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The murder of Tom Poole by Mathew Unger


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Mathew Unger presented his research on the murder of Tom Poole at the Pemberton Museum on August 21st, 2018.

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The murder of Tom Poole by Mathew Unger

  1. 1.  Wednesday April 23rd 1879 – Poole family murdered at Pemberton Portage  May 4th 1879 – Coroner’s Jury; first accusations levelled  July 1879 – December 1880 – Trial against James “Scotty” Halliday  February 19th 1881 – Charge and arrest of Daniel Corsey by Jerry Woods  August 8th 1881 – Hunter Jack arrest and statement  December 6 1881 – Accusation of Squamish First Nations person, Charlie  January 2nd 1882 – Accusation of Charlie  October 4th 1883: The attempted arrest of “Tamis” but failure – the name of the two stone Indians.  December 2nd 1883: Mr English reports that the Indians are all anxious to have Tamis/Emia arrested  May 23rd 1885 – Questioning of David Skinner – implicating Scotty in the murder of Thomas Poole  1891 – Arrest, Charge, sentencing and release of Emia