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Ic Efaces Glass Fish Ted Goddard

  1. 1. www.icefaces.org
  2. 2. ICEfaces is… ICEfaces is an Ajax framework that allows developers to easily create rich Internet applications (RIA) in pure Java. • Open source • Standards-based • Extends JavaServer Faces • Develop RIAs in pure Java, not JavaScript • Integrated with GlassFish Suite – Provides NetBeans IDE Plugin • Endorsed migration for Woodstock users – Supports Ajax Push applications via Grizzly – Leverages enterprise capabilities of GlassFish • Security, Scalability: Clustering, Load Balancing and Failover – Integrates with 3rd Party frameworks and middleware • WebSynergy, WebStack, etc. Easy Ajax for Java developers www.icefaces.org
  3. 3. Ajax Push Illustrated Ted Server Deryk www.icefaces.org
  4. 4. Ajax Push Illustrated Ajax Request Ted Server Deryk www.icefaces.org
  5. 5. Ajax Push Illustrated JSF Lifecycle + DOM diff Ted Server Deryk www.icefaces.org
  6. 6. Ajax Push Illustrated Ajax Response Ted Server Ajax Push Deryk www.icefaces.org
  7. 7. Ajax Programming, Ideally. PageBean.java Page.xhtml <f:view public class PageBean { xmlns:f=“http://java.sun.com/jsf/core” String message; xmlns:h=quot;http://java.sun.com/jsf/html“ > public String getMessage() { <html> return message; <body> } <h:form> <h:inputText public void value=“#{pageBean.message}” /> setMessage(String message) { </h:form> this.message = message; </body> } </html> } </f:view> Presentation Model Declarative User Interface www.icefaces.org
  8. 8. Ajax Push Programming To keep track of groups of users: SessionRenderer.addCurrentSession(“slides”); Asynchronously and elsewhere in the application ... presentation.setCurrentSlide(7); SessionRenderer.render(“slides”); www.icefaces.org
  9. 9. Ajax Components with ICEfaces • Automatic Ajax updates • No JavaScript Development • Easy Ajax Component Suite – No JavaScript component wiring – No manually defined update regions • Ajax transport handled by ICEfaces • Woodstock conversion: utilities and compatible components • --- – Asynchronous application-driven browser updates – All 50+ components are Ajax Push aware www.icefaces.org
  10. 10. GlassFish Suite + ICEfaces GlassFish Server Client Browser Standards-based Java EE/JSF Development Model www.icefaces.org
  11. 11. Direct-to-DOM (D2D) GlassFish Server Client Browser DOM (Client) Ajax Bridge DOM Incremental DOM Updates (Server) Direct-to-DOM isolates Java developers from JavaScript and more… www.icefaces.org
  12. 12. Multiple Applications and Browser Connection Limits http:// host / ajaxpush / Asynchronous Connections Glassfish Grizzly Ajax Push Server ICEfaces ICEfaces JMS Application Application www.icefaces.org
  13. 13. The End Contact Us: Toll Free: +1 877 263 3822 USA International: +1 403 663 3322 product.support@icesoft.com www.icefaces.org 13