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Launch Education's ISEE tutors in NYC


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Living in New York and need some ISEE tutorial? Check this video out!

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Launch Education's ISEE tutors in NYC

  1. 1. Launch EducationHow Does Launch Education’s ISEETest Prep Help Students in NYC?
  2. 2. Launch EducationTaking the ISEE test in New York City is a daunting taskwith the high expectations one is bound to generate.Taking the test itself could even prove stressful. But withthe help of the Launch Education group, preparing for theISEE will be a breeze.
  3. 3. Launch Education Launch Education is a tutorial group that started in 2007. With conviction that every student has an enormous amount of potential ready to be unlocked, they work hard to unlock that hidden proficiency.
  4. 4. Launch EducationAlthough Launch Education specializes in the all-aroundeducation of a student, they also provide a great wealth ofinformation about how to go through and pass the ISEEwith flying colors.
  5. 5. Launch EducationLaunch Education provides an effective one-on-one in-home ISEEtest preparation in any corner of New York City. Passing the ISEEis integral for the student to enroll into their desired private school,so it is necessary that their ISEE scores reflect their actualacademic performance to improve their chances of gettingaccepted.
  6. 6. Launch Education Once you hire Launch Education’s services, they will hook you up with a Director. Directors will check up on your child’s performance and give the parents a bi-annual report on tutor-student compatibility.
  7. 7. Launch EducationAlongside the Directors are the Tutors, who do theinstructing and teaching while you are in the comfort ofyour own home. All Launch Education tutors are easilyapproachable, very accessible, good-natured, and areskilled at their field of study.
  8. 8. Launch EducationAs with all investments, a little money spent in the rightdirection will go a long way, and might even repay you ahundredfold. Isn’t that the way you would like to spend yourchild’s future?