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Syncapse wall post study july 2011 2


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An in-depth analysis on key drivers of Facebook content that dispels the myths and informs best practices in the creation of effective engagement strategies.

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Syncapse wall post study july 2011 2

  1. 1. Creating the Most EffectiveFacebook Content StrategiesAn in-depth analysis that dispels the myths and informs bestpractices in the creation of effective engagement strategies
  2. 2. The purpose of this study is to answer the question…“How do I create the most engaging content strategies in my social media plan.”
  3. 3. Executive Summary Key Findings: – Facebook posting engagement rates are on the decline, with an average engagement per thousand of 0.79 – There is no significant impact of time of day or day of week on posting effectiveness – As a Fan Base grows, expect engagement rates to decline – The optimal post frequency is 6-8 posts per week – Posts with under 11 words performed the best
  4. 4. Executive Summary Recommended Actions: – Create an engagement strategy that keeps posts relevant and engages the user (i.e.: questions, clear messaging) – Set benchmarks for posting performance, with an expected outcome of various types of posts (remember, not all posts will over perform so a balanced approach is key) – Implement tools to help the scheduling and deployment of posts – Post when it is relevant to your target audience and when you have something interesting to say – Experiment - test, analyze, learn and test again
  5. 5. MethodologyThis analysis is based on an ongoing study that has amassed over 97,000 wallposts across 333 Facebook Pages of many Fortune 500 brands. Dataanalyzed was collected from August 2010 to June 2011.About SyncapseFounded in 2007, Syncapse Corp. has quickly become a global technologyleader in social media management by delivering solutions that empowerbrands and agencies to build, manage and measure their digital customerrelationships.A member of Facebook’s Preferred Developer Consultant program, theSyncapse Platform has connected brands with millions of consumers globally,delivered tens of millions of dollars in earned media value and has beenrecognized as one of the top social technology providers for brand marketers.
  6. 6. Engagement Per Thousand (EPM) = the response rate to a Facebook postEPM = (Like + Comments/Fan Base)*1000
  7. 7. Engagement is on the declineObservation:The global EPM benchmark has steadily declined consistently to 0.79,normalized to account for seasonal posting schedules1.41.2 1.21 1 1.02 0.87 0.86 0.790.8 0.8 0.76 0.67 0.68 0.69 Opportunity:0.6 0.63 0.620.4 Set standard performance0.2 indicators like EPM to understand comparative 0 performance against the 10 11 11 1 1 11 10 0 10 11 10 ©2011 Syncapse t -1 -1 r -1 g- c- n- b- - n- p- v- ar ay Oc Ap De Au No Ja Ju Fe Se industry, the category and key M M Industry Average (0.79) Post Engagement Rate Per Thousand competitors.
  8. 8. Time of day doesn’t matter, timeliness doesObservation:The only relevant fluctuation in time of day is early morning, +13% aboveindustry average – time of day only matters if the time will have a significantimpact on the relevance of the content 1 0.89 25,0000.9 0.81 0.75 0.74 0.760.8 20,0000.70.6 15,0000.50.4 10,0000.30.2 5,0000.1 0 0 Opportunity: 0 - 6 A.M. 6 - 9 A.M. 9 - 11 A.M. 11 A.M. - 2 P.M. A er 2 P.M. Deliver content that is Post Engagement Rate Per Thousand Number Of Posts ©2011 Syncapse relevant to the time it is delivered.
  9. 9. The day doesn’t drive engagement, relevance doesObservation:Day of week of a post did not have a statistically significant impact onresponse, but interestingly there is a massive reduction in brand generatedposts on weekends 1 0.91 20,0000.9 0.82 0.81 18,000 0.77 0.78 0.780.8 0.74 16,0000.7 14,0000.6 12,0000.5 10,0000.4 8,000 Opportunity:0.3 6,0000.2 4,000 Create content that is0.1 2,000 relevant the day it is 0 0 released, and create Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday content for Post Engagement Rate Per Thousand Number Of Posts ©2011 Syncapse deployment on weekends.
  10. 10. Post frequently, as long as you have something to sayObservation:The optimal number of posts ranges from 6-8 per week 9Total Weekly Engagement Rate Per Thousand Fans 8 7 6 5 4 Opportunity: 3 Create a publishing strategy 2 that is geared to engage fans 1 more frequently, constantly 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 experimenting with new Average Weekly Posts By Pages ©2011 Syncapse approaches.
  11. 11. As the fan base increases, engagement declinesObservation:Higher engagement occurs as pages go through growth stages, but as the fanbase increases, EPM declines Opportunity: Average EPM Versus Fan Quin les 1.2 Establish targets in Post Engagement Rate Per Thousand 1.01 1 0.94 accordance to the 0.8 0.7 0.68 lifecycle of the page. 0.61 0.6 Begin to mine data 0.4 with mature pages to 0.2 understand who are 0 the active members 0.0 - 0.1 0.1 - 0.3 0.3 - 0.8 0.8 - 2 2.0+ and what content Fan Size (Millions) ©2011 Syncapse they engage with.
  12. 12. Be briefObservation:The greatest EPM is achieved with posts that contain less than 11 words, butinteresting, longer posts perform almost as well 1 0.93 21,0000.9 0.85 0.77 20,5000.8 0.730.7 0.66 20,0000.6 Opportunity:0.5 19,5000.4 Create best practices 19,0000.3 in the development of0.20.1 18,500 content plans and 0 18,000 exercise creativity in Less Than 11 11 To 20 Words 20 To 29 Words 29 To 42 Words 42 Plus Words the development of Post Engagement Rate Per Thousand Number Of Posts ©2011 Syncapse posts.
  13. 13. Dissecting a great postThe post below achieved a 5.37, well above the industry average of0.79Key Learning:• On first glance, this post may not be perceived as being a post that would produce positive results with Netflix 1.5M plus fan base• This product announcement has a great conversational tone and offers multiple linking opportunities to drive the user to the movie section to order• Multiple movies mentioned provides a broader opportunity• Although a longer post, the clear call to action of ‘liking’ creates obvious potential for the post to appear in newsfeeds
  14. 14. ConclusionsKeep it simpleSimple concise posts outperform.Keep it relevantIf the post is relevant to the audience at the time it is posted, that willcreate the best engagement. Consider using creative means tomanufacture relevance or the tie to the time/day the post is made.Benchmark and learnCreate standards around performance management and continue toexperiment and learn from results.
  15. 15. Thanks.Paul CowanVP, Measurement &