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Assignment 3

  1. 1. ICT in English Teaching Unit 3 Assignment N°3: Internet Based Project Work  Prof. Ledesma, Paula  Student´s names: Alcaraz, Valeria Tellería, Pablo Zanetti, Mariano WEBQUEST: SCHOOL CAMPAIGN FOR GLOBAL ISSUES AWARENESS LESSON PLAN o COURSE: 4th / 5th year o LEVEL: intermediate and above o THEME: Critical analysis of song lyrics in relation to global issues. o FINAL TASK: Students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the effects of different global issues by means of a song. The aim is to make students aware of the role played by music in relation to social issues and make them think about the impact of a global issue on the people affected. This PowerPoint presentation will be shared with the rest of the school. o OBJECTIVES: During this unit students will develop ability and knowledge necessary to: • Think about the role of music. • Develop critical thinking. • Increase awareness of the cultural images and references used in songs. • Foster cross- cultural understanding. • Increase the vocabulary related to the relevant topic. • Make students progress in their task by the use of cross- curricular activities.Introduction:In this webquest, you are going to prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on global and socialissues and you are going to share it with the rest of the school.
  2. 2. Task:Your school is running a campaign in order to encourage and raise awareness about social issues.You are in charge of showing these issues by means of a PowerPoint presentation.To produce this PowerPoint presentation, you will do the following: • Listen to a song by The Black Eyed Peas and work on the overall meaning and message and then on specific vocabulary to show the social issues concerned. • Listen to a song by Bob Marley and then find information about the singer in relation to the song as well as the country where they are from. • Listen to a song by Bruce Springsteen and watch a video in connection with it; investigate the events that took place in the singer’s hometown and relate them to similar events which could have happened in our country as a consequence of globalization. • Find information about the historical event or global issue depicted by the song. • Find videos, photos, images that illustrate the song and the concerning global issue. • Edit and prepare the PowerPoint presentation. Show it to the other groups. • Do a questionnaire self- evaluation of your work. (individual work) Webquest URL: 1: (60 minutes)  Warmer : (5 minutes) The teacher will write some social or global issues on the board such as war, social injustice, discrimination, racism, violence, poverty, love, hunger. Teacher: Which bands or singers do you know that write and record songs about these global issues?  The WEB:Activity 1: (10 minutes)Now, the teacher will write the title of the song: Where is the love? By Black Eyed Peas. She- hewill ask students if they know this band. If so, what they know about them. The teacher willexplain that this song deals with different global issues written on the board. Students will watch the video andchoose the concerning global issues illustrated in the song.Students will mention that it is about poverty, homelessness, peace.
  3. 3. Activity 2: ( 10 minutes)Now, the teacher will give out the lyrics. Students listen to the song again, but now they will haveto give a further interpretation to the song. Once they watch the video, students will visit and they will read different song interpretationsand then write their own view on it. Students should write what the band wants to highlight bymeans of the song.Activity 3: (25 minutes)Students will have to explore the different websites provided by the teacher in order to findpictures, videos or key words to summarize and illustrate the different issues dealt with in thesong: the websites are: 1-
  4. 4. 2-  WHAT NEXT: Activity 3: ( 10 minutes)The teacher will hold a whole- class discussion. Students will have to explain what they think´Where is the love?´ means and what the underlying message is.The teacher will ask students to think about the answer to the following questions: • What do you think is the purpose of the music? What does the singer want to show us through his- her songs? • How important is the role of music in this case? • What did you get to know about those issues that affect human beings? • What is the connection between reality and the song?Lesson 2: (60 minutes)
  5. 5.  WARMER: ( 10 minutes)The teacher will ask students the following questions:What do you know about Bob Marley?When did you first learn about his music?Do you listen to his music?What do you think Bob Marley sings about? The teacher will ask students to visit ( Marley-9399524) and find more information about Bob Marley. Students will have to answer the following questions: 1) Where and when was Bob Marley born? 2) Was he a composer? 3) When did he die? How did he die? 4) When and why did Bob Marley or his band become internationally popular?  THE WEB: Activity 1: (15 minutes)The teacher will mention that this song is mainly about Bob Marley´s beliefs and views on life.Students will watch the video and go through the lyrics. They will have to mention which socialissue the song is illustrating. (
  6. 6. Afterwards, students visit ( and read thebackground information about the song and then they write their own feelings towards the song.Activity 3: ( 20 minutes) Freedom Vs SlaveryStudents will visit ( and find thedifferent ways of slavery and a possible solution to it. They will work on modern types of slaveryand what we can do to abolish it.Students will draw a chart with different kinds of modern slavery and what we can do to abolish it.
