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Wordpress Meetup ISCTE


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Hosting providers infrastructure around Wordpress and other platforms.

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Wordpress Meetup ISCTE

  1. 1. BackstagePedro
  2. 2. Who am i?Petrol-head in the weekendsLecturer at Polytechnic of TomarSystem Engineer at Ptisp.ptIndependent consultant/advisorGeek without vacations in the last 12 years
  3. 3. System engineer?
  4. 4. Numbers~2800 wordpress’s~550 drupal’s~4700 joomla’s~280 moodle’s50 hosting servers~6000 .PT domains~7000 other TLD domains
  5. 5. App SecurityA nightmare... Each account is a black box to the provider Core updates? Modules/plugins updates? Backups are your best friend and enemy simultaneously
  6. 6. Damage control/preventionManual verification Logistic problemSecurity tools automation wpscan joomscan maldet ...
  7. 7. WorkflowCustomer sends an email requesting scan Email is processed Scan request is sent to the account’s target serverAccount gets scannedReport is sent to the customer and administrators
  8. 8. Monitorization
  9. 9. Typical LAMP stack Application PHP Apache mySQL Linux
  10. 10. Improving a little Application PHP Caching (APC, Apache mySQL memcached, ...) Linux
  11. 11. Swapping stack - LEMP Application PHP-FPM nginx mySQL Linux
  12. 12. Lets scale Application PHP-FPM mySQL NGINX Linux Linux VM 0 VM 1
  13. 13. Scale! Loadbalancer Application Application PHP-FPM PHP-FPM NGINX NGINX Linux Linux ... VM 1 VM 2 mySQL Linux VM 0 ...
  14. 14. CloudAutoscale Scale cluster creating more nodes Needs a template node Scale each nodeRedundancy Equally distribute nodes over all the hypervisors
  15. 15. Cloud architecture
  16. 16. IaaSPlatforms Onapp Openstack CloudstackProduct Amazon EC2 Google Compute