Development of my horror teaser poster


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Development of my horror teaser poster

  1. 1. Development of my Horror Teaser Poster
  2. 2. The Original photoI have used this photo for the background of my poster, with using Photoshop I will beable to create a basis for the main figure daisy.
  3. 3. The posters main PictureI will use this picture as my central image, in front of the creepy house in thepicture above.
  4. 4. BackgroundThis background will be put behind the house to give the poster a morescary and sinister look. Clouds are also the sign of something to come,therefore this will make the viewer feel as if, there is someone orsomething going to hurt this girl in the poster.
  5. 5. JLA PRODUCTIONSFor a more professional look on my poster, as well as the trailer I created a trademarkto show that it is my own trailer, that I have created. I have done this with theintention that it will be a well know trademark, like 20th centaury fox.
  6. 6. The final teaser PosterI went through many different fonts First of all I have cut the house The tag line insinuates that, someonein Photoshop, but I did not feel any and have tried to make it look or something is watching the person inof them suited my film. I then used even more old and spooky than the poster, I feel that this acts as a cliffthe website da font and I think, I before than the original picture.found the font I was looking for. A hanger because people who look at the I have used the clone stamp toolslightly destroyed, but bold font that poster now want to know who will be the green moss on the roof, tohas a scary edge to it. watching. make the building look older. I The image in the center of the have also used the sharpen tool, magazine the girl has been edited to sharpen all of the edges of through many different ways. the house, to make it stand out Firstly I have changed the brightness down and the contrast from the cloud. up, the effect I was trying to create is that she is alone and scared. This The clouds behind the house have is why she is in black and white, had further editing, I have dimmed the contrast makes this point the brightness of the clouds to make stand out to the audience more. I them look more suspicious. have also taken away the bracelets she was wearing but left her watch on the hand. I thought the bracelets took away the scary I have put the credits as well element, but the watch as the trademark stamp JLA complimented it looking a bit like a handcuff. Furthermore I have used productions, and the the quick selection tool, in certificate 18 symbol to Photoshop and highlighted as well make my poster look as darken different points on the professional. image. This gives a more unnerving