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Entrepreneurial lifecycle


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Deck for talk by Chris Yeh @The Startup Conference 2013

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Entrepreneurial lifecycle

  1. 1. The Entrepreneurial Cycle of LifeStage-by-stage advice you don’t often
  2. 2. Lessons from 19 years of startups• How do I market my startup before I have a product?• How do I market to investors *after* our meeting?• How do I avoid getting fired by my board?• How can I be an entrepreneur and live a happy life?
  3. 3. Marketing before you build product
  4. 4. Develop key relationships
  5. 5. Slowly build overnight success“Timing, perseverance,and ten years of tryingwill eventually make youlook like an overnightsuccess.”--Biz Stone(Twitter founded in 2006)
  6. 6. 7 Steps of Prelaunch Marketing1. Identify the key issues your startup touches2. Become part of the conversation3. Cultivate the influencers (follows & replies)4. Produce (or borrow) compelling content5. Build a need in the marketplace6. Launch a product that fills that need7. Print out TechCrunch headline for your mom
  7. 7. Market to investors *after* you meet
  8. 8. 4 Ways To Get Investors To Bite• Remove uncertainty• Drip marketing• Follow up immediately when they showinterest• Ask for money, then be ready to take it
  9. 9. How to avoid getting fired
  10. 10. 8 Principles For Staying CEO• Don’t get caught by surprise.• Start planning your defenses early• Get everything in writing• Constantly work the key players• Realize that you are dispensable• The best defense is a good offense• Don’t sign anything during the coup attempt• Counterattack
  11. 11. How Can Entrepreneurs Live a Happy Life?
  12. 12. Entrepreneurship = Uncertainty• “Entrepreneurshipis the pursuit ofopportunitybeyond resourcescontrolled.”–Howard Stevenson(@HowardSHBS)
  13. 13. Accepting Startup Uncertainty• Chances are, you’re going to fail• You always have too little time, money, and/orinformation• At any moment, the landscape can change• Being smart and hard-working isn’t enough• Sometimes, the lazy, dumb, and crooked willsucceed
  14. 14. Uncertainty = Endless Possibility
  15. 15. Manage Life Uncertainty• Eat, sleep, and exercise• Spend time with friends & loved ones• Take breaks and naps• Minimize your spending• Have interests outside the startup world• Remember: Your startup is part of your life. Itisn’t your entire life.