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How to get creative inspiration - Steal like an artist workshop


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Dont worry, not all great stuff are unique, steal like an artist and make a mash up that better than the original...

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How to get creative inspiration - Steal like an artist workshop

  1. 1. UXSTORIES.DK | 58
  2. 2. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTAustin KleonAustin Kleon on TEDx out: 2 | 58
  3. 3. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTAgenda1. Steal Like an artist2. Don’t Wait until you know who you are to get started3. Write the book you want to read4. Use your hands5. Side projects and hobbies are important6. The Secret: Do god work and share it with others7. Geography is no longer our master8. Be Nice(the worlds is a small town)9. Be boring(it’s the only way to get work done)10. Creativity is subtractionUXSTORIES.DK 3 | 58
  4. 4. “Art is theft” PABLO PICASSOUXSTORIES.DK 4 | 58
  5. 5. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTIntroductionThe artist is a collector. Not ahoarder, mind you, there is adifference!Artist only collect things that they reallyloveYou could say:”Garbage in, garbageout”School yourself: Google everything –Google your dreams, Google yourproblems, Don’t ask a question before "Recycling is great to fuel your Googled it – You will either find the Creativity often die in anxiety and fear of failure.answer, or you will come up with a When working only with expensive materials, youbetter answer will be afraid to make mistakes. You want be afraid if you use garbage “ Shane BroxUXSTORIES.DK 5 | 58
  6. 6. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTIntroductionEvery new idea is just a mashup orremix of one or more previous ideasAndré Gide said: “Everything that needsto be said has already been said. But,since no one was listening everythingmust be said again”Spend 2 minutes discussing with yourneighbor about ideas you got, and fromwhere they came.Note them on a piece of paper. “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9UXSTORIES.DK 6 | 58
  7. 7. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTDon’t wait until you know who you are to get startedIt’s the act of making thing and doing our work, that we figure out who we are..If you are afraid: Fake it til you make it!UXSTORIES.DK 7 | 58
  8. 8. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTDon’t wait until you know who you are to get started1. Pretend to be something you are not, until you are2. Pretend to be making something until you actually make something“Start copying what you love, Copy,copy, copy. At the end of the copyyou will find yourself” YohjiYamamotoSpend 2 minutes discussing withyour neighbor about a situationwhere you werent really sure aboutwhat you were doing but still did it! “All – the worlds a stage,…” William Shakespeare in : As you like itNote them on a piece of paperUXSTORIES.DK 8 | 58
  9. 9. Spend 2 minutes talking to your neighborSTEAL LIKE AN ARTIST about a story that you made up inspiredWrite the book you want to read by a film or a good book you read - Note them on a piece of paperContinuing a story as a fan, is called fan fiction.UXSTORIES.DK 9 | 58
  10. 10. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTUse your handsIn the digital age – don’t forget your digits.The word digital comes from the same sourceas the words digit and digitus (the Latin wordfor finger), as fingers are used for discretecounting.Work that only comes from the head isn’t. anygood…You need a way to bring your body into yourwork..Spend 2 minutes discussing with your neighborwhat you do when you need to get inspired.. We don’t know where we get our ideasNote them on a piece of paper from. What we do know is that we do not get them from our laptops” John CleeseUXSTORIES.DK 10 | 58
  11. 11. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTSide projects and hobbies are importantPractice Productive Procrastination –-In psychology, procrastination refers to the act ofreplacing high-priority actions with tasks of lowerpriority, or doing something from which onederives enjoyment, and thus putting off importanttasks to a later time…- Some people draw- Some people go and have a smoke- Some people play the guitar in between- Some people look at facebookSpend 2 minutes discussing with your neighborwhat you can do to procrastinate in a productiveway.. “The Work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for theNote them on a piece of paper rest of your life” Jessica HisheUXSTORIES.DK 11 | 58
  12. 12. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTThe Secret: Do good work and share it with people1. Do good workIt’s incredible hard work, Make stuff everyday. Know you are going to suck for a while.FAIL – Sometimes!Get better…2. Share it with people..Spend 2 minutes discussing with yourneighbor about the most successful share Ten years ago – sharing your stuff was reallyyou ever made hard, Now its easy .. Whats the best platform for sharing your work?Note them on a piece of paperUXSTORIES.DK 12 | 58
  13. 13. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTGeography is no longer our masterYour Brain gets to comfortable in youreveryday surroundings.You need to make it uncomfortable, youneed to spend some time in another land,among other people that do thingsdifferently than you do.Travel makes the World look new, andwhen the World looks new, our brain worksharder.Spend 2 minutes discussing with your “ Distance and difference are the secret tonic ofneighbor something you learned by going to Creativity. When we get home, home is still theanother country.. same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.” Johan LehrerNote them on a piece of paperUXSTORIES.DK 13 | 58
  14. 14. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTBe Nice(the world is a small town)Make friends, ignore enemies…If you talk about someone on the internet theywill find out..Everybody has a Google alert on their name.You are only going to be as good as thepeople you surround yourself with. In the digitalspace this means following the best peopleonline –People who are better and smarterthan you.Spend 2 minutes discussing with your neighborwho you follow, and how you follow them… “ I destroy my enemies, when I makeNote them on a piece of paper them my Friends” Abraham LincolnUXSTORIES.DK 14 | 58
  15. 15. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTBe boring(it’s the only way to get things done)It takes a lot of energy to be creative – You don’thave that energy if you “waste it” on other stuff..Creating the content of a successful project ismuch about “writing a page a day” It doesnt’tseem like much, but in 365 days you haveenough to fill a novel..Get your self a calendar – a calendar helps youplan your work, gives you concrete goals andkeeps you on track.Spend 2 minutes discussing with your neighborHow you like to keep track of you time, and ifyou are good at it.. “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original inNote them on a piece of paper your work” – Gustave FlaubertUXSTORIES.DK 15 | 58
  16. 16. STEAL LIKE AN ARTISTCreativity is subtractionNothing is more paralyzing than the idea oflimitless possibilitiesThe way to get over a creative block issimply to place some constraint on yourself..Limitations means freedom (You know whatto, and what not to think about)Choose wisely and havefun! “In this age of information abundance and overload, those who get ahead will be the folks that figure out what to leave out” – Austin Kleon 16 | 58UXSTORIES.DK