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Gustavo Pelogia - Back to Basics: simple SEO tactis that deliver results

  1. Back to Basics: simple SEO tactics that deliver results
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  3. @pelogia Slides:
  4. Agenda Local SEO Content Links @pelogia
  5. Local SEO
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  8. Frustrating customers Frustrating Oliver Losing businesses @pelogia
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  11. 1-10 Locations Request a letter to your business address or an automated call +10 Locations Upload a list of locations and a Google rep will give you a call Hours invested: 0.5 to 10 hours Time to conclude: 1 to 3 weeks @pelogia
  12. Google My Business Guide
  13. Save yourself some embarrassment: Let your clients know when and where they can find you. @pelogia
  14. Content
  15. @pelogia Homepage
  16. @pelogia Used Cars Page
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  18. @pelogia Results showing “used cars” – Homepage vs Used Cars Page Used Cars Page Homepage Google showing the correct page 4 x more Hours invested: 1 to 5 hours Time to start seeing results: 3 weeks When we updated the page
  19. Review the title and content of the 10 pages with most impressions on your website @pelogia
  20. Links
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  22. > > = @pelogia
  23. > > = @pelogia
  24. Links are like word of mouth for Google @pelogia
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  26. Hours invested: 15 minutes Time to see results: 1 day @pelogia
  27. Make links part of your current marketing efforts and it will be much easier to earn them. @pelogia
  28. Check your company info on Google My Business Update your titles to pass the right message Create alerts for your brand name and outreach quickly THINGS TO DO AT WORK TOMORROW @pelogia
  29. Thank you! @pelogia