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Think Attitude Corporate


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Think Attitude Corporate

  2. 2. Think Attitude Who We Are What We Do People and Careers Get in Touch Agenda
  3. 3. Think Attitude WE FIND THE BEST TALENTS FOR THE RIGHT COMPANIES Finding the right person for a particular position can be time and energy consuming We do it simpler, people- oriented and with quality We aim for excellence, finding the finest challenges and the best people for you company
  4. 4. IT OUTSOURCING AND RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS COMPANY Who We Are We understand that people are different and need to be challenged We help you find people who match your company’s cultural and organizational needs We believe that engaged people with great standards, are the basics of great companies
  5. 5. What We Do IT OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS IT Search to find the right applicants Specific and targeted interviews to screen the ideal candidate On-going follow-up We will find you the IT skills and mainly the soft-skills and the drive to work with You
  6. 6. What We Do RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS – EXECUTIVE SEARCH AND HEAD HUNTING Assessment of your Company’s Organizational and Cultural needs Client interviews and final applicant selection Define applicant’s profile and timings for submitting candidates Incorporation and follow-up process
  7. 7. People and Careers ENGAGED AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE Strong company environment Tailor-made career plans High levels of employee satisfaction and engagement Open communication and continuous feedback
  8. 8. WHERE WE ARE Av. da República - Edifício Luxor nº 101 - 7ºA / B Lisboa, 1050-190 Portugal Phone +351 91 572 81 80 e-mail Get in Touch
  9. 9. 2013/09