  7. 7.  WHAT COMES NEXT:Activity 3: (15 minutes)Students will display on the board a complete chart with the different kinds of modern slavery,possible solutions to abolish it. The teacher will hold a whole- class discussion based on this topic.Lesson 3: (60 minutes)  Warmer : (15 minutes) Students watch a video of the song “My Hometown” by Bruce Springsteen from YouTube:
  8. 8. This video shows images of the singer’s hometown, which are related to the song. Before watching it, I ask students: ‘what year does the singer mention regarding one of the events in his story?’ Once students watch the video for the first time and answer to my question, which is the year 1965, I hand them in photocopies with the lyrics to the song and we listen to it and watch the video again. Aim: To introduce the topic and check understanding. Students fill in the following chart by ticking those objects or places mentioned in the song which also appear on the video. church high school textile mill Main Street South Street railroad tracks barber shop café bus stop old hotel  APPLICATION:Activity 1: (20 minutes)The teacher will ask students which two events the singer marks as milestones in the history of hishometown to show us that it no longer is what it used to be.Once we agree that these two events are the racial riots and the textile mill close-down, theteacher will ask students to investigate:Did they really happen around that place and time?
  9. 9. Can you account for your answer to the previous question?Facts?Photographs?Videos?Students might gather information from the following sites:
  10. 10. 2: (15 minutes)I ask students to gather information from web pages / magazines / newspaper cuttings related toany town in our country which has gone through more or less the same experience as the onementioned in the song.Students work in groups and take turns to show their information and tell their stories.Students might gather information from the following sites:
  11. 11.  WHAT COMES NEXT:Activity 3: (10 minutes)Final open debate: Students speak about the effects of globalization. The class is divided into twogroups: students in one group deal with globalization and its positive outcomes; they prepare a listof them. Students in the other group do the same with the negative outcomes.Students finally try to draw some conclusions from their discussion.Lesson 4: (40 minutes)Students will do the final task. They will prepare the PowerPoint presentation. Based on all theresearch they have done, students will put together all the pictures and videos and choose a songto illustrate the concerning global issues.
  12. 12.  EVALUATION When the project is finished, you will be evaluated according to the criteria in the chart below.CATEGORY 4 POINTS 3 POINTS 2 POINTS 1 POINTCONTENT Covers topicIncludes Includes Content is in-depth with essential essential minimal or details and knowledge information there are examples. about the about the topic several factual Subject topic. Subject but there are errors. knowledge isknowledge 1-2 factual excellent. appears to be errors. good.ORGANIZATION Content is well Uses headings Conten is There was no organized or bulleted logically clear or logical using headings lists to organized for organizational or bulleted organize, but the most part. structure, just lists to group the overall lots of facts. related organization of material. topics appears flawed.ORAL Interesting, Relatively Delivery not Delivery notPRESENTATION well-rehearsed interesting, smooth, but smooth and with smooth rehearsed with able to hold audience delivery that a fairly smooth audience attention lost. holds audience delivery that attention most attention. usually hold of the time. audidence attention.ATTRACTIVENESS Makes Makes good Makes use of Use of font, excellent use use of font, font, colour, colour, of font, colour, colour, graphics, graphics, graphics, graphics, effects, etc. effect, etc. but effects, etc. to effects, etc. to but these distract enhance the enhance the occasionally from the presentation. presentation. these detract presentation from the content. presentation content.
