Case study [jack] second draft


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SMARTree English proudly presents a student case study following the course of one behaviorally challenged student over one year. Through Emotional coaching and awareness of Multiple Intelligences, his instructors turned the student away from solitary distactions to become an active member of the class.

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Case study [jack] second draft

  1. 1. English Output Case Study Motivate Stage Month 1 to Month 12 of Enrollment Effect of Emotion Coaching & Teaching Guided by through Multiple Intelligence Awareness
  2. 2. W h a t i s S M A R Tr e e E n g l i s h ? SMARTree English is a comprehensive five-year language learning program for young learners. The program combines the engaging platform of tablet computers with proven teaching principles. It has been designed and tested with children by a group of dedicated and experienced English language teaching professionals. The SMARTree English program strives to maximize learning opportunities by combining the best teaching practices and technology. It uses an integrated approach to language learning and includes strands of integrated speaking, integrated writing, and integrated reading.
  3. 3. Overview On the following pages, you can view the output of one 10-year-old student who has been enrolled in our program for just over one year. This written and spoken output is from his second month (Motivate A) and twelfth month (Motivate B) of studying in a SMARTree English Learning Center. During the student’s first month studying at SMARTree, teachers reported that the student was difficult to control in class. He had a rebellious attitude, was not interested in joining in classroom activities, and was unable to focus for any length of time. Over the past 12 months, Jack’s language skill has shown improvement. While that improvement is somewhat marginal when compared to his classmates, the significant improvement shown by Jack has been in his attitude towards his classmates, his teachers, and studying English. The drastic changes seen in Jack are a direct result of the SMARTree Emotion Coaching program and the specific training that SMARTree Center Coaches receive related to helping students such as Jack.
  4. 4. Student Profile Here is the profile of Jack, our case study student, at the time that he began studying English at a SMARTree English center. Age 10 Grade Elementary 3rd Grade English Learning Experience Student had been enrolled in private English academies on and off for 3 years. Detailed Description At his entrance to the SMARTree program he could read the words according to phonics rules but had difficulty reading story books. The student would sometimes refuse to continue to read. His entrance examiner recorded the opinion that the real issue was not his poor performance or skills but a lack of motivation. Coach’s Comments Jack’s MMTIC and MI test results helped me a lot to understand him and figure out better learning approaches for him. I thought his distraction and poor performance were because he had no motivation to learn English. Thanks to SMARTree, which provided systematic emotion coaching and specific teaching tips suited for his learning style, he became able to focus for longer periods of time and began to enjoy learning. He loved the Reading classes in Motivate level, especially the Magic Adventure series. Nowadays, he actively joins in class activities and his concentration spans longer and longer periods of time. From the portfolio output, we can see the improvement he has made not only in language proficiency but also attitudes towards learning. Learning Style • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) result of ESFP • Multiple Intelligence: Logic/Mathematical area, Naturalist, and Visual/Spatial area are well developed. Verbal/Linguistic area is comparatively under-developed. MBTI is a questionnaire designed to indicate how people perceive the world and make decisions. Children who are classified as ESFP are often described as spontaneous, resourceful and outgoing. They prefer to learn through handson experience and tend to dislike book learning and theoretical discussions. Because of this, students with ESFP personality types sometimes struggle in traditional classroom settings. However, they excel in situations where they are allowed to interact with others or learn through direct experience. Specific teaching and parenting tips based on each students’ individual Multiple Intelligence type are provided by SMARTree Centers. Through case studies such as Jack’s, these tips are being further developed and refined.
  5. 5. Emotion Coaching SMARTree students start every class by answering questions related to their mood and temperament. These questions help teachers prepare to coach the students towards success. According to Dr. John Gottman1, children who have parents and teachers who use emotion coaching learn about emotions in healthy ways. As a result, these children tend to do better in school, make stronger friendships, and may even get sick less often. Dr. Gottman prescribes five-steps for guiding children in how to respond to their feelings. All five of these steps are covered with students at SMARTree Centers. STEP 1: Be Aware of Emotions STEP 2: Connect with your Child STEP 3: Listen to your Child STEP 4: Name Emotions STEP 5: Find Solutions 1Gottman, John Ph.D. Raising an Emotional Intelligent Child, 1998.
