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State of Conversion Optimization Report 2016 - ConversionXL


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We asked 722 optimization people 48 questions to determine the state of the CRO industry in 2016.

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State of Conversion Optimization Report 2016 - ConversionXL

  1. 1. State of the Industry Report 2016
  2. 2. Demographics: Age Average age: 37
  3. 3. Demographics: Gender
  4. 4. Identified Issues Demographics of respondents - 44% (306) work in the U.S. 10% (68) work in the UK 7% (46) work in Canada 6% (39) work in the Netherlands 33% (231) are from other countries
  5. 5. Demographics: CRO jobs around the globe
  6. 6. Images What type of CRO work do you do? Out of 673 responses… 39% optimizers work for an agency (with clients) 58% work in-house (on my own or at an employer’s site) 3% answered other
  7. 7. What type of company do your work for? Most respondents either work for an e-commerce company or for an agency/freelance
  8. 8. How long have you worked in a CRO role? Almost 20% of all respondents have been working in their CRO role for less than a year: The industry is growing.
  9. 9. What’s your gross annual salary in USD? Average salary: $71,340
  10. 10. Leading CRO nations and their average salaries:
  11. 11. Budget: Does CRO have its own budget? More than half of respondents do not have a specifically mentioned CRO budget. 12% 53% 9% 26% Reported budgets range from $1k to $3m
  12. 12. What’s the online revenue of the business you work at? Mean budget: $61,003,043 Most commonly reported budget range: Under $100k Median budget range: $1m-$2m
  13. 13. Counting all locations where your employer operates, what is the total number of persons who work there? Average salary based on company size: Companies with less than 500 employees: $69,469 Companies with more than 500 employees: $78,120
  14. 14. Does your team have a conversion optimization process you follow? Who does optimization in your organization?
  15. 15. Smaller companies (less than 500 employees) are less likely to have a documented/structured conversion optimization process compared to larger companies (more than 500 employees) Does your team have a conversion optimization process you follow? Smaller companies Larger companies Yes, it is documented or structured. Yes, it is documented or structured. Yes, but it isn’t documented or structured. Yes, but it isn’t documented or structured. No. No.
  16. 16. Rate the usefulness (insights you get to take successful optimization decisions) of your team’s use of the following: A/B Testing Persuasion/Psychology UX/Design Copywriting Digital Analytics Personalization Customer Surveys Website Polls Mouse Tracking User Testing
  17. 17. Popular optimization job titles: ● “Analyst” ● “Conversion Optimizer” ● “Conversion Specialist/Consultant/Strategist” ● “CRO Expert/Specialist” “Digital Marketing Analyst/Specialist/Consultant” ● “Director of Optimization/Marketing” ● “E-commerce Manager/Specialist” ● “Growth Hacker/Head of Growth” ● “Marketer”, “Marketing Analyst/Manager”, “Online Marketer” ● “Optimizer”, “Optimization Strategist/Specialist” ● “Product Manager” ● “Strategist” “UX Analyst/Designer” ● “Web Analyst/Strategist”
  18. 18. How often do you meet with others on your optimization team to discuss CRO? Which metrics does your team use to track CRO success? Click-through rate, Conversion rate, Bounce rate, Revenue, Form fills/submissions, Google analytics, Leads/Lead generation, ROI, Sales, Signups,
  19. 19. Which of the following tests does your optimization team use? 192 said MVT 53 said Bandit 584 said A/B testing Approximately how many tests does your team run a month?
  20. 20. How are CRO test results typically archived? Results are archived in the testing tool Results are not archived at all Results are exported (full data and variation screenshots) and are kept in a central repository Some other method Use a dedicated testing workflow tool to archive results
  21. 21. How does your optimization team decide what to test?
  22. 22. Does your optimization team track the percentage of winning tests? Does your optimization team track lift per successful experiment?
  23. 23. Does your optimization team have a standardized stopping point for A/B tests? Are CRO test results shared across your team?
  24. 24. Popular testing tools: Optimizely VWO Google Analytics Adobe Target In-House tools Maxymiser Monetate SiteSpect Webtrends Other tools
  25. 25. Most respondents (64%) do not implement any kind of web personalization Most common personalization techniques: Location, traffic source, user-based, behavioral, weather-based, product recommendations, segment based
  26. 26. Popular optimization know-how sources:
  27. 27. Popular CRO training/conferences in 2015:
  28. 28. What does your team optimize?
  29. 29. Compared to 2015, how is conversion optimization prioritized in your organization in 2016? Compared to 2015, how much budget will your team allocate to conversion optimization in 2016?
  30. 30. Companies who follow a conversion optimization process are increasing their conversion optimization budgets 3% more than companies who don’t follow a conversion optimization process. Companies that follow a conversion optimization process: Companies that don’t follow a conversion optimization process: Compared to 2015, how much budget will your team allocate to conversion optimization in 2016?
  31. 31. Biggest optimization challenges:
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