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Facebook Engagement Paradox


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Although Facebook is a great tool for creating relationships with customers, the paradox of this channel is that despite efforts to grow a fan base, marketers will always have to invest direct media dollars or integrate Facebook with overall marketing efforts to drive continual engagement.

Marketers generally spend a disproportionate amount of time and attention on the fans who engage - which is about 1% of the total fan base. Marketers need to determine the most scalable way to create efficiencies in activating their fan bases, via social CRM programs, boosting stories to the appropriate audiences or otherwise.

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Facebook Engagement Paradox

  1. 1. People  are  exposed  to  Facebook  Brand  PageWord  of  Mouth,  Facebook  Ads,  Search,  Events,  Retail,  etc.Facebook  ‘Owned’  Media‣Newsfeed  ImpressionsFacebook  Promoted  Posts‣Newsfeed  ads  highlighHng  brand  acHvity‣Custom  Audience  targeHng‣Dark  postsThe  Facebook  Engagement  ParadoxMarketers  are  focusing  100%  of  their  efforts  on  the  1%  of  people  who  engage  with  their  pagesFacebook  ‘Earned’  Media‣Open  Graph  AcHons‣User  Generated  Content  Stories‣Engagement  AcHon  Stories16%  of  these  people  are  exposed  to  brand  messages,  or  ‘organic  reach’1Some  of  these  people  like  the  page.‣The  majority  of  fans  rarely  engage  and  are  not  exposed  to  messages  from  the  brand‣Investment  is  required  to  drive  re-­‐engagement  -­‐  via  Facebook  media,  tradiHonal  media  or  loyalty  programsOthers  may  be  exposed  to  paid  messaging  to  increase  the  reach  of  brand  messagesMarkeHng  Focus:  Content  Strategies,  Promoted  PostsMarkeHng  Focus:  Media  IntegraHon,  Open  Graph,  Marketplace  AdsMarkeHng  Focus:  Social  Loyalty  Programs,  Database  IntegraHonUnder  1%  of  fans  engage  with  pages2Paul  Cowan  2013  -­‐  @cowanpkcExposure  Opportuni9es1Sources:  Facebook    2Source:  Ehrenberg-­‐Bass  Ins?tute