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The proposed "Outer Beltway" would cut through Loudoun & Prince William counties in Virginia. As we see it, this controversial new highway would take land from a National Park, open up over 100,000 acres to scattered development, and has the potential to actually increase traffic congestion on nearby roads.

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  • Corridor Designation was created in 2009. First time it has been used to designate an area for a future highway.VTrans Identifies Corridor of Statewide Significance as: An integrated, multimodal network of transportation facilities that connect major centers of activity within and through the Commonwealth and promote the movement of people and goods essential to the economic prosperity of the state.First designation created completely outside of VTrans and included only very limited public process.
  • 1st Need: How much need is there for people and freight capacity in this area?2nd Need: Will it relieve traffic congestion or increase it?3rd Need: Transit is a viable mode in this outer area due to low demand. Same probably true of HOV. And do we need to build a 65 mph highway to get a trail?
  • VDOT says freight will triple, but if it’s starting at .1%... Is that worth a billion dollars.
  • 66, 7, 50
  • Mention Lenah
  • Outer Beltway Presentation 02-11-13

    1. 1. The Outer Beltway What’s Being Proposed, What’s the Impact? Chris Miller, President of The Piedmont Environmental Council Stewart Schwartz, Executive Director of The Coalition for Smarter Growth PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    2. 2. December 2012 VDOT Map Rt. 50 Rt. 28 Rt. 15 Rt. 66 PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    3. 3. The section in red is what’s currently being discussed: PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    4. 4. Brings up a lot of questions:• Where exactly are we talking about?• What kind of road would it be?• Would it make my commute easier? Would it help with daily trips like getting to school, grocery shopping, etc.?• How is safety being addressed?• How would this impact my property?• How would it change the place that I’ve chosen to live?• How much would it cost? How would it impact other projects? What, if anything, can I do about it? PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    5. 5. A little background on the ‘Outer Beltway’The road has been repeatedly proposed and thenrejected, because of cost and ineffectiveness inaddressing real transportation needs:• 234 Bypass Extended—1988• Washington Bypass--1989 (a full outer beltway study)• Western Transportation Corridor--1997• Tri-County Parkway—2005• Bi-County Parkway—2011• North-South Corridor of Statewide Significance—2011• Northstar Blvd and Belmont Ridge Rd—2012• 234 Bypass—2013 (name has returned)All compose elements of an Outer Beltway PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    6. 6. Over time, there have been manypotential routes… PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    9. 9. In 2011, the State designated a: ‗Corridor of Statewide Significance‘PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    10. 10. Once designated, these corridors are considered statewidepriorities for funding.
    12. 12. VDOT’s Public Rationale (from Dec 2012 presentation) PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    13. 13. VDOT points to Airport Demands & Freight PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    14. 14. The Airport benefit may be over-statedOnly 0.1% of the Northern Virginia freight weightcomes through Dulles now.While that is a real number and expected to grow –should it be a priority over other regionaleconomic drivers? PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    15. 15. As VDOT points out ―Almost 57% of all new jobs and 32 % of new households will be located in activity clusters throughout the Washington region.‖ But note that most of the ‗activity clusters‘ are east.PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    16. 16. Growth Projections Undercut VDOT Position (Dec. 2012) PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    17. 17. Our biggest traffic problems are east-west. PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    19. 19. Where People Work (Va Employment Commission 2013) PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    20. 20. The proposal would come with major impacts Credit Carey Pohanka PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    21. 21. It would cut through a National ParkStaging area of theconfederate troops.150th anniversaryreenactment tookplace on this farm. PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    22. 22. Major Impact on the Battlefield PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    23. 23. Environmental ImpactAn Environmental Protection Agency analysis estimates that anew highway, when compared to alternatives, will cause: – 2.5x the impacts to threatened and endangered plants – 10x the impact on wetlands – 10x the impact on the floodplain area – And potentially threaten the Lake Manassas public water supply PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    24. 24. Environmental Impact PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    25. 25. Environmental Impact PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    26. 26. Experience tells us: New highways also lead to: • Speculative development • Land is easily rezoned to accommodate such development PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    27. 27. Land Speculation Along the Outer Beltway RoutePIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    28. 28. In Prince William, the road would put intense development pressure on the Rural Crescent, openin g up 80,000 acres.PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    29. 29. In Loudoun, the 22,813acre TransitionArea, already underassault in thepast, would feel thepressure to develop atsuburban densities onceagain. PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    30. 30. But Everyone Agrees Our Transportation System Needs Work Virginia ranks among the nation’s most congested regions What Are Other Options to Reduce Traffic? PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    31. 31. What Are the Other Options to Reduce Traffic? PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    33. 33. By Enhancing Existing East-West Corridors Potential Solutions: • Additional lanes on Rt. 50, Rt. 7 and I-66 (Suburban Area) • Intersection improvements -- e.g. at I-66 and I-28 • Completing Suburban Area Interchanges on Rt. 50 & 7 • Bus Rapid Transit/Metro • Better local road connections • Better land use • Extend traffic calming to Lenah & Willowsford PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    34. 34. Fund Multimodal OptionsSilver Line—Metro to LoudounFunding needed from State?VRE to GainesvilleFunding needed from State? PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    35. 35. Metro Metro, MARC & VRE: 114 Stations = Being Planned PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    36. 36. Encourage Full Utilization PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    37. 37. Localized Congestion Solutions: Gilberts Corner Completed: Roundabouts at Gilbert‘s Corner Traffic Calming in Aldie PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    38. 38. Fund Original Plans VDOT has a 6 Year Plan It includes 900+ statewide projects such as: – additional lanes on I-66 – additional lanes on the Rt. 7 bypass in Leesburg – additional lanes on Rt. 28 – intersection improvements at Rt. 215 and Rt. 29 – many badly needed bridge rehabilitations – Route 606 expansion to four lanes (the list did not include the Outer Beltway proposal) PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    39. 39. Fund Original PlansLoudoun has a PlanMissing links andbottlenecks in County Planadd up to $1.46 Billionaccording to County’sEastern LoudounTransportation Study. PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    40. 40. Fund Original Plans Prince William has a Plan • Improvements to I-66 • Improvements to Rt. 28 • New Rt 1 & 123 Interchange • Transit Improvements – Expanded PRTC Routes – New Park and Ride Lots – Extending VRE to Gainesville PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    41. 41. What’s the best use of limited funds? One Billion for…. OR Completion of North- Localized South Corridor Improvements Along Heavily Used Routes PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    42. 42. Alternatives Presented PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    43. 43. Still in the Public Process—Input Critical to Outcomes PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    44. 44. Proposed Access Corridor Alternatives to Dulles Alternative 1- No Build PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    45. 45. Proposed Access Corridor Alternatives to Dulles PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    46. 46. Proposed Access Corridor Alternatives to Dulles PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    47. 47. Still in the Public Process—Input Critical to Outcomes • Dulles Access Road – Next meeting due in March – Decision by June regarding location PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    48. 48. Next up(Photo by Cindy Vasko) PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL
    49. 49. What Can You Do? Contact: • Congressman Frank Wolf, Senator Mark Warner, Senator Tim Kaine, Board of Supervisors Action: – Speak out at public input opportunities – Oppose this one billion dollar project – Ask for focus on your current commuter problems – Local congestion solutions – Oppose more State funding for VDOT with reform and better priorities – Talk to your neighbors and spread the word – Continue to participate in local planning – Sign up for Land Use & Transportation alerts so we can keep you informed as new information becomes available: www.pecva.org Spread the word about this waste of transportation funding! PIEDMONT ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL