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Save Waterloo Bridge


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Presentation on the fate of the historic Waterloo Bridge connecting Fauquier and Culpeper Counties. Given on 2/1/16

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Save Waterloo Bridge

  1. 1. Waterloo Bridge Update Julie Bolthouse, Fauquier Field Officer
  2. 2. Historical Significance
  3. 3. Historical Significance Photo Credit: C. Hanchey
  4. 4. Cultural Significance Photo Credit: Richard Deardoff Photo Credit: Eugene Reid
  5. 5. Scenic Value Edward Payne Photography
  6. 6. Timeline October 2013 – VDOT mentions need to discuss repair/replacement at Fauquier Transportation Meeting November 2013 – Facebook page “Save Waterloo Bridge” is created by students at Kettle Run High School
  7. 7. Timeline VDOT postpones Transportation Meeting discussion till January 29th Then bridge is closed without warning on January 15th, 2014
  8. 8. Timeline In April 2014 VDOT puts replacement of bridge on SYIP with added capacity
  9. 9. Timeline In April 2014 VDOT puts replacement of bridge on SYIP with added capacity
  10. 10. Timeline In May 2014 Preservation Virginia lists Waterloo Bridge as one of the Most Endangered Places
  11. 11. Timeline • July 2014 PEC, Fauquier, and Culpeper commission a study which concludes rehabilitation is feasible and would cost around $1.8 million • October 2014 VDOT commissions a study that concludes rehabilitation is feasible but would cost $4.3 million
  12. 12. Timeline Counties and VDOT meet to discuss studies… 60% Construction Cost vs. 38% Construction Cost
  13. 13. Timeline February 2015 VDOT puts up webpage saying a working group will be established…
  14. 14. Timeline October 2015 PEC requests meeting with Counties to get update… nothing has happened.
  15. 15. So what’s the hold up? • VDOT’s inflated “soft” costs • Determining a funding source • Staff changes in Culpeper and Supervisor changes in Fauquier • Project simply not taking priority
  16. 16. What would it take… • Prioritizing project • Making it a “Revenue Share” project • Reduction of VDOT’s inflated “soft” costs • Private Funding or Grants
  17. 17. Prioritizing Project No funding till 2019…
  18. 18. Revenue Share • Entire project - 50% covered by localities and 50% covered by VDOT • Supplemental funding for prioritized projects listed in the adopted Six Year Plan
  19. 19. Reduction of VDOT’s “soft” cost Would take intervention by the Commonwealth Transportation Board… possible but unlikely
  20. 20. Private Funding and Grants Private funding could be used to supplement county’s share of a revenue share project We have not identified a grant that this bridge would be eligible for at this time
  21. 21. What can we do? Keep the pressure on VDOT and the Counties! – Write letters and meet with elected officials – Share your stories and sentiments in local newspapers, during citizen’s time at public hearings, and on social media – Put up a yard sign – Sign our petition (over 1000 signatures so far) – Spread the word!
  22. 22. Questions? Julie Bolthouse Fauquier County Field Officer Piedmont Environmental Council 45 Horner St. Warrenton, VA 20186 540-347-2334 ext. 7042