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Peerel driving school

Port Coquitlam based, professional driving school, serving Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Tri-Cities, New Westminster, and Burnaby Bonuses available with selected packages. Book your driving lessons now! Visit our new website:

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Peerel driving school

  1. 1. Peerel Driving School is the HIGH TECH Driving School that everyone is talking about. ... We are operating as the BEST Driving School in Canada. We offer structured lessons which establish safe driving. About US: Peerel Driving School is a Coquitlam driving school, founded in 1997 by Eric Harezga with a goal to provide new drivers with a set of skills that would allow them to drive safely and confidently’ Peerel driving school has proprietary training program, where we focus on a development of your motor skills combined with proper observation techniques and reaction time. We have 16 years of teaching experience in Canadian Driver’s Education industry.
  2. 2. Our Packages ONE Individual Driving Lesson 90 minutes individual driving assessment lesson. In addition to INDIVIDUAL 60 it also includes assessment of your parking knowledge (parallel and reverse parking). ONE Individual Driving Lesson 60 minutes individual assessment lesson.
  3. 3. Our Packages Road Test (R/T) with warm-up 45 minutes of warm-up driving prior to your road test, you will arrive at ICBC office 15 minutes before the appointment. From there you will use the school vehicle for your ICBC Road Test. (SRT) Single lesson & R/T 60 minutes lesson – anytime before your road test date. On the day of your ICBC road test a warm-up with the use of school vehicle for your test.
  4. 4. Our Packages 4 x 90 minutes driving package This 4 lesson package is very often used by customers as a starting package or refresher course before the ICBC road test. 7 x 90 minutes package 90 minutes each lesson plus 1 hour bonus lesson. Program can be Individually adjusted to your requirements and offers good value in price with BONUS hour included in the package.
  5. 5. Our Packages 10 x 90 minutes package Good starting package to get you going and to make you comfortable behind the steering wheel. 15 x 90 minutes package Our Most Popular lessons package. You will learn how to control your vehicle / left and right turns at small intersections / how to act at controlled and uncontrolled intersection / 2-3 and 4 way stops (5 way stops!) / lane changes. At the end of this package you should be ready to start your home practice with your COPILOT. 20 x 90 minutes package Most Complete Training Package. It includes everything as in the P15 package, and once completed you will already have 1/3 of the 60 hours suggested by ICBC (practice time needed for young drivers before booking your N test).
  6. 6. Our Special Offers
  7. 7. For Any Other Quarry Contact US: Or Visit Our Webpage Contact US: 604 552 1192 Website: Thank You !!