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  1. 1. The SynergisticAdventures Traveling Through the 7 Synergy Steps
  2. 2. What is Synergy?• What do you think?• Do you think your clan has had it?• Do you think your clan can have it? Knights of the Orientation
  3. 3. What is Synergy?“Energies coming together to produce something whole that is different from or more desirable than the sum of its constituent parts.” - Rebecca Chan Allen (2002) A+B=C 1+1=3∴ Requires more than one person (ie. a team) Knights of the Orientation
  4. 4. Relevance of Teamwork• You’re part of a TEAM • Organizational move of OL’s towards self-directed• Your Clan is a TEAM teamwork (rather than a group) • Applicable to school groupwork Is it about more than just performance? Knights of the Orientation
  5. 5. Groups & Teams• Can be a pain • Can do more – Your story… – Your story… Paradox? Knights of the Orientation
  6. 6. Leading Leaderless Teams“A person provides leadership when they do something that helps a group or organization achieve its goals or increase its effectiveness.” - Bushe (2001) Knights of the Orientation
  7. 7. Functional Teams Good team relationships Bad team relationships are: are: – Unreasonable – Trusting – Unreliable – Caring – Unfair – Helpful – Selfish – Open – Threatening – Honest – Inflexible – Respectful“Positive” Climate? “Negative” Knights of the Orientation
  8. 8. Our Offer to YouYou have a dangerous and difficult journey ahead…What it is and isn’t: • It is not a promise of synergy • It is a process/tool that can help us get there! Knights of the Orientation
  9. 9. So Let’s Get Started!
  10. 10. The 7 Synergy Steps Task & rules explained0) Solitudes - be alone, think, develop distinctiveness.1) Attract Solitudes - come into a circle… CIRCLE!2) Create Common Ground - establish team vision, goals, & mission.3) Accentuate Distinctiveness - share your experience as a solitude. I. 3 seconds between II. Be open, appreciate the contribution Knights of the Orientation
  11. 11. The 7 Synergy Steps4) Dissolve Boundaries - facilitator will point your team in the right direction and then gently push you through5) Proliferating Resources &6) Journeying into the Unknown. I. Maintain a positive climate7) Creation of New Possibilities - facilitator will find your team at this point. Recognize that something special has happened! CELEBRATE! Knights of the Orientation
  12. 12. From Rebecca Chan Allen’sGuiding Change Journeys (2002) Knights of the Orientation