Peeler & Rose's A History of Halloween


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Halloween had been a sacred tradition in it's beginnings, but it has evolved into a redefined tradition in our 21st Century. Find out where certain origins began, such as wearing costumes, the first jack-o-lantern and trick-or-treating. Fully illustrated by Dan Peeler & Charlie Rose.

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  • Every year, at the end of October, we celebrate a holiday we call Halloween. The name "Halloween," comes from All Hallows Eve.
  • All Hallow’s Eve is a special evening because it is the night before a special day.
  • …And that is a day the church calls All Hallow’s Day. It is a holy, or set apart day. Hallow means Holy.
  • We also call this day All Saints Day, because it’s a special time when we remember people who are no longer living; people we call Saints.
  • ,,,But, getting back to Halloween, it’s the time of year that we do and wear all so all sorts of strange and interesting things. Have you ever wondered…
  • …Why so many people dress in Costumes on Halloween night?
  • Why not just wear what we wear every day? Many years ago in Europe, superstitiouspeople thought that evil spirits roamed around on Halloween night…
  • …so the villagers would dress up in all kinds of scary costumes, carrying rattles, old metal pans and bells to make noise and parade around the town in order to frighten the unfriendly spirits away and make way for the spirits of the honored dead on all Saints Day.
  • As the years passed, many richer people got into the spirit of the holiday and dressed in very expensive costumes that were not scary, but ways of showing how very rich they were at costume parties. Fairy princesses and Jesters became very popular costumes.
  • In our parents’ times, after monster movies and science fiction stories became popular, people liked to dress as their favorite movie witch or movie monster.
  • …And about the same time, people also liked to pretend to be their favorite hero or villain from comic books, which of course, were also on television and in the movies.
  • And cheap, plastic masks became very popular, too, because mostl people could buy them.
  • Plastic masks of scary characters characters of all kinds…
  • And there were lots of masks of super heroes…
  • People always like to pretend to be heroes that have some sort of special powers.
  • Today, the most popular costumes many children wear …
  • …are still their favorite super heroes…
  • But the very most popular costume after all these many years remains the Fairy Princess.
  • But, why do some people like to go to shopping centers or parties or around their neighborhoods trick-or-treating?
  • Trick-or-Treating probably started in ninth-century Europe. There was a custom then called Souling. People would walk from house to house begging for "soul cakes," made out of sweet bread with currants.
  • The more sweet or rich ingredients baked into the cakesvisitors would receive, the more prayers theywould promise to say for the peopleof that house.
  • Some of the people started shaping their soul cake dough into circles, because the circle reminded them that the soul lasts forever.We now call them doughnuts.
  • Another thing we see often this time of year is the bright glowing Jack-o-Lantern.
  • It comes from an Irish folk storyabout a man named Jack who played so many tricks on people that after a while, he had no friends or a place to stay. He began to wander the world with a burning lump of coal inside a carved-out turnip to light his way.
  • He called the lighta Jack-o-lantern after his own name. Later people started making their own Jack-o-lanterns to remind themselves to lead better and more Christ-centered lives than Jack. In the United States, the bigger and easier-to-carve pumpkin replaced the turnip.
  • Of course, people still like to tell ghost stories and weird tales at Halloween. There is a ghost story in the Bible about a woman people called the Witch of Endor who called up the Ghost of the Prophet Samuel.
  • ….Today there are stories about witches who can turn into cats….
  • And of course, there are always the spooky Halloween vampires…
  • …who turn into bats, animals that are identified with All Hallows’ Eve because they fly only by night.
  • There are stories about people who are normal by day and turn into wolves at night. People just love to make up tales that scare other people.
  • We will always tell lots of scary stories about characters we have seen for years in movies…
  • … and even stories about visitors from other planets who walk the streets without being noticed, looking as if they are wearing costumes on Halloween night.
  • Wild tales about all kinds of crazy monstershave been told all over the world for as long as stories have been told, but the most important Halloween story…
  • Is Your Halloween story; the story about what you did on Halloween this year. That’s the story you will remember best of all.
  • Peeler & Rose's A History of Halloween

    1. 1. All Hallow’s Eve
    2. 2. All Hallow’s Day
    3. 3. All Saint’s Day
    4. 4. Why do we wear costumes?
    5. 5. Street clothes
    6. 6. Medieval costumes
    7. 7. Princess and jester
    8. 8. Witch and Vampire
    9. 9. Catwoman and Robin
    10. 10. Astro boy
    11. 11. Boy w/o costume
    12. 12. Spiderman
    13. 13. Add Princess
    14. 14. Why do People go Trick-or-Treating?
    15. 15. Soul cake
    16. 16. Add prayer pose
    17. 17. Doughnut
    18. 18. Charlie’s Jack-o-Lantern
    19. 19. Turnip
    20. 20. Dissolve to pumpkin
    21. 21. Ghost of Samuel
    22. 22. Dragon
    23. 23. Your Halloween Story