  6. 6. Multiple Intelligence According to Dr. Howard Gardner’s book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, we have several different ways of learning and processing information. He called these relatively independent information processing capacities multiple intelligences. He identified eight intelligences: linguistic, logical, musical, visual/spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. Multiple Intelligence theory has helped us to understand our students and to develop our teaching guide. At SMARTree centers, students take an MI Test when entering and re-tests are taken on regular basis. Guides to develop other intelligences and suitable learning tips are provided. A coach can check student’s MI result from the coach tablet as shown below for our case study student, Jack. Jack has strength in logic/mathematics, naturalist, and visual/spatial intelligences. Conversely his verbal/linguistic area is comparatively under-developed. This type of student enjoys playing games or solving puzzles that need logic. Jack often looks for patterns, logical sequences, or order in things. He is sensitive to color and likes to draw. It would be easier for him to remember words paired with images or stories with colorful pictures. Teachers at SMARTree are trained to care not to judge his distraction so quickly. He may be organizing his thought about the story he just read while drawing. He will yield higher level output in a relaxed, student –centered setting.
  7. 7. Motivate A Speaking Portfolio: Click to listen. This output is from the student’s second month studying English through SMARTree. From the audio, it can be seen that the student is not interested in the studying process as he is late to begin to recording, and thus cannot finish most of the lines within the time allotment.
  8. 8. Motivate A 2 Reading Portfolio: Click to listen. This output is from the same month as the previous Portfolio. It provides further evidence of the student’s disinterest in the tasks at hand. Jack plays with his microphone and yawns during the recording before his teacher comes over to encourage and support him.
  9. 9. Student Progress For a period of ten months, Jack’s teachers all monitored his progress carefully, and worked together to encourage all of Jack’s effort and to give him positive feedback and gentle suggestions for improvement. Monitoring his daily Emotion Coaching check-ins, and remaining vigilantly aware of Jack’s Multiple Intelligences, his teachers provided Jack the best possible environment to feel safe and supported while learning a foreign language. The following two Portfolio pages represent Jack’s output after a year of studying at a SMARTree English center. While the audio output shows improvement in Jack’s overall English ability, Jack’s attitude and motivation levels are the most significant changes according to his teachers.
  10. 10. Motivate B Speaking Portfolio: This output is from the student’s tenth month studying English through the SMARTree English system. While there are still a few missed words in the recording, a clear difference in the student’s attention level can be discerned. The encouragement and positivity from his teacher is key to his success. Jack Click to listen.
  11. 11. Motivate B 6 Writing Portfolio: This output is from the same month as the previous Portfolio page. In this audio, the student’s attitude and positive feelings towards his lesson can be felt through the playful way that he reads the story. At the beginning of his studies, this student would often refuse to read aloud in front of other students. Jack Click to listen.
  12. 12. Conclusio The evidence of Jack’s English skill improvement is clear, but all his teachers and his n parents say that the biggest change has been in Jack’s attitude towards learning English. After twelve months of enrollment at SMARTree English, he has become equipped with a more positive attitude toward learning and towards his classmates. Due to the individualized coaching attention he received at SMARTree and the emotional awareness built into the SMARTree program, the student has gained confidence in English, but more importantly he has become a member of his class. He joins in with his friends and teachers to complete activities together, and in general has a more positive and engaged attitude towards his own education. Jack’s SMARTree coaches and his parents are all very proud of his progress and improvement. With continued careful attention to Jack’s emotions and some catering towards his Multiple Intelligences, Jack is sure to achieve success in his future English language acquisition efforts.
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