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  1. 1. My BrazilPedro Augusto Bastos Fagundes
  2. 2. Flag 1889
  3. 3. Some informationsO Habitants : 195 milionO Area : about 9 miliones km²O States : 27O Capital : BrasiliaO Official language : PortugueseO Currency : Real (1US$ = 1,7 Reais)
  4. 4. Typical FoodMandioca
  5. 5. Arroz e feijao(rice and beens)
  6. 6. Guaraná
  7. 7. Palmito
  8. 8. Café ( coffe)
  9. 9. Açai
  10. 10. Feijoada 1 pound of black beans  1 pound of smoked sausage  1/2 pound of bacon  4 pork shoulder bones   2 small onions  2 garlic cloves  2 large bay leaves  Olive oil  Salt and fresh pepper  Very hot pepper sauce
  11. 11. Typical parties June festival
  12. 12. Carnival
  13. 13. Sports in BrazilVoleyball It is a popular sportbetween mans and womans.The national team ofboth, wonthe Volleyball WorldCup three times. 
  14. 14. Soccer The most popular sport in Brazil. The Brazilian Team won the World Cup five times, more than any other country.
  15. 15. Brazil in the Olympic Games in Peking
  16. 16. Brazil in the Panamericano in Guadalajara (Mexico)
  17. 17. Brazil hosting Olympic Games and World Cup World Cup in 2014 Olympic Games in 2016
  18. 18. Dance and MusicSamba Samba is the most popular music in Brazil and is also well known all the countries. The music and dance is originated from slaves that came from Africa.
  19. 19. CapoeiraCapoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combineselements of dance and music. It was created inBrazil mainly by descendants of African slaveswith Brazilian native influences. It is known by quick andcomplex moves, using mainly power, speed, andleverage for leg sweeps.
  20. 20. Rio de Janeiro The most known city in Brazil from the foreigners, the bigest turist point in the country, a wonderful city with almost 7 milion habitants.
  21. 21. Cristo Redentor 38m
  22. 22. Pão de Açúcar
  23. 23. São PauloO The sixth bigest city in the worldO More than 19 million habitants.O In population, is the biggest city of the Southern Hemisphere.
  24. 24. Foz do Igaçu (Iguaçu Falls) One of the best option from the tourist of destinations in Brazil, is included in the seven natural wonders of the world, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is located in Paraná, southern Brazil.
  25. 25. BrasíliaO Capital of BrazilO 3 milion hab.O 21/04/1960 -> 52 years oldO Oscar NiemeyerO 4th biggest city in population
  26. 26. Amazon Forest  It is the largest rainforest in the world with dense flora and fauna more diverse than any other. It also has the Amazon Basin is the largest river basin in the world and with the greatest potential energy.
  27. 27. Pantanal O 230.000 km². O 70% brazilian
  28. 28. Animals 1.000 species of birds.300 species of mammals
  29. 29. 400 species of fish. 480 species of repiteles.
  30. 30. My city:
  31. 31. My school
  32. 32. My family