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Lepe before and after final


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Lepe before and after final

  1. 1. LEPE BEFORE AND AFTER Rocío Domínguez & Julia Blanco
  2. 2. INDEX• The city.• Economy. - Lands and seas• Society and ideology. - people and customs.• Art and culture.• Political
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• Lepe is now considered almost a city. It‟s located in the southwest of Spain. It has a surface area of 127.9 km2 and it has a population of 28.000 people, of which over 5.000 are immigrants. Lepe has 7 primary schools and 2 high schools. Its main attractions are its 25 km of beaches where there are 7 attractive hotels. Its economy is based in the strawberries and oranges cultivation and in the fishing too. The town hall has 21 MPs.
  4. 4. ECONOMYAGRICULTURE AND FISHING Fishing: is practiced74% of irrigate Strawberries form inshore. Also practicedand oranges form 53% of farming offshore fishing in countries like Morocco, Senegal, Mozambique, woody crop. Angola and Mauritania. very Strawberries exports are important.
  5. 5. 70 years ago…•The economy was based intraditional agriculture and in thetrawling.•The trade was based mainly in theexportation of figs and almonds.•Fishing: draughts boat pit that werefishing near the coast (sardines andtuna)
  6. 6. INDUSTRY • Industry: based on construction, greenhouses, Now: harvesting equipment • was based on theBefore: grocery, “zampuzos”, mills, shoes and hats
  7. 7. •TRADE Gastronomy: nowadays we can show off our varied diet (Mediterranean) with all types of food.
  8. 8. 70 years ago… •Gastronomy: years before, people only consumed what they produced in the village.
  9. 9. TURISM •Tourism: 25km of beaches in La Antilla and Islantilla, golf courses, malls, hotels, nightclubs. BEFORE
  10. 10. TRANSPORT •Now buses and cars are faster and confortable
  11. 11. Transport, 70 years ago… •there was a train as a mean of transport and few cars.
  14. 14. SOCIETY AND IDEOLOGY• GROUPSLepe is a multicultural city, there are a lot ofnationalities: Morocco, Romania, Poland,South American people and Argelia.
  15. 15. •FASHION Before people wear hats and walkingHere we can find international brands: sticks and women always wore a fanSpringfield, Benetton, Inside, Zara. and veils.
  16. 16. •PASTIME People were used to popular parties in the squares and (summer cinema) at night. Now young people go to the shopping centre and disco.
  17. 17. • They enjoy with San Roque’s team since 1956, it creator was a priest.• 300 suport our local team. You can see here, the website of the team:
  18. 18. ART• Nowadays cities are better careful than before. There are more squares because people meet there.• People usually go to the theater, that is the newest construction.
  19. 19. CULTURE • SCHOOLS AND HIGHSCHOOLSin the XX century schoolhave girls andby genres: Nowadays schools was divided boysboys to a schoolclass and to another. in the same and girls centre, but…
  20. 20. •CHURCH Church played an important role in XXcentury. The church was destroyed in theXVIII century in the Lisbon earthquake.
  21. 21. •COSTUMS The most important holiday is the pilgrimage of Bella‟s Virgin that is celebrated the second weekend of May.
  22. 22. „La Bella‟ •Other holidays are “La Bella” y “San Roque” from 13 to 16 August.
  23. 23. POLITICAL -Town Hall: nowadays the town hall has 21 MPs -Priest: was a very important figure in this time along with the mayor. - Army: at that time, all men were going to do national service with 18 years old. - At that time Lepe lived in a dictatorship; nowadays we enjoy of a democracy.
  24. 24. CONCLUSION• Lepe is in the way of progress, it has a better present and it can continue in the same way thanks to a higher technology.