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Digital Citizenship 2013


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Digital Citizenship 2013

  1. 1. Driving it Home!DigitalCitizenshipA presentation for TCEA Tots&Technology by: Nina PeeryJune 2013image from:
  2. 2. Whatwas that?Leave comments or ask questionson our backchannel at:
  3. 3. Why Teach DigitalCitizenship?TECHTEKSE-RATEFUNDING
  4. 4. 6 StrandsCreativity and InnovationCommunication and collaborationResearch and Information FluencyCritical thinking, problem solving,and decision makingTechnology operations and conceptsTECHTEKS
  5. 5. “Beginning July 1, 2012, schools receiving E-RateFunding discounts must:•  Address access by minors to inappropriate matteron the Internet and Web•  Provide for the safety and security of minorswhen using email, chat rooms, and other e-communications•  Deal with unauthorized access and other unlawfulonline activities by minors•  Address unauthorized disclosure, use, anddissemination of personal information regardingminors•  Identify measures designed to restrict minors’access to harmful materials•  Enable monitoring of minors’ online activities•  Provide for the education of minors aboutappropriate online behavior, including wheninteracting on social networking websites and inchat rooms•  Provide for the education of minors aboutcyberbullying awareness and responseE-RATEFUNDING
  6. 6. The Real Reason We TeachDigital Citizenship
  7. 7. The 3 C’s ofDigital Citizenship•Digital Content•Digital Contact•Digital Conduct
  8. 8. Digital ContactThird GradeActivity
  9. 9. Digital ContentIt’s NotAll TRUE!Fourth Grade Activity
  10. 10. Digital ConductFifth GradeActivity
  11. 11. Click here to view thecourse in Moodle. Go toEnhancements, thenTechnology with Mrs. Peery.Log with username andpassword: woteacher
  12. 12. Click on weblicense togo to PDFfiles.License to Drive
  13. 13. Guided PracticeItʼs Not All TrueObjective: In this activity, students will compare two websites and evaluate theirauthenticity. Using TodaysMeet, students will share facts about a favorite animal,paying attention to proper sentence structure.Materials: Computer access for each student" " Internet access" " Projector" " Access to the following websites:" " "" " "" " "" " " Using a computer connected to a projector, display the tree octopuswebsite. As a class, look at the information posted on the website, including the videos.Look at the wikipedia entry for the Pacific Northwest tree octopus to expose that it is ahoax, or untrue. Show the Facts4Me website. Discuss how this website is compiledby retired teachers. Writers for this website must have at least four supportingwebsites to verify the information as factual. Students are dismissed to their individualcomputers. The teacher will direct students to a room created in TodaysMeet wherestudents can post their facts about their favorite animal from the Facts4Me website.Students can see that this is a “shared” room where they can see what each other isposting. When they enter their name to join the room, the teacher has an opportunityto reinforce that their full name belongs in their “Top Secret Folder” and should not beshared online. The teacher may want to have the principal or another teacher who isnot in the classroom with them also post to the TodaysMeet site so students can seethat anyone in the world who has the url can see what they are posting.Evaluation: The evaluation of this activity is by teacher observation.++Click on images to goto that website.
  14. 14. Monitor, Monitor,MonitoriTALCRemoter LanschoolClick on monitors for more information.
  15. 15. ✤ to Drive:Digital Content:✤✤✤✤✤ Contact:✤✤ Conduct:✤✤✤✤✤ Digital Footprint:✤ Course: Log in with: username and password as woteacherGo to Enhancements:Technology with Mrs. Peery✤
  16. 16. Drive it Home!DigitalCitizenshipNina PeeryWhite Oak
  17. 17. ?