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#Ces aggregate

  1. 1. #ces-aggregate Audience Report Key Metrics: #ces-aggregate | January - 12 - 2013 #ces-aggregate had 230,495 Twitter shares during the report period. PeekAnalytics identifies and maps Total Audience the digitalfootprints behind the source profile of each mention; then segments the audience into Consumer, 230,495 Business and Private. Some consumers share your content multiple times. This number represents the actual number of unique Unique Audience people who shared this content. Consumers are counted once, no matter how many times they share yourReport Style: Share Report 66,859 29% content.Report Name: #ces-aggregateReport Date: Impressions counts the number of potential impression that the identified audience can create. This content Impressions was shared by consumers who have a combined total of 70.8M social connections across their social 70.8M graphs. 1
  2. 2. Identified Audience IDENTIFIEDReport Style: Share Report AUDIENCEReport Name: #ces-aggregateReport Date: 2
  3. 3. Audience Interests Insights Insights : - Compared to the average audience, #ces-aggregates audiences top three interests are Sport, Video Games, and Politics.Report Style: Share ReportReport Name: #ces-aggregate INTERESTReport Date: AFFINITY 3