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Pedagogy of Simultaneity_Tallinn2013


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Pedagogy of Simultaneity workshop in Tallinn December/2013

Published in: Education
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Pedagogy of Simultaneity_Tallinn2013

  1. 1. Pedagogy of Simultaneity, especially in a context of mobile learning Pekka Ihanainen, HAAGA-HELIA School of Vocational Teacher Education, Helsinki, Finland
  2. 2. Pedagogy of Simultaneity (PoS) (Out of the classroom)
  3. 3. Why PoS (i.e. trust, discussion and collage)? ! Layered reality - time layers, - space/place layers - presence layers ! - Emergence - becoming of knowledge, skills, resources ... everything ... curriculum, subjects, methods ... learning, learners, teaching, teachers ... technology ... - Complexity - multi-factored, multi-explained (ambiguous), multi-experienced - Humaneness - presence-absence of emotions, thoughts and intentions
  4. 4. By trust, discussion and collage to learning in movement (mobile), in authentic realms and activities, out of the class ! ! ! ! What does Trust, Discussion and Collage mean to you as principles and makings of learning and pedagogy?
  5. 5. OUT OF THE CLASS: Field activity and wearable technology City ! Forest ! Smartphones, Tablets Cameras Recorders Laptops You name it ! and numerous apps and software Story text ! On the road ! Private ! Plant track !
  6. 6. TO FIELDS; training in practice 1. Form seven about 5 attendants´ small groups. 2. Decide inside the group the theme(s) via which to carry out the field activity. 3. Choose environment(s)/niche(s) where to execute the field activity (city region/route; campus building(s) and some specific tagets in them (if possible). 4. Figure out the mobile tools to use for field documentation. 5. Agree on what platform (Twitter hashtag, FB group, Google + community) the small group(s) share(s) documentation).
  7. 7. Debriefing ! - the field activity outcomes are looked through and discussed by agreed way Wrapping up ! - the conclusions by silent discussion method