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Tommy reviews Cheap Recipe Blog, and The Murray Group, an independent insurance agency out of Rochester NY for user friendliness & conversion oriented design.

When I judge “user friendly” design, I’m looking for the following factors:

- Is it easy to read?
- Are all of the elements in “familiar” places?
- Are the actions I’m supposed to take simple & clear?

This one was fun for me, because it played so well into the article we recently published on the effect of typography has on user experience, and really drove home the importance of some of our older pieces as well.

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User friendly & conversion oriented design

  1. 1. ConversionXL reviews User Friendly Design
  2. 2. When I Talk About User Friendly Design I’m asking •Is The Typography Readable? •How Easy Is It For Me To Find Standard Elements? •Are The Actions I’m Supposed To Be Taking Clear?
  3. 3. First Impression: This Is Pretty Nice. - Easy On The Eyes - Big Bold Image - Lots of Personality
  4. 4. However...
  5. 5. The Navigation at the Very Top Was A Little Confusing
  6. 6. I’d Expect It To Be Somewhere Around Here
  7. 7. This About Box On The Side Doesn’t Lead Me To An About Page
  8. 8. And I wonder If This Is Better Real Estate For A Call To Action For Your Email List
  9. 9. These are pretty, but are they actually leading to more followers? if not, get rid of it
  10. 10. The Name Of Your Blog States What It Is Really Well... but the tiny font size here doesn’t help drive the message home.
  11. 11. Is This Necessary? if it takes people off-site, or away from an a deeper blog post, I’d suggest that it is not.
  12. 12. Recommend changing to something specific & food related. (find tonight’s dinner for under $10)
  13. 13. Relatively Speaking, This Headline Feels Small & Over-Shadowed
  14. 14. The Difference Between A Sans Serif and Serif Font Also Feels... Weird
  15. 15. By Bumping The H2 Size Up To 45 and Turning It Into a Serif Font (in this case Baskerville) We bring a more balance to the visual hierarchy and make it clear this is a blog post.
  16. 16. On A Similar Note, by changing the size of the body font from 13px to 16 px the body copy becomes much easier to read. Something I’m almost certain your readers would appreciate as they are reading these recipes on their phone.
  17. 17. Recommendations: • Move elements around to live in more “intuitive” places • Consider adjusting font sizes to be more readable from all screens • Look into using web font services like Typekit or Fontdeck to allow the characteristics of your site to be reflected in the typography
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  19. 19. Insurance & Financial Services... Ok... So What Does That Do For Me?
  20. 20. Automatic Sliders Kill Conversions. (proof)
  21. 21. Cheesy Stock Photos That Don’t Use Real People Decrease Your Credibility (you’re a small agency who likely insures “townies” show them, I’ll trust you more)
  22. 22. I didn’t roll over & say to my wife last night “Honey, We NEED an Insurance Quote!” I did however ask how we’d handle an unexpected emergency.
  23. 23. Lengthen Your Sales Funnel. Don’t go straight for the quote, instead offer a resource that helps educate me on the kind of insurance I might need.
  24. 24. Also Make it more obvious what kinds of insurance you offer by moving these
  25. 25. to here (this demonstration isn’t perfect, but it it shows how the visual hierarchy helps set up the rest of the elements on the page.)
  26. 26. Also, do any of these elements help sell insurance? If not, remove them
  27. 27. Recommendations: • Start w/ small adjustments, but consider full redesign • Use Testimonials, customer images & real stories for emotional resonance • Find ways to infuse personality into site design. • Show individual agents so I can get a sense of individual personalities • Offer resource to explain the benefits of each of insurance you offer
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