  13. 13. Website evaluation1)(n.d.). My Hometown Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Freehold. Retrieved September 10th,2011, from This site contains numberless videos of all kinds. Most of the content on this sitehas been uploaded by individuals, as it is the case with the one used for the Activationstage, but media corporations and different organizations offer some material via this sitetoo.Reliability of this video is particularly based on the fact that the uploader alleges to be aphotographer from Manalapan, New Jersey, which is just six miles away from the townshown on the video.Positive comments are made by some supposed locals.Currency: It was uploaded on 16th August 2008. However, it is irrelevant for our purpose.Content: Images shown on the video are really nice and help students have mentalpictures of the story told in the song. Most images contain some information connectedwith the song and the singer.Functionality: It loads quickly.2)(2008, October 21st). New Jersey, New World Encyclopedia. Retrieved September 10th, 2011, from The article was written by New World Encyclopedia contributors in accordancewith New World Encyclopedia standards. It abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3.0 License and may be used and disseminated with proper attribution.A good number of resources are cited and a series of external links are provided; amongthem, the Official New Jersey state web site.Currency: Date of last revision as of 21st October 2008.Content: This site contains interesting information illustrated with maps and photographs.Functionality: It loads quickly. Most links work properly (only one of them cannot befound)3)Baptista Robert J. (2008, January 7th). A & M Karagheusian / Gulistan Carpet. Retrieved September10th, 2011, from The information is accompanied by a series of photographs, most of which aretaken from the Monmouth County Historical Association library & Archives. Among thereferences cited is The Industrial Directory of New Jersey, Bureau of Statistics.Currency: The article was uploaded on 7th January 2008.Content: The site shows some information, photographs and a series of references.Functionality: It loads quickly.4) Demasters Karen. (2000, April 9th). On The Map; A Factory That Wove Rugs and Bound a TownTogether. Retrieved September 10th, 2011, from
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  15. 15. Social Council, The Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice and the Secretariat. Currency: This site contains daily updated content concerning current affairs. Content: This site is quite stimulating. It is easy to read and navigate. It provides not only reading material, but also audio and video. Functionality: It works quickly. There are no broken links. 9) Sanchez, Brenna. "Black Eyed Peas." Contemporary Musicians. 2004. Retrieved September 04, 2011 from Accuracy: It is a reliable source since it is an encyclopedia. It provides reference from credible, published sources like Oxford University Press and Columbi Encyclopedia. Currency: As it is an encyclopedia, it is constantly updated. Content: It covers a wide range of topics. There are pictures, videos, newspaper and magazine articles from around the world. It is easy to navigate, and you can easily find any topic of your own choice. Functionality: It works quickly. There are no broken links. 10)Kirche, Martin.(1996) Better World links. Retrieved September 2, 2011, from• Accuracy: This website was created and designed by a socially committed German citizen and physician. There is an ´about me´ link which provides detail information about this site designer such as his biography, principles. This link also provides guidelines as to how to use the site wisely. There are cross- references in articles and link collections. Currency: An update takes place every week with new links. It is constantly under development. Content: This site provides updated content. It is easy to navigate. The content is stimulating and appealing. Functionality: This site works well and quickly. There are no broken links. 11) (n.d.) Where is the love? Black Eyed Peas. Retrieved September 3rd, 2011, from http:// Accuracy: This site contains a large number of videos of all kinds. This video was uploaded by a person, but media corporations and different organizations offer some material via this site too. There is a link which leads to the official page of ´Black Eyed Peas´. There are lots of positive comments about this video. Currency: This video was uploaded in 2009. Content: Images shown on the video are really appealing, and purposeful for the occasion. This video clearly illustrates the underlying message. Functionality: It loads quickly.
  16. 16. 12)(n.d.). Bob Marley Biography. Retrieved September 18th, 2011, from This site contains a great number of biographies of different famous people(actors; singers; politicians; etc.). It belongs to A&E Television Networks, what helpsconsider it reliable. It has a series of external links to related sites. It also contains videosrelated to the stories.Currency: The site contains up-to-date content. (Although it does not have the date ofupdating)Content: This site contains lots of information, photos and videos. There is a list of themost popular searches.Functionality: In spite of the great number of images, the page loads quickly.13)(n.d) Redemption Song. Bob Marley. Retrieved September 12, 2011 from Anti-slavery. Retrieved September 5th, 2011 from This site belongs to an organization which runs campaigns against slavery; childlabour; trafficking; etc. The organization shows its fixed address in London and aRegistered Charity number.Currency: The site does not have the date of updating but you can sign up for updates.Content: It shows a simple design and it makes it easy to navigate. Red and black are itsdominant colours; it has a few pictures too.Functionality: It loads very quickly.15)(n.d). Archive: Slavery Today. Retrieved September 7th, 2011 from This is a British site which belongs to the BBC.Currency: As it belongs to the BBC, it is updated on a daily basis.Content: This site offers lots of information on different topics. It shows severalphotographs too.Functionality: Everything loads well.