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[Elite Camp 2016] Karsten Lund - Master the Moment of Decision


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Learn how accurately measuring attention, emotion & memory can help you discover new ways to optimise your website, landing pages and campaigns.

At the end of the day, whether a campaign, website or landing page is successful or not comes down to one thing - A human making a decision. The science behind decision making has been researched by psychologists and neuroscientists for a decade, but only in the recent years has technology, science and business merged interest in validating methods and metrics. With the rise of wearables the foundation for a scalable way to gather valid data on decision making emerged.

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[Elite Camp 2016] Karsten Lund - Master the Moment of Decision

  1. 1. Momentof decisionmaking Master the
  2. 2. DoingCRO for10 years 1.000tests –25% win rate @karstenlund
  3. 3. DoingCRO for10 years 1.000tests –25% win rate @karstenlund
  4. 4. a determination arrived atafter consideration “ ” @karstenlund
  5. 5. a determination arrived atafter consideration “ ” 3.000 We make decisions daily
  6. 6. Evolutionshapedourbrainforoptimal decisionmaking @karstenlund
  7. 7. 100billionneurons @karstenlund
  8. 8. Eachwith10.000 connections @karstenlund
  9. 9. Morepossibleconnections thanthereareatomsintheentireuniverse @karstenlund
  10. 10. Threesimpleconcepts Attention Emotions Memory @karstenlund
  11. 11. Attention The act or state of applying the mindtosomething @karstenlund
  12. 12. Howweactuallyseetheworld @karstenlund
  13. 13. @karstenlund
  14. 14. Wemissoutonalotofinformation @karstenlund
  15. 15. Wemissoutonalotofinformation Did you happen to notice the giant Godzilla? @karstenlund
  16. 16. @karstenlund
  17. 17. @karstenlund
  18. 18. Emotions @karstenlund
  19. 19. Emotionsareunconscious While feelings are conscious Emotions Feelings Unconscious Conscious @karstenlund
  20. 20. Measuringemotionalimpact PRODUCT FIXATION MOTIVATION SCORE Asymmetric activation in the prefrontal cortex + Level of arousal @karstenlund
  21. 21. Memory @karstenlund
  22. 22. VW–Theforce @karstenlund
  23. 23. Evian–Baby&me @karstenlund
  24. 24. High emotional impact & activation @karstenlund
  25. 25. High emotional impact & activation Product enters the story & emotional impact and activation heavily decreased @karstenlund
  26. 26. High emotional impact & activation Emotional impact and activation again goes up, and finishes at a high @karstenlund
  27. 27. Emotional impact and activation is consistently high throughout the commercial @karstenlund
  28. 28. Which onewas a success And whichonewas a failure @karstenlund
  29. 29. Masteringthemomentofdecisionmaking Attention Emotions Memory Comes down tomeasuring what we pay attention to, howwe react and what weremember about it @karstenlund
  30. 30. Thank you! @karstenlund