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Google Cloud Platform Introduction - 2016Q3

Here is a introduction of GCP

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Google Cloud Platform Introduction - 2016Q3

  1. 1. Google Cloud Platform User Group Taiwan2016Q3 Google Cloud Platform Introduction Simon Su @ GCPUG.TW
  2. 2. Year 2016 News!! ● GCE CDN service ● GCE free size machine type ● Preemptible VM ● IAM for project management ● GAE MVM ● GCS nearline ● GCS version bucket ● Dataflow ● Vision API ● Machine Learning API
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  4. 4. Cloud Platform Family BigQuery Big Data Pub/Sub Dataflow Dataproc Datalab Compute Compute EngineApp Engine Container Engine Storage Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Datastore Bigtable Machine Learning Speech APIMachine Learning Translate APIVision API
  5. 5. Project & Billing ● One view to manage global services ● Free internal communication ● Google style project sharing with free gmail account, enterprise account, google group account ● Project level quota management ● Project level free quota ● One billing account to pay multi-projects
  6. 6. Compute Engine ● VM service include instance, network, disk, image, snapshot, firewall, routing, account management ● Private network but “Global” level ● Cheap as you need ○ Minutes unit ○ Sustain pricing ○ Preemptible ● Network functions ○ VPN ○ NLB / HLB ○ CDN ○ DNS VPN LB CDN DNS
  7. 7. Compute Engine Addon Services ● StackDriver / Cloud Monitoring Monitor everything in your project with alert and history records... ● Deployment Manager Deployment whole project with everything that google provided in a file... ● Storage Repositories Manage your code with your project with more debug and tracing integrate... ● Cloud Functions Serverless with your code, let micro service to enrich your deployment... StackDriver Deployment Manager Source Repositories Cloud Function
  8. 8. App Engine ● The world's earliest Platform as a Service concept ● Standard Environment ○ Python, Java, Go, PHP ○ Auto scale enabled ○ Daily free quota ○ Service integrate: ■ Datastore ■ Memcache ■ TaskQueue ■ Cron ■ Search ● Flexible Environment ○ Standard runtime ■ Java, Go, Python, Node.js ○ Customize runtime ■ HTTP support runtime ● Cloud Endpoint
  9. 9. Cloud SQL ● MySQL compatible service ● Full google management ○ Daily backup and 7 copy per instance ○ HA support ○ Scale support ■ Master-Slave support ■ Instance resize ● Backup/restore integrate with Google Cloud Storage ● Higher compute power instance - 2nd Generation Cloud SQL
  10. 10. Cloud Storage ● Full managed storage service ● Standard, DR, Nearline ● Managed with RESTful API, Json/XML SDK, CLI or Cloud console ● Integrate with many GCP services ○ BigQuery upload / export, CloudSQL backup / import, Compute Engine start script, stop script, Dataflow input / output… ● GCS services ○ Website bucket, Version bucket, Transport service...
  11. 11. BigQuery ● Google level big data tool and near real time query response ● Streaming & batch insert ● User defined function ● Standard SQL support ● Big data supported query function ● Multi-table join enabled ● Cheapest big data tool in the world
  12. 12. Dataflow ● Google level big data support tool ● Like Spark but powerful ● Integrate with Pub/Sub, GCS and BigQuery ● Model compatible with Spark / Dataproc ● Google managed infrastructure with full auto scale feature ● Streaming and Batch processing Dataproc DatalabPub/Sub
  13. 13. ● Vision API Image input and json output for many kinds of prediction that training from google’s models... ● Machine Learning Enables you to easily build machine learning models, that work on any type of data, of any size. Create your model with the powerful TensorFlow framework... ● Speech API Enables developers to convert audio to text by applying powerful neural network models in an easy to use API... ● Translate API Simple programmatic interface for translating an arbitrary string into any supported language... ML Family Speech API Machine Learning Translate API Vision API
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