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Straight Outta Consciousness: Virtues of positive living as told via 
Ice Cube’s “It was a good day”


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Life can be hard -- but the key to a good day is being positive & making positive life choices. But don't just take my word for it. Learn it first hand from 1990's philosopher, and Compton, California's finest: Ice Cube.

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Straight Outta Consciousness: Virtues of positive living as told via 
Ice Cube’s “It was a good day”

  2. 2. BE THANKFUL Starting positive sets the tone for the rest day. If you wake up angry, you’ll probably stay that way. “JUST WAKIN’ UP IN THE MORNIN’ GOTTA THANK GOD”
  3. 3. BREAKFAST WITH NO HOG “MOMMA COOKED A BREAKFAST WITH NO HOG” EAT HEALTHY Be mindful of what you put in your body. Poor food choices can effect mood and energy levels.
  4. 4. “GOT MY GRUB ON, BUT DIDN’T PIG OUT” MODERATION Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Pace yourself. You don’t 
 need to do everything at once.
  5. 5. “THINKING WILL I LIVE ANOTHER 24” HAVE CONFIDENCE Being confident makes obstacles more 
 bearable. You won’t get very far unless 
 you believe in yourself.
  6. 6. “HAD TO STOP, AT A RED LIGHT / LOOKIN IN MY MIRROR AND NOT A JACKER IN SIGHT” BE CAUTIOUS You can be trusting & adventurous, but always be aware of you surroundings.
  7. 7. “I GOT A BEEP FROM KIM, & SHE CAN FUCK ALL NIGHT” THE RIGHT CREW Surround yourself with only people that 
 will be positive influences on your life.
  8. 8. “CALL THE HOMIES AND I’M ASKIN’ Y’ALL / WHICH PARK, ARE Y’ALL PLAYIN’ BASKETBALL” PHYSICAL ACTIVITY The key to a peaceful mind is a peaceful body. Get outside. Go experience life. 
 And always challenge yourself.
  9. 9. “LAST WEEK FUCKED AROUND AND GOT A TRIPLE DOUBLE” DON’T OVERTHINK IT Paralysis often happens through over analysis. 
 Be calm, mindful, and let your experience 
 & intuition lead the way.
  10. 10. “DROVE TO THE PAD AND HIT THE SHOWERS” TAKE CARE OF YOU In the end, you are your own guardian. Take pride in who you are, and give 
 yourself what you deserve.
  11. 11. “WATCH ME BREAK 'EM WITH THE SEVEN, SEVEN- ELEVEN, SEVEN-ELEVEN” A LITTLE LUCK The one thing all successful people in common 
 is luck. Just make sure to know when you’ve 
 got it, and how to take advantage of it.
  12. 12. “IT'S IRONIC, I HAD THE BREW SHE HAD THE CHRONIC” LET LOOSE Chances are you’re too hard on yourself.
 Take some time to kick back and relax. 
 But remember:everything in moderation.
  13. 13. “THE LAKERS BEAT THE SUPERSONICS” STAY CONNECTED Know what’s going on in your community &
 what people care about. Common bonds lead to 
 greater empathy & understanding.
  14. 14. “SHE DIDN'T HESITATE / TO CALL ICE CUBE THE TOP GUN” COMMAND RESPECT Be happy with what you’re given, but know that nobody 
 is going to hand anything to you. Command respect 
 from yourself & others and great things will come.
 HAD WORKED OUT” POSTIVE AFFIRMATIONS If you keep telling yourself something, 
 eventually you will start to believe it 
 without noticing.
 THE FATBURGER ” TREAT YOURSELF You deserve a reward every once in a while. 
 Enjoy it while you can, but don’t overindulge.
  17. 17. “EVEN SAW THE LIGHTS OF THE GOODYEAR BLIMP / AND IT READ, ‘ICE CUBE'S A PIMP’” VISUALIZATION You can only achieve what you believe. 
 Think about what you want, and imagine it 
 happening, and what it’ll take to get there.
  18. 18. “I GOT TO SAY / IT WAS 
 A GOOD DAY” BE MINDFUL Understand that good & bad are subjective 
 assessments. You are in control of your 
 happiness. Make it a conscious decision daily.
  19. 19. PHOTO CREDITS 1-12,14,15,18 - “It Was a Good Day” Video 13- 16- 17-