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Pinterest by-peter-yexley


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A quick and simple guide to Pinterest by Peter Yexley.

Making money from Pinterest and using Pinterest to market a business

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Pinterest by-peter-yexley

  1. 1. Easy Guide To Pinterest By Peter Yexley
  2. 2. By Peter Yexley What Is Pinterest?Think of a notice board, thats whatPinterest is. Users pin photos that link toproducts they love to share. You see apicture that you like and pin in on yourboard, it gives a link to that website page.
  3. 3. By Peter Yexley Some Pinterest Facts• 10 Million unique visitors per month• 11 million registered users on Pinterest• Pinterest generates more traffic thanYoutube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined• It is the fastest site in history to breakthrough the 10 million unique visitor mark
  4. 4. By Peter Yexley How Pinterest WorksUsers pin any image from anywebsite they want to share – this islinked back to the original site andother visitors can re-pin that image totheir own board = MORE VISITORS
  5. 5. By Peter Yexley Pinterest Boards A board is a collection of pinned pictures. Each board is created on almost any topic sports, food, cake designs, hairstyles, cookingetc. Each picture is a link to a web page.
  6. 6. By Peter Yexley Pinterest is very Viral! Over 80% Pins are Re-pins!Each time your pin is re-pinned,the potential traffic is increased, and increased.
  7. 7. By Peter Yexley When the big boys play, theres a big reason – powerful marketing opportunities. Nearly all big brands are into Pinterest•Food•Television•Beauty/Fashion•Sport/Health•Travel•Non Profit•Retail•Home Improvement
  8. 8. By Peter Yexley mail@UKHQ.comHow Pinterest can help you market and promote your business • Shout about your brand with pictures – ITs FREE ADVERTISING! and links to your website • Market your best selling products at NO COST !! • Push your business and go viral - gain a huge social media presence • Generate FREE VIRAL Pinterest traffic to your website •
  9. 9. By Peter Yexley mail@UKHQ.comTheres lots of ways to market & promote your website Want to know more? Contact Peter Yexley Number 01727 825 999 (UK)