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Work experience of Pedro Adrian Aguirre

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My experience

  1. 1. PedroAguirre
  2. 2. ContentsThis Presentation will help you to know me better. 1. Introduction 2. The Countries I had lived 3. Public Speaking 2
  3. 3. IntroductionPurpose1. To complement my CV and let you understand why I had lived in many countries during my young career.2. To help you to understand why I can be a very valuable asset for your organization.Download my CVYou can download my CV on the link bellow 3
  4. 4. The Countries I had livedI had lived in:- India- Singapore- Belgium- USA- Germany- Mexico Also, I had visited more than 30 countries for holidays or work related. 4
  5. 5. IndiaI was the Chief Manager Communication and Training at a startup called Green Excel Partners in Bangalore for 10 months.Main Achievements:1. Implementing a digital marketing strategy with great results;2. Developing and established new business models for my organization;3. Established several partnerships with companies and organizations;4. Understand the way that business are being done in India. 5
  6. 6. Belgium Worked at the national office of AIESEC in Belgium for 2 years; Did an internship at ABN AMRO Bank for 1 year; Also during my stay in Belgium I did my masters in European Business. Main Achievements:1. Lead several teams with members of different parts of the country2. Implemented and established several process that are still being used today3. Worked together with several Fortune 500 companies4. Winning the award for best AIESEC country in Western Europe and North America for the process and systems developed. 6
  7. 7. Singapore After living in Europe for 3 years, Singapore was my first Asian experience which enables me to understand their culture. Worked at Microsoft coordinating a program for the APAC region. Main Achievements: Coordinate a program for the APAC region with great results. During my term APAC was the fastest growing region on the Microsoft S2B program Implement a digital marketing strategy combined with e learning Partner with several organizations and schools in the region 7
  8. 8. GermanyDuring my college, I went for an exchange program at the Hochschule Pforzheim University for one year in Germany, and graduated from International Management Program.Main Achievements:Understand the way of doing business in EuropeCollaborated on the development of several conference in GermanyTraveled all around Europe, trying to understand the values of each culture 8
  9. 9. USAI had visited USA many times and worked in Seattle during 2 summers.During the summer of 2007, I participated on the RealAcad venture management program at Stanford University.Main Achievements:Understand more about the American way of doing businessUnderstand the best ways to start a business on the USAImproved my English skills 9
  10. 10. MexicoMexico is my native country, but I had not lived in Mexico for years since I had been living abroad after my graduation from the Monterrey Tech, with a bachelor in Financial Management. 10
  11. 11. Public SpeakingDuring my studies and careers, I had been invited to speak in different conferences in Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Serbia and Singapore. 11
  12. 12. Why I would be a good asset for your organization? Result Oriented: I have a proven record of excellent results on projects I had worked on; Familiar with Business Cultures: I had worked on different regions of the world that gives me a perspective of how business is done in Asia, Europe and America. Skills: During my previous work experiences I had developed several skills that are very useful for todays business like: Team Management, Intercultural Communication and understanding, Team Leadership, Talent Management, Human Resources, Digital Marketing. Fields: I had worked on Finance, Marketing and Human Resources fields and I can work on each field individually or as a project manager combining the 3 of them for a project. 12
  13. 13. Want to get in touch?