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Docomo-marketing imode

  1. 1. Technology Marketing
  2. 2. D o C O M O Chloe Pratiwi W. Selenge E. Kartika A Suci S. Henky W. (M9621015) (M9821802) (M9821803) (M9801811) (M9808805) (M9721813)
  3. 3. 1 NTT Docomo 2 i-mode 3 Challenges 4 Future
  4. 4. the world's most popular platform the world's first 3G for mobile Internet commercial mobile Japan's premier services including service based on provider of e-mail, browsing, W-CDMA.” leading-edge downloading and mobile voice, data more and multimedia services FOMA i-mode Established 1991 1999 2001 Description of the contents With more than 55 million customers in Japan, the company is one of the world's largest mobile communications operators
  5. 5. Osaifu-Keitai™ a mobile wallet platform enabling quick, contactless transactions for cash, credit, ID, and more. 36 millions phone DOCOMO is expanding its global reach through offices and subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and North America
  6. 6. Enoki Industrial Expert 1 Matsunaga Marketing Expert 3 Title 2 Title Natsuno Internet Expert
  7. 7. Pursued a policy of open technology exchange and joint large system tests at R&D center with the world's leading research organizations. i-mode offers mobile voice and data service in a single convenient package Packet-switched technology was specifically designed to provide users with "always-on" network access. i-mode websites are created with cHTML. Conversion is fast and easy. Open Compatibility Efficiency Versatility standard
  8. 8. Hardware Technology Standard Target Market Selection 3rd Party Content
  9. 9. Before After Business People Young people around 20 Social Middle Up Level Status Income People that Always communicate, in touch Descrip want “always Easily attracted by tion on” internet new things service
  10. 10. Focus on developing and purchasing their own proprietary content. MTT i-mode creates portal which provide by third party.
  11. 11. 1 2 3 4 Portal preloaded on i-mode mobile phone via mini browser structure as hierarchical menu system menu serve as starting point for greater internet access
  12. 12. Control the 3rd party Platform O M O C o Control the D content
  13. 13. 1 1 Difficult to People billing Cost of impose hate being User only system that win-win 2 creating and small fee for billed for Problem Solution receive could solution 2 maintaining a handle tiny single bill website tiny billing system transaction access. amounts. 3 3
  14. 14. Need to produce 2 use Compact versions: HTML (cHTML) Tech WML &HTML 1 WAP 1 Content Deter 3rd party provider easy HTML 2 form offering to modify the 2 content content 3 A lot of specifications 3 4 are not fully in place Quicker download Optimizing existing webpage by eliminating certain graphic, table, & frame
  15. 15. MIDI - Rely on central GIF - Send message directly so user could read it server to collect directly and they don’t data, then user need to be retrieved from could open anytime server, but length only 250 characters with minimal and no limit. EMAIL storage of old messages.
  16. 16. Speed is the most important While sender still sending, receiver already receive Symbolic character available for user to express their feeling, emotion, or anything
  17. 17. 1990 1995 1996 Unstandartized HTML HTML 2.0 HTML 3.0 HDML 1.0 HDML 3.0
  18. 18. 1996 1999 2000 WML 1.0 WML 3.0 XML 1.0 XML 3.0 cHTML Mobile profile
  19. 19. - Sleeker - 2 inch screens, - Long 3.5 ounces batteries life Cost $167-$250 time - 9,6 kbps - Under 100 gr - single button &100 cc switch to i-mode Price Appearance Battery
  20. 20. provide real . Utility Whimsical benefit to make people fell subscribers, happy when using industries i-mode. financial offered horoscopes, services, airlines, games, musical, hotels, retails, ringtones. news Partners Partners They offer more than 67 i-mode menu start from the serious menu like banking services to playful menu like ringtones
  21. 21. - Make technology behind the service as 1 invisible as possible. Technology - Ads will not mention words like internet, -HTML -Ads web, HTML.. i-mode 2 - “i”-mode: information, interactivity, -i-mode independency. - Use small “i” than capital “I”. Logo -Design - Use cutting edge yellow design with 3 round anthropomorphic Marketing -Logo was designed represent the symbol -celebrity of Japanese subways and airports 4 Use celebrity: Ryoko Hirosue
  22. 22. Price Comparable i-mode price Charged of with cost of No dial up $2.50 a month how much subscribing to fee and it plus 0.3 yen content they a PC based would be for every data transmitted internet packet sent or online not how long service received 24/7 it took to provider which transmit it is about $17
  23. 23. Popularity Users are happy to use30 millions user “always’on”service users times 2 million many UseFirst Launch this services during niche time. Hello Kitty Cartoon Character very popular Enjoy the ringtone, games, etc that more personalize Feb 1999 Aug 1999 End 2001
  24. 24. End 2001 company has more than 3000 i-mode menu Partners were given a spot on i-mode hierarchical menu which was very democratic. Sites were listed by popularity, so the site with broad users were rewarded Company will help partners in billing system
  25. 25. Couldn’t offer links Chat room and to sites outside the bulletin boards were i-mode portal unacceptable There were limits on how much advertising space they could sell on their sites..
  26. 26. Stagnant growth in 2002 Competitors Gov. (KDDI, pressure Jphone)
  27. 27. Click to edit title style
  28. 28. US The operators collected a per- minute fee for Consumer WAP service behavior More likely to issue access the internet via a PC Europe
  29. 29. First Increase Periodically company to transmission company introduce a speed from introduce series of 9.6 to 28.8 new handset handsets, kbps and models with Java enabled allow for upgraded handsets, 3G, larger capabilities. FOMA downloads.
  30. 30. Launch on October 2001 1 5 introduction of HSDPA technology 2 offer data speeds of hugely popular third-generation (3G) 4 up to 7.2 Mbps mobile service surpassed 50 million 3 subscribers, or 91% of all DOCOMO customers
  31. 31. What can be learn … 1. Utilize technology that understand targeted market 2. Choose the right team member (skill+character) 3. Be creative! 4.
  32. 32. Overseas Locations
  33. 33. Overseas Locations
  34. 34. Overseas Investments
  35. 35. Overseas Investments