Digital Presentation Feb2012


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Presentation of Creative Alignments team and service offerings

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Digital Presentation Feb2012

  1. 1. We get people™ 303.489.5050  
  2. 2.  Alignments’  Talent  Acquisi.on  services  cover  the  hiring  process  from  the  internal  needs  assessment  process  through  on-­‐boarding  the  new  employee.    Clients  may  engage  with  Alignments  for  the  process  of  defining,  finding  and  placing  a  new  hire  or  may  choose  one  or  more  services  from  the  list  below.  
  3. 3. Talent  Acquisi.on  Services  •  Assess  internal  organiza.onal  needs  toward  formula.on  of  job   requirements  •  Research  posi.on-­‐specific  compensa.on  •  Create  job  descrip.ons  for  each  medium  used  to  recruit  candidates  •  Post  on  job  boards  for  “”  candidates  •  Targeted  searching  for  “passive”  candidates  •  Screen  resumes  •  qualifying  phone  interviews  •  Coordinate  interview  team  •  Coordinate  and  manage  interview  process  •  Handle  all  candidate  communica.ons  •  Facilitate  internal  mee.ngs  with  interview  team  regarding   candidate  selec.on  •  Perform  reference  and  background  checks  •  DraT,  present  and  nego.ate  offer  leVers/compensa.on  packages  •  Facilitate  on-­‐boarding  process  for  successful  start  
  4. 4. Other  Human  Resources  Services  •  and  Hiring  Coordina.on  •  Organiza.onal  Needs  Assessment  •  Compensa.on,  Benefits,  and  Health  Insurance  •  Performance  Management  •  Employee  Development  /Training  Coordina.on  •  Employee  Rela.ons/Communica.on  Facilita.on  •  Cultural  Workplace/  Team  Assessment  and   Improvement  •  HR  Liability  Management  •  Resigna.on/Termina.on  Facilita.on  and  Media.on                                        *Read  more  about  these  services  on  our  website:                  
  5. 5. Talent  Acquisi.on  Flowchart   Client   Sourcing  Strategy   Job  Descrip.on   Job  Board  Pos.ngs  Needs  Assessment   Recommenda.ons   Development   Review  Resumes   Passive  Candidate   for  Passive  and   Hiring  Manager   Alignments  Phone   Search   Phone  Interview  Candidates   Screen     Hiring  Team  In-­‐ References/   Offer  LeVer  and   person   Background   Nego.a.on   On-­‐boarding   Interview   Checks   Support     Support  
  6. 6. Peggy  Shell,  Principal  Peggy  Shell  has  over  a  decade  of  experience  working  as  a  and  human  resources  (HR)  specialist.  From  1999  to  2003,  she  was  the  HR  Director  for  Tesser,  a  na.onally  recognized  brand  and  design  agency.    At  Tesser,  she  established  and  managed  all  of  the  HR  systems  from  benefits  to  hiring  to  collabora.on  with  legal  counsel.    Since  2003,  she  has  worked  as  a  professional  consultant,  helping  her  clients  as  a  go-­‐to  resource  for  fully  managing  the  placement  of  new  hires,  as  well  as  providing  on-­‐going  support  and  insight  for  various  HR  needs.    For  some  clients  she  helps  augment  internal  HR  teams;  for  others,  she  is  a  fully-­‐outsourced,  nimble  solu.on.    Peggy’s  logical  mind,  sociable  nature  and  wide  range  of  HR  experience  and  knowledge  have  made  her  a  strong  partner  for  her  clients—working  closely  with  them  to  understand  their  business,  culture,  team  and  hiring  needs.    Peggy  graduated  in  1997  with  a  B.S.  from  Northwestern  University.  
