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Role of Social Tools in the Current Awareness Process


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Presentation given during the Law Firm Breakfast Meet-up at Headshift, London, UK

Published in: Business, Technology
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Role of Social Tools in the Current Awareness Process

  1. 1. Role of social tools in the current awareness process Penny Edwards, Lars Plougmann, Stuart Barr, September 2008 /
  2. 2. Challenges for Current awareness Knowledge and information sharing • Ubiquity of informal knowledge sharing • Building the business case around current awareness
  3. 3. Challenges for Current awareness Challenges for current awareness • Timeliness • Cost effective delivery • Innovative value-added service • Original targeted content
  4. 4. Some thoughts: internal CA • A networked approach: - Collaborative filtering - Shared awareness - Aggregated signals • New ways of working - Self-service - Publish then filter - Personalisation (cc)
  5. 5. Benefits for external CA • Dynamic content and process • Less volume -> greater relevance • Delivery formats to suit preference • Conversations rather than broadcasts
  6. 6. How to kick start change... • Integrated lightweight solutions • Building on existing systems • Involvement of key user groups and IT • No ‘one size fits all’ solution
  7. 7. Social tools in the CA process: Demo
  8. 8. Recap... • Flexible lightweight tools • More intimate personalised information • Feeds and flows • Collective intelligence (cc)
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