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Emailmarketinggangnamstyle brandmail-121115114659-phpapp02[1]

  1. 1. EMAILgangnamSTYLE
  2. 2. We can learn from psy...In  the  following  presentation  we  have  presented  EMAIL  MARKETING  lessons  from  PSY  to  you!    We  also  accidentally  prove  that  with  enough  time,  imagination  and  M  &  M’s  you  can  learn  anything  from  anyone...For  a  fresh  approach  in  your  email  marketing,  take  a  free  test  drive  @­a-­trialEnjoy!
  3. 3. speak now before your competition does.
  4. 4. CHOOSE Your Audience & Speak in their language... neigh!!
  5. 5. find a unique position.
  6. 6. choose your timing and be heard.
  7. 7. always make an impact!
  8. 8. stay focused when all around is chaos.
  9. 9. lead Your Audience.
  10. 10. be big in your industry.
  11. 11. is  that  Ray  Charles?!!be a leader and you’ll be surprised who will follow.
  12. 12. Find Your style & lead through it.
  13. 13. don’t send crap!
  14. 14. “What Do You Want?” Surveys Work!
  15. 15. it looked stupid when you did this in your spare room.What  “stupid”  ideas  are  you  sitting  on  right  now?
  16. 16. take a break, you earned it!
  17. 17. thanks!-­  Visit  us  online  @­  Let’s  be  friends  on­  We  don’t  do  Twitter  (seems  a  bit  odd)...  Free  test  drive  @­a-­trialHave  a  great  week!