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Presentation of the Czech Republic

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Presentation of the Czech Republic

  1. 1. We are from the Czech Republic
  2. 2. Can you read it?
  3. 3. Yes? Maybe it´s because you use contact lens invented by Czech Otto Wichterle.
  4. 4. Do you heat food in microwave?
  5. 5. It is invented by another Czech guy Augustin Žáček
  6. 6. All the ships on the world are powered by screw- propeller from Josef Ressel.
  7. 7. Music from Antonín Dvořák was played during the first landing on the Moon.
  8. 8. Alfons Mucha settled the new style called secese (art nouveau).
  9. 9. The word „ROBOT“ was first used by Czech writer Karel Čapek.
  10. 10. The most translated contemporary books author is Czech Milan Kundera.
  11. 11. According to the Guiness Book of Records is the Prague Castle the biggest castle complex in the world.
  12. 12. Český Krumlov is the biggest historical landmark protected by UNESCO.
  13. 13. Czech national sport is ice-hockey. We are contemporary champions of the world.
  14. 14. We also won Olympic Games in Nagano which was called Tournament of the Millennium.
  15. 15. Our women were second in the world championship in basketball this year.
  16. 16. There are 145 breweries in the Czech Republic.
  17. 17. Czech Republic is the first on the world in drinking beer.
  18. 18. Every man in Czech Republic drinks 160 litres of beer per year.
  19. 19. Beer makes beautiful bodies!
  20. 20. But fortunately according to public inquiry we are the 8. most beautiful nation in the world 
  21. 21. There is no wonder that according to one serious research we are the best lovers too…
  22. 22. One of our typical dish is „SVÍČKOVÁ“. It´s delicious! But we didn´t prepare it. 
  23. 23. We made for you „BRAMBORÁKY“
  24. 24. and „NIVOVÉ KOULE“ (blue cheese balls).
  25. 25. Schnaps „SLIVOVICE“ and BEER of course! ENJOY IT!