  7. 7. Elizabeth  Morris,  SPHR  Elizabeth  Morris  is  a  highly  experienced  recruiter  and  human  resources  consultant.    Her  areas  of  include,  staff  management,  opera.ons,  benefits  assessment,  training,  and  organiza.onal  development  across  a  wide  variety  of  industries  including  life  sciences,  finance,  technology,  and  adver.sing.  In  addi.on  to  her  BS  in  Human  Ecology  from  the  University  of  Wisconsin,  Elizabeth  holds  SPHR  cer.fica.on,  coaching  cer.fica.on  from  the  Coach  Training  Ins.tute,  and  has  completed  360-­‐Degree  Life  Cycle  training  from  Next  Level  Training.  
  8. 8. Ka.e  Johnstone,  Recruiter  &  General  Manager   Ka.e  brings  more  than  six  years  of  experience  in  client   services,  and  to  our  excep.onal  lineup.   Ka.e  has  sourced  and  recruited  candidates  for  numerous   industries,  including  services  and  consumer   products.       Prior  to  joining  Alignments,  Ka.e  was  a  consultant   for  a  business  strategy  firm  in  Boulder  where  she  created   and  nurtured  key  client  rela.onships,  managed  projects  and   represented  the  firm  to  the  wider  business  community.    Her   natural  people  skills  and  organiza.onal  leadership  have   proven  invaluable  to  Alignments  both  as  a  key   recruiter  and  as  the  general  manager.  Ka.e  graduated  from   the  University  of  Michigan  in  2005.  
  9. 9. Kate  Clayman,  Senior  HR  Recruiter  Kate  Clayman  has  more  than  eighteen  years  of  experience  within  the  IT  outsourcing,  government,  sales  and  manufacturing  industries.    She  has  a  strong  understanding  of  small  and  medium  sized  business  environments,  which  allows  her  to  partner  effec.vely  with  clients  and  candidates  to  ensure  qualified  matches.      Prior  to  joining  Alignments,  Kate  was  a  consultant  helping  clients  with  the  full  life-­‐cycle  of  to  support  and  increase  employee  reten.on,  worked  as  a  Business  Consultant  for  a  na.onal  PEO,  and  was  responsible  for  advising  small  and  medium  sized  businesses  on  forma.on  of  HR  infrastructure.  Kate  graduated  in  1991  from  the  University  of  Wisconsin-­‐Madison.  
  10. 10. Tes.monials  “  Alignments’  team  has  a  remarkable  ability  to  quickly  understand  people  (personality,  ap.tudes,  and  communicate  effec.vely  with  seemingly  all  personality  types.  With  regard  to  talent  acquisi.on,  I  have  witnessed  their  guiding  Tesser  and  Muir  Medical  Group  through  the  process,  from  jus.fying  requisi.ons  and  job  descrip.ons,  through  the  interview,  hiring,  and  on-­‐boarding  processes.  Peggy  is  very  intelligent,  funny,  and  Stated  slightly  differently,  she’s  easy  and  fun  to  work  with,  and  she  brings  a  lot  of  insights  and  knowledge.”  –  Kevin  Mar.n,  Mentor  Training,  Client  and  Business  Partner  
  11. 11. Tes.monials  “You  guys  are  spot  on  with  your  assessment  of  our  needs  and  geqng  us  the  right  candidates.  You  are  just  fantas.c.”    –  Jen  Constable,  Vermilion  Design  +  “I  have  been  Peggy  and  Alignments  for  the  past  eleven  years  with  understanding  our  company  and  our  personnel  needs  in  the  form  of  HR  and  all  our  hiring.  As  a  busy  agency  with  billable  employees,  it’s  been  great  to  have  them  to  hand-­‐off  this  .me-­‐intensive  work.”  –  Tre  Musco,  CEO,  Tesser  
  12. 12. Tes.monials  “Peggy  is  a  great  recruiter  who  not  only  knows  the  business  of  geqng  the  right  people  in  the  right  posi.ons,  she  does  it  with  heart,  passion,  warmth  and  generosity.  She  is  skilled  at  coaching,  encouragement  and  insights  about  how  to  showcase  your  I  say  to  any  candidate  who  is  with  Alignments  regarding  a  specific,  just  know  that  you  are  in  great  hands!  From  a  candidates,  I  endorse  Peggy  and  her  team  to  any  company  that  has  staffing  needs.”    –  WavenDean  Fernandes,  Director  of  Business  Development,  Tesser