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Evaluating my media front cover


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Evaluating my media front cover

  1. 1. Development of my magazine front cover
  2. 2. My original PictureI used this picture because, it is shocking to the audience, it shows she is entrapped ina small space and enclosed.
  3. 3. Empire TitleI used the Empire magazine title because it is the number one film magazinein the world, this automatically puts my magazine with its own audience.Furthermore this magazine title stands out being red, bold and big. On theshelf it would grab the audiences attention, which would make more peoplebuy my magazine which will get my film being talked about between theaudience.
  4. 4. Finished Magazine Front Cover.Tag Lines:Both of the I have tried to make as Professional look:clever as possible, the top tag line I have added many different parts toshows how good the tag line is if my magazine, the website, barcode, tagempire magazine are calling it the line, price and date. This is so myhorror event of the year. magazine looks professional, like aFurthermore, I have tried to use a genuine empire magazine.well know movie, in the other tagline to create a quote from empiremagazine, which links in with the What is inside:genre of the movie. I have many patches of text, that show a variety of different film genres. IfThe Picture: “The Senseless” does not appeal to oneI have tried to keep the picture, part of the audience Avengers, alike the original, the only thing I marvel comic hero story, Titanic a lovehave changed is that of the story, 21 Jump street is a policeBrightness and contrast, I have comedy or the devil inside a horrorused the quick select tool and will.increased the brightness a lotwhich then allowed me to usethe top of the picture wherethe title is to turn into a black,which made the title stand outeven more. As well as creatinga line at the top of themagazine, so it looks like thegirl is trapped in a small space.