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Como captar clientes ou novos prospecto para nosso negócio.

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Lead captureandtalkfusion en

  1. 1. Marketing on the Internet can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Email Marketing is a relatively simple andincredibly effective channel; according to the Direct Marketing Association, every single dollar spent on EmailMarketing has a potential return of more than $43. How do you turn those billions of faceless online explorersinto contacts with whom you can build a relationship via Email Marketing?One of the easiest and most effective ways begins with your own website.You can turn anonymous visitors to yourwebsite into contacts by simply giving them the option to sign up to receive your Email Marketing efforts—rightthere on your homepage! With Talk Fusion’s Video Communication Products, you can not only buildyour email list automatically around the clock, but also follow up with each new subscriber individually with anautomated message that leverages the power of video to make a great first impression.2
  2. 2. WHAT IS LEAD CAPTURE?We know that targeting potential customers who have already shown an interest in your product or serviceis more effective, efficient and inexpensive than “cold marketing” to anonymous individuals one at a time. Inthe Digital Age, the term “Lead Capture” means exactly that:“capturing” worthwhile “leads,” or gatheringcontacts that you know are in the market for the kind of business your brand represents.No matter how they arrive there—an Internet search, a recommendation from a trusted source, anadvertisement or review on another website, or through any other means—the people visiting your site arealready interested in some aspect of your business.This means they are much more likely to take the nextstep toward becoming a customer by voicing their desire to learn more about what you do.You can allow potential customers to make their desire known by placing a Lead Capture Form, such asTalk Fusion’s E-Subscription form, right on your website.Also called “Sign-Up Forms” or “Mailing List Forms,”Lead Capture Forms let your website visitors join your contact list by providing whatever information youdecide to require; some forms ask only for a full name and email address, while others can be customized toinclude fields for phone number, comments,“how did you hear about us,” etc. So Lead Capture Forms offera chance to learn a bit about your new leads as you grow your contact list automatically, day or night, whileyou take care of other elements of your business and life.The best Lead Capture Forms are the easiest to add to your website. Once you customize your form, a lineor two of HTML code is generated for you or your webmaster to paste into your website’s existing code.That’s it! Depending on which provider you use, new contacts’ information is either sent to you, importeddirectly into an easily accessible online database of your contacts, or both.3
  3. 3. 4HOW LEAD CAPTURE & TALK FUSION WORK TOGETHERTalk Fusion Video Communication Products are designed not only to make the most of theopportunities that traditional Lead Capture campaigns have to offer, but also to improve your results withamazing graphical themes, full customizability and the expressive power of video.Talk Fusion E-Subscription Lead Capture Forms allow you to pick colors and themes that match your brandand website design.They can also be resized, and edited to include as many fields as you desire to learn moreabout your site visitors, right from the start.Ask them how they heard of your business, what they’re lookingfor as far as products or services—anything at all! It’s easy to create the perfect custom Lead Capture Formfor your needs using our simple point-and-click Design Studio.Once you’ve built your E-Subscription Lead Capture Form and placed it on your site using the automaticallygenerated code,Talk Fusion provides the ability to thank new customers immediately anytime using VideoEmail Auto Responders. Just create a personalized video message showing your appreciation—or use oneofTalk Fusion’s professionally recorded responses—and schedule a campaign to follow up with new leadswhenever they arrive. Follow up daily, weekly, or on any timetable you decide.You can even create individualVideo Email Auto Responder campaigns for different forms and purposes!Talk Fusion E-Subscription and Video Email Auto Responders are designed to integrate seamlessly,giving you a fully automated lead capture system that’s always building your contact list, and neverlets a new customer slip through the cracks.
  4. 4. BEST PRACTICES• Design a Lead Capture Form that compliments your brand and website, but is also plainly visible as a sign-upform.Talk Fusion’s Design Studio makes designing the perfect form for any site a snap.• Try to use as few fields in your form as possible to get the information you want.Website visitors don’t want tofeel like they have to fill out paperwork. For example, if you want to include a “How did you hear about us?” field,consider sacrificing another field such as “Comments,” etc.• Talk Fusion E-Subscription adds new contacts to your Address Book automatically, so be sure to check yourAddress Book on a regular basis to see what new contacts have been added.• When creating a Video Auto Responder, be sure to always suggest that new contacts “Like” and “Follow” yoursocial media profiles.• Consider including a special “thank you for signing up” promotion in your firstVideo Auto Responder, such asoffering a discount.• Try to tailor your Video Auto Responders as specifically as possible to your new contacts.• Keep your Video Auto Responder video messages brief. Just take 30 seconds or so to thank your new contacts forsigning up, and let them know you will be following up soon.• Get the most out of Video Auto Responder campaigns by creating multiple varied messages.For example, follow up a “thank you” message automatically a few days later with a special offer,then a reminder after a week.You can schedule entire campaigns at one time, and Video AutoResponder will take care of the rest. Just set it and forget it!• Never be afraid to ask your new contacts to get back to you withtheir needs or questions. The whole point of Lead Capture is tosuccessfully create new relationships.• Be creative, showcase your brand and have fun!Show your new contacts the personality you wantto establish for your business right off the bat.Talk Fusion’s Lead Capture Products simplify theprocess of turning web visitors into customerswhile improving results through the addition ofcompelling and personalized video content.Take advantage of the opportunities theyprovide for your marketing efforts today!Learn more about the Talk FusionVideo CommunicationProducts and Join Us atwww.talkfusion.com.5