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Recipe for Morning Announcements


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This presentation was prepared for the TCEA Tots & Technology Conference 2013 and describes White Oak Intermediate Schools formula for videoing daily morning announcements.

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Recipe for Morning Announcements

  1. 1. Nina Peerypeeryn@woisd.netRecipeforMorningAnnouncementsPam
  2. 2. NewPrincipal’sFood forThoughtNewPrincipal’sFood forThought
  3. 3. What did I have in my pantry?Willing Students (5th graders)Ingredients:Video CameraiPad with Teleprompt AppGreen Screen
  4. 4. What I needed in my pantry?Ingredients:TIME
  5. 5. Morning Announcements MUSThappen every morning.MUST everySUSTAINABILITY!Morning AnnouncementsMUST happen EVERY morning.
  6. 6. Do you have a set. . ....TIME every day to film?...PLACE every day to film?...CREW every day to film?TIMEPLACECREW
  7. 7. Recipe for Different FlavorsBulletin-style through Text:- emailed to teachers- posted to a blog or websiteAudio-style over Intercom:- via principal only- student-led
  8. 8. My Personal FlavorVIDEO:- Teacher created- Teacher-led but Student created- Pre-recorded- Live streamed / Studio style(With Optional Ingredients)(With Optional Ingredients)(With Optional Ingredients)
  9. 9. Substitutions: (when you’re in a pinch)Sock Puppets
  10. 10. Substitutions: (when you’re in a pinch)Sock PuppetsKeynote Birthdays
  11. 11. Beefing It UpPodcast Intro and ExitEveryone
  12. 12. Everyone
  13. 13. Beefing It UpSpecial AnnouncementsEveryone
  14. 14. Everyone
  15. 15. Beefing It UpKeynote CountdownEveryone
  16. 16. Everyone
  17. 17. Beefing It UpFilmed “On Location”Everyone
  18. 18. Everyone
  19. 19. EveryoneFind all the recipe variationsat the websites linked below:
  20. 20. Nina Peerypeeryn@woisd.netRecipeforMorningAnnouncementsPam
  21. 21. Nina Peerypeeryn@woisd.netRecipeforMorningAnnouncementsPam