How to drive engagement in an always on marketing world


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A practical guide for brand marketers on how they can start to link consumer insight, relevant messages and the appropriate media channels to drive increase response to annuity marketing programs.

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How to drive engagement in an always on marketing world

  1. Increasing Relevance in anAlways-On Marketing WorldPaul Cowan@cowanpkc © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  2. Content is King. So what is Queen? © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  3. Relevance. © Paul Cowan 2013 -@cowanpkc 2013- @cowanpkc
  4. But this is not new. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  5. Marketers has been trying to make theirproducts stand out beyond the clutter… © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  6. But the world ischanging. Time andattention is tougher toget and relevancechanges in real-time. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  7. Most brands aren’t set up to recognize and acton consumer interactions in real-time © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  8. This is resulting in brand messages that lackrelevance and declining consumer engagement © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  9. So how do successful brands stand out? © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  10. Relevance. © Paul Cowan 2013 -@cowanpkc 2013- @cowanpkc
  11. The formula issimple CONTEXTUAL RELEVANCE. + Its raining TARGET NEED I like to be dry SITUATIONAL RELEVANCE No shelter © Paul Cowan 2013- @cowanpkc
  12. The formula issimple. I’m Contextual Relevance happy! Target Need Situational Relevance © Paul Cowan 2013- @cowanpkc
  13. 3BIGCHALLENGES1. Fragmentation There are far greater communications channels for consumers to engage with, making brand storytelling difficult.2. Creativity Marketers are not organized to create content 24/365 in an real- time manner.3. Scalability Automating communications and creation of trigger based messaging based across channels is nearly impossible. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  14. What marketers need to do… © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  15. ORGANIZE + CURATE + AUTOMATE © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  16. ORGANIZE © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  17. ORGANIZEBrands need to establish the right foundation for amore fluid planning and deployment approach © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  18. Start: Agile MarketingBrands need to establish the right foundation for a morefluid planning and deployment approach that movesaway from campaign planning to agile teams that canreact and launch marketing programs. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  19. Start: Mapping the JourneyUnderstand how customers and prospects areinteracting with various traditional advertising anddigital mediums to optimize messaging strategies. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  20. Start: Lifecycle ManagementAligning to the consumer lifecycle and delivering theright content, in the right place, at the right time, to theright person. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  21. CURATE © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  22. CURATEBrands need to shift internal workflows and investin content production to create a value exchangewith consumers © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  23. Start: Brand StorytellingInvest in creation of teams that are editorial in nature,acting like a newsroom to form and articulate brandstories that are relevant to the audience. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  24. Start: Amplifying ContentAmplifying both brand and user generated content todrive greater reach, frequency and engagement acrossPaid, Owned and Earned channels. © Paul Cowan 2013- @cowanpkc
  25. Start: Recognize and RewardAs consumers engage with brand content, trackengagement over time and reward behaviors that aregenerating positive value for the brand. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  26. AUTOMATE © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  27. AUTOMATEBrands need to invest in data managementsystems and predictive models to scale contentdeployment and amplification. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  28. Start: Real-Time SegmentationBuilding systems to integrate real-time social graph datawith traditional segmentation to enable marketers tobetter understand consumer media usage andpersonalize content. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  29. Start: Predicting BehaviorUse of social data as a predictable tool for what willdrive engagement with content, offers and overall brandstories that are created across channel. © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  30. Consumer fragmentation isincreasing and the ability formarketers to develop meaningfulconnections with their customer ismore and more challenging. Brands now have the opportunity to evolve to a more agile marketing model, empowering real-time reaction to market shifts and more active brand management © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc
  31. Thanks!Paul Cowan@cowanpkc © Paul Cowan 2013 - @cowanpkc