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Gustavo Pelogia - Fcking up Google my Business

Talk presented at ReadingSEO in February 2020.

Find here how to create your own Google My Business Analytics dashboard:

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Gustavo Pelogia - Fcking up Google my Business

  1. 1. F*cking Up Google My Business: how it broke, how we fixed it Gus Pelogia | @pelogia
  2. 2. The frustration and the solutions
  3. 3. We did nothing… but got suspended! 1
  4. 4. Google decided the business was… 15km away from where you told it. 2
  5. 5. Create > Claim > Optimise
  6. 6. Turns out… It was our mistake (kinda). Address on homepage Brochure website
  7. 7. After A LOT of DMs with GMB Support, finally fixed
  8. 8. The local pack is one review away 3
  9. 9. Importance of Reviews
  10. 10. GMB sometimes… 4
  11. 11. …is a bitch!
  12. 12. Download your data? Forget about it. We can only see data for the last 90 days All the details can only be filtered by week, month or quarter
  13. 13. + +
  14. 14. Google My Business Analytics Dashboard
  15. 15. Google My Business Analytics Dashboard
  16. 16. Try yourself:
  17. 17. What if Google decides what you should be called? 5
  18. 18. Wrong Business Name – Case Study
  19. 19. A bunch of people were calling my mum… Trying to reach an Italian restaurant 6
  20. 20. Takeaways
  21. 21. Suspension due to “low quality issues” Look for clues outside GMB Pin in wrong location Check for conflicting signals Not on local pack for something you should? Reviews could improve your rankings
  22. 22. Need more data? Try GMB’s API Wrong name? Try finding the solution outside GMB Hungry people calling your mum? Close the damn restaurant!
  23. 23. Follow me! @pelogia Slides