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Connect your village to the world

An introduction for Local Representatives who want to register their village on

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Connect your village to the world

  1. 1. I want to connect my Village to the world What I want to tell you about my village… Do you want to connect your Village to the world? Register your Village on NABUUR and share your stories
  2. 2. Welcome Connect with Neighbours from around the world
  3. 3. Does anyone know …? Take a look at this village… Share ideas, get contacts, find other Villages like yours
  4. 4. I want to start a project on …. I will help you Propose a project for your Village Facilitator
  5. 5. We need … , … Look at these examples! Then we need someone who can…. Prepare the project, with the help of volunteers
  6. 6. Wow, look at this village! Project & village updates And work together to see change in your community