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QR codes explained by Peter Yexley.

Using QR codes to market and promote your business.

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  • QR Code on a billboard
  • Qr codes-guide-by-peter-yexley

    1. 1. QR CODESQuick Introduction To QR Codes For Businesses By Peter Yexley
    2. 2. What Are QR Codes• QR Codes are two dimensional (2D) barcodes, that can store and hold data such as URLs, they canthen be scanned with smartphones/ or ipad style devices.• When scanned they can send the user to a website, or prompt them to purchase an item, etc Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    3. 3. What Kind Of Businesses Use QR Codes?• Estate Agents• Restaurants• Supermarket Chains• Lawyers• Social Media/Internet Marketers• Advertising Agencies• Website Owners• All Types of Shops Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    4. 4. Got a smartphone? Scan this QR code!Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    5. 5. Soon you will see QR Codes EVERYWHERE !!Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    6. 6. On What Items Could I Place A QR Code?• Websites• Food Labels• Product Label• Business Card• You tube Video/Facebook Page• Coupons• Posters• On The Exterior Of A Building
    7. 7. QR Code on a Business card Exhibition & ID CardsPeter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    8. 8. Where Can I Make My QR Code?• Visit these websites to create your free qr code.• www.qrcode.kaywa.com• www.qrstuff.com• www.qrme.co.uk• www.goqr.me• www.qrcodemaker.co.uk• www.qurify.com
    9. 9. Take a virtual tour of a car Read about the wine Learn more about an item for salePeter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    10. 10. Some QR Code Stats• 91% of the adult UK population use a mobile phone• 14 Million mobile phone owners, used QR Codes, which is nearly 6.2 % of the total US mobile phone market• Males use QR Codes more than females. With 60.5% of all users being male and 39.5% of users being female.The age group which uses QR Codes the most are 18-34 year old who hold a 53.4% of share of all users Have you got one for your business ? Ask me for a free one!! Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    11. 11. QR Code Stats• The 2nd largest group of QR code users are the 35-44 year old’s who hold a 19.6% share• And in 3rd position are the 45-54 year olds who hold a 12.4% share.• The most common location when a user scans a QR code, is the home with 57.4% of all users being at home when they use a QR code• The 2nd most common place of QR Code usage is the workplace, with a 22.6% share.• And in 3rd spot for the location of most common QR code usage is outside/or on public transport, with a 20% share Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    12. 12. QR Code Stats – Where the QR Code Was Located• 49.40 % of all QR Codes scanned came from a printed magazine or newspaper.• In 2nd with 35.30% was QR Codes on product packaging• In 3rd position was, QR Codes located on a website• In 4th spot were QR Codes printed on a poster/ flyer/kiosk Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    13. 13. QR Code Stats – Mobile Phone & Country Data• 28.29% of all QR Code scans were made using a Apple iPhone.• 24.92% of all QR Code scans were made with a Google Android Phone.• A whopping 56.74% of all QR Codes in the world were made in the United States.• The 2nd most common country for QR Code scans, was Canada, which was far behind with a 8.57% share.• And in 3rd position for worldwide QR Code scans was the United Kingdom, which held a 5.04% share. Peter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com
    14. 14. Call Us Now For A FREE ConsultationPeter Yexley 01727 825 999 mail@ukhq.com