee Every Hour. The choral parts are accessible, your accompanist will love playing Mark Hayess dazzling piano accompaniment, and optional rhythm parts add to the fun. SATB 23542161 $2.10 Thomas Dorsey/ Choral Instr Music Pak 23542191 $27.95 arr. Mark Hayes Acc CD 23542193 $29.95
  37. 37.  The solo organ introduction is the only nod to traditional in this breathtaking new setting of the Charles Wesley text, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today." Scored for SATB Choir and Piano with optional Organ and Tambourine. Every musician will be challenged and every congregant will be stirred as the joy of the resurrection explodes measure by measure. SATB 23633561 $1.95 Dan Forrest Tambourine Part 23633591 $2.95
  38. 38.  Mary McDonalds inspired setting of the timeless hymn This Is My Fathers World incorporates a rich choral treatment and a rhapsodic piano accompaniment to create a truly fresh arrangement. Options for congregational participation, handbells, and a C-instrument obbligato all enhance this worshipful selection that is perfect for use throughout the year. SATB 23542561 $1.95 arr. Mary McDonald CD ROM 23542591 $19.95 Acc CD 23542593 $26.95
  39. 39.  "The tomb stands open wide, Jesus lives today!" This energetic Easter anthem from Lloyd Larson incorporates Beethovens beloved Hymn to Joy along with original verses that portray the excitement of that Sunday morning when the women discovered Jesus empty tomb. Lively syncopation contrasts a legato section that builds to triumphant finish, enhanced by optional parts for brass and timpani. SATB 23541561 $1.95 Lloyd Larson SAB 23541562 $1.95 Choral Instr Music Pak 23541591 $29.95 Acc CD 23541593 $26.95
  40. 40.  This song is a very personal testimony that brings an important perspective to the journey of faith. The thoughtful text asks the listener to "look and remember" the ways that God has cared for us and brought us through the winding road of life. Somewhere stylistically between modern folk style and a contemporary praise genre, the crafty arranging brings clarity to an important message for those who have experienced tribulations and who are seeking meaning and purpose in their spiritual walk. Heather Sorenson SATB 23602561 $1.95 Lite Trax #71:2 Acc CD 23593300 $44.99
  41. 41.  Blues nuances and stylized vocals that are easy to master and great fun to sing characterize Mark Hayess dynamic arrangement of this traditional spiritual. Great for school or church, it includes optional solos that allow you to showcase a single singer or section and a remarkable accompaniment for piano four- hands that features Marks distinctive touch. SATB 23542661 $1.95 arr. Mark Hayes TTBB 23542666 $1.95 Acc CD 23542693 $26.95
  42. 42.  Larry Shackleys arrangement of this American folk favorite is a stunning portrayal of lifes journey through hardship and loneliness and the comfort that lies "over Jordan....over home." Blues harmonies in the accompaniment beautifully support accessible vocals, and the basses will have a chance to shine in this setting that is ideal for church or school. arr. Larry Shackley SATB 23666061 $1.85
  43. 43.  From the driving opening to the final punctuated chords, this anthem is a brilliant paean of praise that is rich with choral opportunities to encourage worship. The repetitive rhythmic motive is quickly learned and the toccata-like piano part maintains a constant stream of energy to propel the piece to unbounded jubilation. The contrasting middle section offers relief with deep resonating chords that enrich the text. After an arresting accelerando, a wall of climbing 4ths brings a virtuosic element to the piece and enables a striking recapitulation and festive codetta. Joseph Martin & SATB 23598161 $1.80 Davis Angerman
  44. 44.  Recalling the events of Jesus gathering with his disciples in the Upper Room for their last meal, Jay Althouse tenderly depicts this familiar scene in a gentle, communion ballad. Reminding us that when we break the break and drink the wine, we are remembering Jesus, makes this perfectly appropriate for all Lenten and communion services. Jay Althouse SATB 23606461 $1.90
  45. 45.  Especially meaningful during the days of Holy Week, this Christopher Idle text relates to our Lord praying in the garden of Gethsemane, and weaves around the tree theme found in many Scriptures about the cross. Lloyd Larsons original accompaniment for piano, plus the optional flute, oboe, French horn and cello (14910291) perfectly captures the somber mood. This top-seller is now also available in SAB (14910262) and a new 2-Part Mixed voicing (14910264). The SATB version appears in Lloyds blockbuster Lenten musical, The Shadow of the Cross, (15962110) newly re-voiced for SAB (15962112) choirs. SATB 14910261 $1.95 SAB 14910262 $1.95 Lloyd Larson 2-Part Any Combo 14910264 $1.95 Choral Instr Music Pak 14910291 $20.00 Acc CD 14910293 $24.95
  46. 46. 