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Pols 36202[1]


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Pols 36202[1]

  1. 1. Peggy Lai 09013687Lisa Hedlund 11501383
  2. 2. Peggy Lai 09013687Lisa Hedlund 11501383
  3. 3. Peggy Lai 09013687Lisa Hedlund 11501383
  4. 4. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383IPR includes Patent: exclusive right given by a patent means that no one may use the invention for professional purposes Trademark: is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization or other legal entity to identify itself with its products or services Design: protects the looks of the product rather than its functions Copyright: The creator; the writer, composer and artists has his/her right to their intellectual work
  5. 5. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383BackgroundSweden China Concept of Patent first  Concept of Patent first introduced during the 17th introduced during the 21st century. century First governmental authority  Intellectual property rights established 1885 (IPRs) have been The Swedish Patent and acknowledged and protected Registration Office (PRV) in the People’s Republic of since 1978 China since 1979.  First governmental authority established 1980
  6. 6. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383TraditionSweden China Most successful inventors  Great civilization for millennia during the 20th century  Until the 15th century, Chinese During the same time period technological discoveries and many flourishing companies inventions were often far in established advance of those in Europe. Individualistic Culture  No sense of protecting what they Earn Profit and Recognition have invented. High quality  E.g :Traditional Chinese ”Just a little bit” better Medicine(TCM), more than 2000 years ago, NO patent.
  7. 7. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383Swedish inventions Dynamite (1867) Spherical Bearings (1907) Tetra Pak (1944) Pacemaker (1958)…and what did the Chinese people do at this time?
  8. 8. Peggy Lai 09013687Lisa Hedlund 11501383
  9. 9. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383Chinese InventionsThe famous Four Great Inventions:Gunpowder (the 9th century )Printing (in 868 )Compass (4th-century BC)Papermaking (AD 105) ...... What were the Swedish doing?
  10. 10. Peggy Lai 09013687Lisa Hedlund 11501383
  11. 11. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383Changes in attitude towards IPRSweden China Downloading of Music, Movies etc.  Pressure from the West and the World Trade Organization Immaterial rights  the State Intellectual Property Enforcement of IPRED-law Office ("SIPO") (Intellectual Property Rights  Today, SIPO is responsible for Enforcement Directive)  granting patents (national office), Stealing is illegal but free  registering semiconductor layout downloading should be legal? designs (national office), and  enforcing patents (local SIPO offices),  coordinating domestic foreign- related IPR issues involving copyrights, trademarks and patents
  12. 12. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383Continued…Sweden China Not accepted to look for or buy  China’s first patent law was copied products at home enacted in 1984 …but if we go somewhere else…  Chemical and pharmaceutical Increasing number of so called products, as well as food, shopping trips to especially beverages, and flavorings are all China now patentable Majority of those who go do buy  The Chinese Patent Law, copied products enacted in 1993, for Traditional Medical Knowledge protection.  Some Chinese own products are seen E.g
  13. 13. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383However, does it work?Sweden ChinaLimitations: Limitations: Downloading  China’s reliance on Minor Black Market administrative• Private persons  X Criminal measures• Organized criminal groups  Corruption Public Awareness Present  Limited training to Not a big problem enforcement officials  Lack of Public Education
  14. 14. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383IKEA In China since 1998 ”11 Furniture” in Kunming Copied the whole experience of IKEA…luckily, they did not even try to copy…
  15. 15. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383The Swedish Meatballs
  16. 16. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383References 6264/ lpropertyrights.htm holding/for-researchers/protection-of-inventions/ stad_2965846.e24
  17. 17. Peggy Lai 09013687 Lisa Hedlund 11501383Questions Why does the Chinese authorities fail to implement the laws restricting the copying of products – is it a question of the mindset or the size of the population that complicates the issue most? Do you think that protection IPR is a medium of boosting creativity or instead rather working in the opposite direction?