PegaWorld 2014 Presentation: The Government BPM Journey


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Facilitated by Pega’s BPM Evangelist, Setrag Khoshafian, this session will consist of a panel of government customers, each at different levels of maturity in their BPM journey. The panel will discuss their journeys and where they feel iBPM will have the largest impact in government and their iBPM plans for the future. In addition, this session will address how iBPM is being used in government to engage constituents, simplify work, and enable predictable and timely response to change.

These slides were used as part of a live presentation. Watch the complete presentation (with full video) at:‘?utm_source=ss’

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PegaWorld 2014 Presentation: The Government BPM Journey

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  2. 2. © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. The Government BPM Journey Setrag Khoshafian
  3. 3. 33 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. And Distinguished Panel  Doug Averill ̶ Director of Business Process Management  Dan Smith ̶ Chief of Municipal Court Automated Systems  Chris Ruwoldt ̶ Manager, Transport Operations  Federal Representative??? • State of Maine • New Jersey Courts • New South Wales Transport Management Centre
  4. 4. 44 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. Huge Disruptive Digital Government Potential … … but there are challenges … especially for IT Public Sector interviewees reported that the speed at which new legislation can be deployed is Mainly determined by how quickly the supporting IT solutions can be developed. In some cases, even the content of the legislation itself is influenced by what IT can or cannot deliver in time.
  5. 5. 55 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. Business Transformation through iBPM Process Excellence: Real-Time Lean Six Sigma iBPM COE Team COE Manager iBPM COE Leadership COE Chairman Process Champion(s) IT Exec Sponsor(s) Business Exec Sponsor(s) iBPM COE COE LSA COE LBA iBPM COE – Extended Team Engage Directly / Guidance Test Lead Infrastructure Lead DBA Lead Release Engineer Performance Lead PM Project Leadership Delivery Partner PM BA QALSA Project Team(s) BA QA LSA Pega ConsultingResources EL Customer Program Governance Governance/Guidance LBA Engage Directly Enterprise Architect Governance Manager Enablement Lead Process Owner(s) Security Liaison COE SA(s) Enterprise Architect COE Manager iBPM COE and Agile MethodologyModernization Integration Plumbing Dynamic Case Management Exceptions Case Management HR Legacy Finance ERP ECM DBMSs Integration Plumbing Agility Layer Process Centric Business Transformation Empowering the Business to Own the Change Customer Centricity Customer Service and Support (CSS) Sales Force Automation (SFA) NBA Marketing
  6. 6. 66 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. Questions for the Panel….  How do you see your agency transforming itself to BPM?  How are you embarking on this transformational journey?
  7. 7. 77 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. Business Intelligence to Intelligent BPM Historic Reports Real-Time Actionable Events & Reports OLAP Real-Time Process Optimization Predictive Analytics Predictive and Adaptive iBPM BusinessValue  Actionable, Intelligent, and Adaptive Data Good 1,000 Bad 120 Bad 60 Good 2,500 Behavior Value 1 2 3 4 ID Predictive Analytics Past Experience Predictive Model
  8. 8. 88 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. Questions for the Panel  Where are your business rules located?  What is the biggest advantage of being able to capture business rules in a process automated environment?  How have you structured your business rules to allow for re-use?
  9. 9. 99 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. The Digital Agency i
  10. 10. 1010 © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. Questions for the Panel….  What are the most important digitization trends in your agency and can you provide examples?  How is the Internet of Things and Process of Everything factoring into your future strategies related to digital public service?
  11. 11. © 2014, Confidential, Pegasystems Inc. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS